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2020 – WEEK 24

WEEK 24 runs from Wednesday, June 10 to Tuesday June 16. It is a 6 Week (2+4=6) in the 6th Month of the year. This double-6 vibration represents both balance and extremes, which suggests that we have arrived at some kind of tipping point – not just in the world at large, but also in our own personal lives. People are remembering aspects of the past that are connected to what is happening today, bringing answers and solutions. 6 is true problem-solving energy. But it has its dark side, too. 6 is also the number of the tyrant and controller.

2020 was always going to be the year in which it all changes. The numbers may have changed when the 1000s ceased, and the 2000 started, but it’s not until 2020 that the grip of masculine 1 is finally shifting. The Will of the people is rising as feminine 2 starts to turn this upside-down world the right way up.

The symbolism of 2020 makes sense. It is the number most associated with vision, retrospect, hindsight, cause and effect – recognizing how actions of the past LED to where we are now – in the throes of a systemic balancing. In order to understand the present, we have to LOOK BACK at how things were, why they were not changed long ago, and what needs to happen now – all of which supports the idea that hindsight is indeed 20/20.

Humanity is claiming back its stolen WILL – the energy that the old system takes from us in order to serve the system. Feminine energy is our ability to feel and sense – our WILL. The more we allow ourselves to truly FEEL how reality is making us feel, the more aware of reality we become – and consciousness expands.

Covid-19 slowed the whole world down and made us look at things as they really are. Look at how the word is formed:

CO = jointly, together.

V = the 22nd letter of the alphabet which connects to the two 2s in 2020.

ID = ego (and identity).

19 = 2019, the karmic energy of the 1900s, and the unlearned lessons which caused this mass dis – ease.

I cannot help but wonder if the colossal outpouring of emotion over the murder of George Floyd, and so many other black Americans who were killed at the hands of the police, will have any influence on the pandemic. Outwardly expressing all our backed-up feelings is the most healing thing we can do for ourselves. Emotional energy travels from generation to generation, and finally, 400 years of oppression, and the feelings that accompany such atrociousness, have risen to the surface so that empathy can expand, and healing can eventually occur. The healing of humanity is not a simple process. It will not be easy!

When the evolving masculine mind stops blocking the feminine feelings, we increase our inner power, and evolve as WHOLE human beings, not the fragments of ourselves that this system turned us into. We have an almighty healing ahead of us, starting wherever the WILL is most oppressed. Consequently, BLACK LIVES MATTER is one of the most important aspects of the human condition at this time.

The hindsight of 2020 enables us to acknowledge the horrors of the past so that we can right those wrongs, let go of the “I AM” 1000s, and move into the present “WE ARE” vibrations of 2 – the number of fairness, equality, justice, BALANCE, and  mother’s love.

The murder of George Floyd and the spontaneous uprising in the United States occurred in Week 22, of 2020, in the millennium of the 2000s. Transparent 2 is knocking down the walls of denial that the old system built around our minds in order to control and DOMINATE. In the 2000s, there is no place for walls – or separation – or domination.

Humanity is in the process of reinventing itself (evolving), while the old system will do anything to stop it.  But it can’t be stopped. Not permanently. A spontaneous coming together of hearts and minds is breaking down those old walls of ignorance, indifference, and hate. As the transparency of 2 expands, we see reality more clearly. 2020 is a 4 Year – the number of PRIORITY – and it does seem that humans are putting our priorities in the right order – the first of which is SURVIVAL. Rage is the Will’s reaction to pain and expresses itself in RED – the survival chakra. The first instinct of the Will is THE WILL TO LIVE.

The feminine Will within us all is jolting us – shocking us – with truth. Waking us up. We’ve all got 20/20 vision this year. Of course, many people don’t like this, and will do anything they can to drag us back to the old familiar archaic ways in which white reigned supreme.

No more. The feminine Will is bringing equality (balance) into our dangerously imbalanced world.

June 2020 is a 10/1 month. 10/1 represents ‘the next step’ and moving to a ‘new level’.  The discomfort we are experiencing is the pressure of being stuck in the past while time moves forever forward.

We are also seeing the power of raw, primitive, unevolved 1, (the number of leadership and ego), whose secrets were so easy to hide in the old system. But the transparency of 2 exposes all – especially in this 4 Year that is derived from two 2s.  Even the bible has something to say about the 4/22 sequence, (from Mark 4:22) “For everything that is hidden will eventually be brought into the open, and every secret will be brought to light.”

In the weeks and months ahead, some of the murkiest secrets are likely to burst open. Such is the nature of the 2 energy which thrives on honesty.

The more we truly feel our feelings and express them outwardly, the more aware we become. We’ve been without our true depth of feelings forever, and we became numb where our deepest feelings were meant to be. Without our feelings we cannot be fully aware. So here we are. Evolving. Feeling on a deeper level than ever before – and we see the power of people. The power of the individual. And the power of individuals agreeing, uniting, feeling, and empathizing, seeing ourselves in each other, seeing for ourselves the massive wound that was inflicted on black people, and knowing that the healing is beginning. In turn, this is increasing the attention on others, all over the world, whose Wills have been stolen from them. Men, women, and children who are ‘taken’, trafficked, enslaved, and rendered helpless.

We are learning about the 1 energy. The number of LEADERSHIP – and the true role of government – which is to keep the balance points open so that people can lead their own lives, and to assist those who cannot.

As it all unfolds, keep these words of civil rights activist, poet, writer, and mother, Audre Lorde in mind (from her essay, The Transformation of Silence into Language and Action. This has a profound meaning at this precise time in the journey:

“Life is very short. What we have to do must be done in the now.”

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WEEK 22, 2020 – A pivotal week in a pivotal year



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2020 Leap Year

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WILL RISING …free will

free will

As time moves forward and humanity evolves, we are outgrowing the antiquated, corrupt, and war-driven system that has been controlling us throughout the ages. This is not something we can simply ‘rise above’ or detach from. We are ALL part of this major transition in the human journey, each with our own unique and invaluable role in creating the future.

Feeling the emotions involved is a vital part of our evolution because the system gets its power by controlling our ability to feel and sense, which affects our ability to think and function. The human WILL is the emotional feminine energy that we all possess. And as the Will of humanity rises to protect and free itself, this is the part of us that is most under attack.

The more willingly we accept reality, the more easily the WILL will be able to release itself from its old programming. The freeing of the human Will is the next vital evolutionary step. Without it, we have no control over our lives whatsoever. Therefore, knowing what the Will is, and how it works, is essential.

We have been programmed to believe that the Will is simply “positive thinking”, determination – or stubbornness. From a religious perspective, we are told that it is God’s Will that matters. At the same time, religion tells us that God gave us Free Will. This is an enormous contradiction. We are also told that we are created in God’s image, which means that God must have a feminine side, or there would be no women in his creation.


Some religions are evolving too. Last month, after the US Military dropped their most powerful non-nuclear bomb on an air base in Afghanistan, Pope Francis issued a much needed criticism which speaks to the ongoing war on the feminine. He said it is wrong to call this bomb the “Mother of all bombs” (MOAB). “I was ashamed when I heard the name”, he said, “The word MOTHER should not be used in reference to deadly weapons.” He explained that a mother GIVES life. A bomb destroys life.  I have to say that this angle was unexpected.

The WILL is comprised of our emotions, feelings, senses, urges, matters of the heart, the feminine principles of life, and a strong empathy with ‘others’. (negative energy/magnetism)

In contrast, masculine SPIRIT (consciousness), is comprised of thought, intellect, vision, ideas, competition, the mind/body connection, light, action, and a strong sense of ‘self’. (positive energy/electricity)

Because the power and purpose of feminine energy is not given proper recognition, masculine energy often takes the credit. For instance, we are programmed to believe that INTUITION is a function of the masculine mind. But we also know that it is the overactive mind that prevents our natural responsiveness from getting through TO the mind. The enormous power of intuition is a product of the emotions – our ability to FEEL and SENSE.

We are now feeling and sensing on a much deeper level than ever before. The vibrations of our feelings open our minds. In turn, our minds give consciousness to our feelings. So, the more the system triggers our emotions, (as it will continue to do for a long time to come), the more we will be able to ‘see’ what’s actually happening. The 2000s brought us into an age of transparency, and a system that runs on secrecy cannot survive. But the damage this old system can cause on its way out is terrifying, and we have to face the facts about this. Our position in the journey is a transitional one. We are in a confusing and contradictory gap between two millennial cycles.

“Positive thinking”, without acceptance of reality and the feelings it triggers, is self-deception. To think positively means facing reality head-on, no matter how it makes you feel, and trusting yourself to deal with it in the most constructive way.

Indifference to other people’s suffering is also a form of emotional denial – and is often the result of our refusal to see the role that we ourselves are playing or have played. Without acceptance of reality, we rip the most important chapter from the book of our lives – the part where it all comes together and makes sense.

On our journey into Free Will, we have encountered enormous gaps in the human fabric which represent the unresolved differences between us. It often seems that there is no way to bridge them – but for as long as we remain divided, we remain conquered.

We are experiencing an attempted ‘hostile takeover’ of the world by corporations, with the oil industry and its connections to Russia at the helm. Resistance to this cruel industrial coup is strong and growing, and it is important to understand where our power is coming from -from our entire range of feelings. It is coming from our honesty, our intent, and our understanding of the facts. RESISTANCE IS THE WILL IN ACTION – taking a determined stand to free itself.

As exhausting as it often is, the resistance against this descent into fascism has been working well – which is all the more reason to expect attacks against it as we move ahead. Remember that they, too, are resisting. They are resisting the evolution of humanity, which is already in progress, and of which they are also a part (but don’t know it yet). We are one.

This resistance, and counter-resistance, is exactly what is happening in the inner human condition as our masculine minds fight off our feminine feelings. Inner peace brings outer peace. Everything starts within, including the disastrous imbalances of the outer world.

“Get up, Stand Up, Stand up for your rights.” ~Bob Marley

The Will is so powerful that the current system could not operate at all if this power was free. OR, without greed and corruption, it could operate beautifully, fairly, lovingly, creatively instead of destructively, and open to the enormous potential that fairness and equality would bring.

The purpose of government is to act on behalf of people and planet, and constantly adjust the points of balance so that life can flow naturally and creatively, without one form of energy overpowering another. The purpose of government is to MAINTAIN BALANCE, fairness, equality, and caring. Balance means adjusting as needed. It means arranging things in a way that enables energy to flow freely.

FREE WILL instinctively understands the laws of karma – cause and effect – and that life reacts to actions taken. There are no ‘punishments’ in life, but there are consequences and end-results. Emotion adds DEPTH to our lives and enables us to notice and comprehend complexity and detail as it takes us beneath the surface and behind the scenes.

Although the attempts to deliberately confuse and manipulate are real and dangerous, most of the heavy turbulence we are experiencing right now is due to the imbalance caused by inequality and unfairness. With so many governments defunding essential services, including education, environment, healthcare, food safety, workplace safety, and animal welfare, we must ask ourselves what the end result is likely to be. A heartless “culling” of life which the system deems unuseful, oppositional, inferior, or burdensome?

What the world is experiencing now is not just ‘politics as usual’. But it is the result of politics as usual. Those in control do not seem competent at all, but while that factor helps to curtail their efforts to some extent, it also makes them more dangerous because the consequence of power depends on the intent of whose hands it is in.

Criminally insane individuals have been elevated into positions of enormous power. When people focus narrowly on money and power, that is all they think about. Anything or anyone else is just clutter, secondary, unimportant, mere collateral.

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”  ~Gandhi

As the WILL of humanity continues to rise, it is pushing back hard against this attempt to kill it. By nature, the WILL must EXPRESS itself, so be aware of attempts all over the world to suppress free speech, or to muddle communication so completely that no one knows what to believe. Be aware of the act of labeling factual information as ‘fake’, and replacing it with a fake response. The art of language-manipulation has upped its game in recent years. A lie is always easier to swallow when placed between layers of truth.

Remember too that when people engage in ‘circle-talk’ and deflective denial, (accusing one’s opponents of what you yourself are doing ), eventually those false accusations come full circle and hit the denier in the head. Denial will go to extraordinary lengths to deny, even when the denial is perfectly obvious to others.

As the industries that run the system become more automated – and greedier – they have less need for human workers. To be ‘industrious’ is to be “constantly, regularly, or habitually active or occupied.” However, the industrial system views those who are not working as a liability. That’s where the cruel concept of “austerity” comes in, and makes life as miserable as possible for the masses, even those who are loyal to the system. The slave-master mentality takes over, life is devalued, and people suffer and die.

When we moved from the 1000s to the 2000s, we changed frequency and direction. This millennial shift from masculine 1 to feminine 2 switched on our sensitivity, which was a shock for our minds.

Many people are still having difficulty dealing with their feelings because the mind tells them that to feel on this level cannot be ‘normal’, and is therefore ‘crazy’. Biological form is also impacted because that is what enables us to recognize what we feel – in the form of specific sensations in the body.

We must learn to accept our various feelings, no matter what they are, and allow this natural magnetic energy to pass through and out of us. Some feelings take a long time to move, such as grief, anger, and fear. We are programmed to shut these feelings down. We are told which feelings are appropriate and how long we should be feeling them. But emotion is far too spontaneous an energy to be controlled like that. In fact, that’s what Free Will is: spontaneity and openness.

Prolonged emotional suppression causes many of our illnesses, and is the basis of stress. Emotional expression is a natural pressure valve. It protects us from  being torn apart inside by the trauma we impose on our WILL. Stress is the pressure our feminine side feels when we hold our feelings BACK – push them down – or snap them out so fast that nothing is learned – and someone gets hurt. Stress is the push and pull of held-back magnetism. The weight of feelings that are being made to wait. GRAVITY within the body.

Nothing clears the mind and keeps our feet on the ground like a strong emotional experience. When emotion is recognized as the singular scientific element that it is, and not some obscure offshoot of the brain, this world will be a different and far more peaceful place. As Nikola Tesla put it, “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

Most importantly, we must learn to express our emotions with the intent to HEAL, NOT HARM. There is never a need to hurt yourself or anyone else in the process of emotional healing.

The cruel authoritarian streak that is marching across the planet is already doing terrible damage to our species – and all the species of Mother Earth. Truly accepting this fact is not a mental exercise. It will trigger some very deep feelings – and we cannot afford to cut ourselves off from this.

The feeling of compassion is the healing balm that will save humanity from itself – doing what’s right simply because it’s right. We only have to look at the suffering of migrants and refugees to see where a little compassion could help stabilize the world considerably. Immigration issues are not only the result of people having to flee from the horrors of OUR present-day wars in THEIR countries, but also the colonization and occupation of these countries in the course of history. In the present atmosphere of xenophobia and hate, it takes courage to truly care and express those feelings.

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.” ~Bob Marley

We must develop courage, including the courage to face our own reflections and see ourselves as we really are! And yet, courage is another thing that masculine energy seems to claim as its own. Courage is equated with testosterone, and having ‘balls’. Where courage is lacking, we are told to “man up”.  Courage comes from the HEART! (Cœur is French for heart). Courage is the result of the COMBINED power of thought and feeling. And because it is in the physical heart that all of our feelings and thoughts are processed, men and women everywhere are developing remarkable courage in all its forms. What amazingly resilient and complex beings we are!