2023 is a 7 YEAR – a learning year – and the triple-7 energy of FRIDAY, JULY 7, 2023, and the 3 energy it produces, are likely to have something very important to teach.


DAY = 7

YEAR = 2+0+2+3 = 7

7 + 7 + 7 = 2 + 1 = 3

OUTGOING 3 represents surface appearances, personal expression, staging and crafting, drama, putting on a show, hearsay, chatter, visuals, and all the arts. 3 is associated with optimism which is essential to forward movement – unless it is used mindlessly, which can produce recklessness and even spite.

3 is the child of the numerological spectrum, and although tantrums are common in children, so too is their innocence, and the fact that they are the future right before our eyes.

1 is paternal energy, 2 is maternal, and together they make 3.

SECRETIVE 7 works out of sight, behind the scenes. It analyzes the details, visualizes the possibilities, plans, strategizes, makes arrangements, and aims for maximum and long lasting effect. Serious 7 represents the mind and is often associated with pessimism. This can help to counter 3‘s reckless optimism, unless it too is out of tune with reality, in which case it can descend into fear and even paranoia.

Both 3 and 7 have a tendency to find fault and criticize. 3 does so in a gossipy or exaggerated way, and 7 does so in a condescending “superior” way. 3 comes right out with it and people know what they’re up against, but 7 expresses its distaste more subtly, in such a way that people don’t know what hit them.

3 is the number of communication, and this is a day to be more aware than usual of what is being said – and because 3 is coming from triple-7 in this case – also be aware of what is not being said, or needs to be said.

The same kind of energy was present on 7 July, 2005, when London suffered four coordinated suicide bombings in which 52 people died (5+2=7), and over 700 were injured. That day is commonly referred to as 7/7. But it is actually 7/7/7, since 2005 also adds up to 7. And the violence occurring all over the world these days shows no sign of abating. Our evolution is not going to be an easy ride – that much we know.

Triple-7 is a contradictory up-and-down energy. It contains the three principle numbers of our time: the concentrated feminine  2 energy of the new millennium (the 2000s), the decade of the 2020s, and this 10-week cycle in which all the week numbers not only begin with 2, but also correspond to all the year numbers in the decade (see this week’s forecast).

The masculine 1 energy in 21 represents the old millennium of the 1000s, the power of which is fighting against time itself and is hanging on relentlessly.

2 + 1 produces creative 3. This connects us more fully to the 21st Century – and the massive renaissance which could be, if humanity would only stop fighting with itself and with the very force that sustains us, Mother Earth herself.

The triple-7 sequence shines a light on lingering details that need to be ironed out, or important duties to fulfill. Whatever these issues consist of, they  also contain opportunities to increase our creative aptitude and bring about what we want and need. So, stay focused as you sift through the facts, and don’t get distracted by irrelevant issues. There is no need to keep up appearances or put on an act. Simply be yourself – as you are now.

Triple-7 can make you extremely critical of others. But instead of looking for faults and failings, try instead to be more accepting of your own and other people’s flaws and mistakes. As evolving souls, our acceptance of ‘imperfection’ is perfection.

If you feel that you are being knocked off course by this 777 energy, it is likely to be a temporary situation which reveals a way out of an adversity – and a new path forward. This is an opportunity to expand our minds considerably.

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6 thoughts on “JULY 7, 2023 AND THE 777 VIBRATION

  1. Mark Allen Archer

    I like how points out the uniqueness of 7/7/2023, but I wish to point out the uniqueness of my birthdate in relation to the number 7 and 14 and my name. The Gematria of my name is 140. My birthdate is 7/14/1960. That day falls on the 196th day of 1960, which is 14 squared. 14*140=1960. 1960/7=280.1960/14=140.1960/28=70.1960/35=56.1960/2=980.980/7=140.980/14=70.980/28=35. 2023 does match the uniqueness of 1960 with relation to the number 7 and my relationship with that number.

  2. Trish

    Not letting me in to read the one sent for 7/7……been getting this for years..,,first time having a problem, can you resend, please?

      1. Trish

        I see this page but I don’t get my year’s number to read like I normally do….. I can read anyone’s numbers. Thanks….hope you can reboot this or something so it’s works the way it always did.

        1. Christine Delorey Post author

          Since no one else is having this problem, Trish, I think you may misunderstand the emails I send. The email you just got was for this 777 article only. The email for the Weekly Forecasts go out on Saturday mornings. And the email for the Monthly Forecasts go out on the 30th or 31st. In case you didn’t get them here are the links:

          WEEKLY JULY 2: https://creativenumerology.com/weekly-forecast-jul-02-2023/
          MONTHLY JULY: https://creativenumerology.com/monthly-forecast-july-2023/

          I hope this is helpful.

          With love,


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