2020 – WEEK 24

WEEK 24 runs from Wednesday, June 10 to Tuesday June 16. It is a 6 Week (2+4=6) in the 6th Month of the year. This double-6 vibration represents both balance and extremes, which suggests that we have arrived at some kind of tipping point – not just in the world at large, but also in our own personal lives. People are remembering aspects of the past that are connected to what is happening today, bringing answers and solutions. 6 is true problem-solving energy. But it has its dark side, too. 6 is also the number of the tyrant and controller.

2020 was always going to be the year in which it all changes. The numbers may have changed when the 1000s ceased, and the 2000 started, but it’s not until 2020 that the grip of masculine 1 is finally shifting. The Will of the people is rising as feminine 2 starts to turn this upside-down world the right way up.

The symbolism of 2020 makes sense. It is the number most associated with vision, retrospect, hindsight, cause and effect – recognizing how actions of the past LED to where we are now – in the throes of a systemic balancing. In order to understand the present, we have to LOOK BACK at how things were, why they were not changed long ago, and what needs to happen now – all of which supports the idea that hindsight is indeed 20/20.

Humanity is claiming back its stolen WILL – the energy that the old system takes from us in order to serve the system. Feminine energy is our ability to feel and sense – our WILL. The more we allow ourselves to truly FEEL how reality is making us feel, the more aware of reality we become – and consciousness expands.

Covid-19 slowed the whole world down and made us look at things as they really are. Look at how the word is formed:

CO = jointly, together.

V = the 22nd letter of the alphabet which connects to the two 2s in 2020.

ID = ego (and identity).

19 = 2019, the karmic energy of the 1900s, and the unlearned lessons which caused this mass dis – ease.

I cannot help but wonder if the colossal outpouring of emotion over the murder of George Floyd, and so many other black Americans who were killed at the hands of the police, will have any influence on the pandemic. Outwardly expressing all our backed-up feelings is the most healing thing we can do for ourselves. Emotional energy travels from generation to generation, and finally, 400 years of oppression, and the feelings that accompany such atrociousness, have risen to the surface so that empathy can expand, and healing can eventually occur. The healing of humanity is not a simple process. It will not be easy!

When the evolving masculine mind stops blocking the feminine feelings, we increase our inner power, and evolve as WHOLE human beings, not the fragments of ourselves that this system turned us into. We have an almighty healing ahead of us, starting wherever the WILL is most oppressed. Consequently, BLACK LIVES MATTER is one of the most important aspects of the human condition at this time.

The hindsight of 2020 enables us to acknowledge the horrors of the past so that we can right those wrongs, let go of the “I AM” 1000s, and move into the present “WE ARE” vibrations of 2 – the number of fairness, equality, justice, BALANCE, and  mother’s love.

The murder of George Floyd and the spontaneous uprising in the United States occurred in Week 22, of 2020, in the millennium of the 2000s. Transparent 2 is knocking down the walls of denial that the old system built around our minds in order to control and DOMINATE. In the 2000s, there is no place for walls – or separation – or domination.

Humanity is in the process of reinventing itself (evolving), while the old system will do anything to stop it.  But it can’t be stopped. Not permanently. A spontaneous coming together of hearts and minds is breaking down those old walls of ignorance, indifference, and hate. As the transparency of 2 expands, we see reality more clearly. 2020 is a 4 Year – the number of PRIORITY – and it does seem that humans are putting our priorities in the right order – the first of which is SURVIVAL. Rage is the Will’s reaction to pain and expresses itself in RED – the survival chakra. The first instinct of the Will is THE WILL TO LIVE.

The feminine Will within us all is jolting us – shocking us – with truth. Waking us up. We’ve all got 20/20 vision this year. Of course, many people don’t like this, and will do anything they can to drag us back to the old familiar archaic ways in which white reigned supreme.

No more. The feminine Will is bringing equality (balance) into our dangerously imbalanced world.

June 2020 is a 10/1 month. 10/1 represents ‘the next step’ and moving to a ‘new level’.  The discomfort we are experiencing is the pressure of being stuck in the past while time moves forever forward.

We are also seeing the power of raw, primitive, unevolved 1, (the number of leadership and ego), whose secrets were so easy to hide in the old system. But the transparency of 2 exposes all – especially in this 4 Year that is derived from two 2s.  Even the bible has something to say about the 4/22 sequence, (from Mark 4:22) “For everything that is hidden will eventually be brought into the open, and every secret will be brought to light.”

In the weeks and months ahead, some of the murkiest secrets are likely to burst open. Such is the nature of the 2 energy which thrives on honesty.

The more we truly feel our feelings and express them outwardly, the more aware we become. We’ve been without our true depth of feelings forever, and we became numb where our deepest feelings were meant to be. Without our feelings we cannot be fully aware. So here we are. Evolving. Feeling on a deeper level than ever before – and we see the power of people. The power of the individual. And the power of individuals agreeing, uniting, feeling, and empathizing, seeing ourselves in each other, seeing for ourselves the massive wound that was inflicted on black people, and knowing that the healing is beginning. In turn, this is increasing the attention on others, all over the world, whose Wills have been stolen from them. Men, women, and children who are ‘taken’, trafficked, enslaved, and rendered helpless.

We are learning about the 1 energy. The number of LEADERSHIP – and the true role of government – which is to keep the balance points open so that people can lead their own lives, and to assist those who cannot.

As it all unfolds, keep these words of civil rights activist, poet, writer, and mother, Audre Lorde in mind (from her essay, The Transformation of Silence into Language and Action. This has a profound meaning at this precise time in the journey:

“Life is very short. What we have to do must be done in the now.”

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7 thoughts on “2020 – WEEK 24

  1. Dee

    Christine…I’m so sorry about your husbands illness. Please know that I am sending love your way and thinking of you both. ♥️

  2. Esther Michaels

    Dear Christine,

    Your poet presents the truth, the passion, the reality of our current opportunities, direct us to recognize past inequalities and step into an energy of unity of true humility and humanity. Thank you for such a moving and powerful poem. Every message and article you post has the resonance of truth we cannot deny. We are moving toward a place of unity and grace, although it may be a long and arduous road and Christine, know it can be done.
    Much love and appreciation to you Christine,

  3. Nancy Latifa Morrison

    A magnificent piece of writing, Christine, clear and directly pointing in a way easily understandable for many. Thank you.

  4. Natalie Barney

    You are a magician with words cajoling us to move forward despite our fears, stunning us with truths we didn’t want to hear and creating a brand new world in front of our amazed eyes.

    What you say in this wonderful article is what I’m feeling deep within my soul. Let’s do magic together as a United species and undo the damage we’ve done to Gaia and the animal world.

    Many blessings.


    1. Christine Delorey Post author

      That’s very kind. Thank you. I am delighted that you enjoy this work. Yes, we must keep hope alive – and take the action we need to take!!

      Much love to you, Natalie.


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