The Iran Agreement

Creative Numerology – The Iran Agreement: when an event affects us on a global or national scale, its impact sends out clusters of numbers which expose a specific theme, revealing how various aspects are connected. 2 was the most obvious number that jumped out as this historic agreement was announced, between ...

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Evolution is transformation. We evolve, not by discarding or destroying what is, but by transforming it into a higher form of itself. We heal our ill feelings, not by casting them out or holding them in, but by transforming them into the love they once were. We heal our karma, not by ignoring it or suffering ...

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(Written Jul 26, 2011)     Our 19-1 Karmic Rut is the holding pattern that contains everything we did not learn – and everything we need to know – in order to evolve into a new and more peaceful form of existence. 19 exposes hypocrisy and atrocity, so that healing can occur. 1 is the ...

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Numerology and EXTREMES

Every emotion has its place in life, even hate. And “place” is very much the point here. Extremes are the furthermost edges of life, which is where hate belongs. The more humanity seeks individual and collective balance, the more the extremes will fight back. But, extreme energy is so immersed in irrational fear, hate ...

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