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We entered an interesting 10-day phase on AUGUST 8, (8/8), in which all the day numbers begin with 22. Sunday, August 8 is the 220th day of the year. Monday is the 221st day, Tuesday is the 222nd day, and so on, until we reach day 229 on Tuesday, August 17 (which is also an 8/8 day).

22 represents BIG ideas that benefit the many, not just the few, and improving conditions on a global scale. And because 22 is the most balanced form of 4, it also brings order, system, and precision into the world. 22 broadens its effectiveness by seeing as detailed a picture as possible.

In turn, this increases the 2 energy of the 2000s and the decade of the 2020s and brings us deeper into the realities of present time. The millennial shift from the 1000s to the 2000s is so significant that everything on Earth is changing.

It’s hard to imagine the changes that will have occurred a year from now, when these “22” day numbers occur in the year 2022. It is therefore imperative that we stop trying to get back to the old ways – that cruel imbalance that some still believe was “normal”.

Nature is bringing herself back into balance, which we are experiencing as massive climate change, pandemic disease, never-ending wars (usually to control her resources), global-scale displacement and homelessness, and yet another push downwards and backwards into fascism.

Understanding the global dynamics of this experience is vital. The whole world is changing – and we Earthlings – our entire species – must change the way we treat and relate to Mother Earth if we are to survive these multi-faceted Earth Changes.

The human “RACE” (the 1000s/I AM) must end, so that HUMANITY (the 2000s/WE ARE) can begin. 2 is MOTHER energy – the number of caring, relating, nurturing, fairness, instinctiveness, partnership, cooperation, and patience. Great attention to detail is needed because that produces a bigger and more accurate picture.

Although the patriarchy of the 1000s is over (they just don’t know it yet), feminine 2 does not seek dominance. Rather, 2 = partnership, equality, and balance. Feminine Yin (the Will) & Masculine Yang (consciousness) – working in equal partnership within our physical bodies – is what our evolution requires at this stage.

As a result, people are becoming much more emotional – but often without understanding the positive power and purpose of emotion. And where there is fear and anger, the conspiracy-theory industry exploits those emotions for its own ends, which is to profit from it. The demand for disinformation has never been higher. They know that a BIG LIE is easier to swallow if it is sandwiched between layers of truth. And without a deeper understanding of how the emotions work, people just eat it up – the ultimate “emotional eating” reaction.

The old system controls us by manipulating our emotions. Our ability to FEEL (magnetic 2) is equally as powerful as our ability to THINK (electrical 1). We are electromagnetic beings in an electromagnetic world. But much of humanity is fighting this truth by claiming to be superior to others. The fact remains, however, that 1 = SELF and 2 = OTHERS. What we are experiencing is a change in TIME. It is likely to be a rough road for some time to come, but an evolutionary road, nonetheless. Hold on! 

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