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WHERE WE ARE – 2022 – WEEK 5

WEEK 5 runs from Saturday, January 29 to Friday, February 4. In this week of sudden development, and “unusual” occurrences, we will gain valuable insight by accepting the reality of our experience, no matter how it makes us feel. Learning as we go is how we will evolve. Learning as we go is how we will survive. Learning from experience is one of 5’s most valuable functions.

The 5 energy runs in all directions which can make us overconfident – or afraid to make a move. If our focus is not where it is meant to be, it can also make us reckless and accident-prone. So, we need to stay awake and aware, and accepting of the fact that these are volatile times.

We are experiencing the unforeseen results of past action, or inaction. 5 is the number of the sudden and unexpected. 5 produces outcome and consequence and reveals what was hidden, or what we refused to see. 5 represents CHANGE – in our personal lives, and in the world. 5 is the number of EXPERIENCE. This is a week of both inner and outer transformation, based on the CHOICES made, and the directions taken.

Note that Vladimir Putin is in a 5 Personal Year in 2022, and it’s possible that he’s facing an unexpected reaction to his actions. Or perhaps this is how he planned it all along. 5 is such an unpredictable vibration. Whatever the case, when 5 is active, and when major choices have to be made, things can go in unexpected ways.

5 sits at the center of the numeric range, with 1, 2, 3, and 4 on one side, and 6, 7, 8, and 9 on the other. 5 can act like a seesaw. Up one minute, down the next. Globally and personally, the 5th week of 2022 is likely to be a hectic but important learning experience for us all, especially when it comes to life’s natural diversity and the resistance we put up to accepting what we perceive as “different” or “other”.

On Tuesday, WEEK 5 brings us into FEBRUARY – the 2nd month of 2022 – a year that is made up of three 2s – within the millennium of the 2000s – and the decade of the 2020s. As our evolutionary journey proceeds, we are moving deeper and deeper into the magnetic, emotional, feminine waves of the 2 energy.

2 is the number of unity and peace through DIPLOMACY, not force. But here we are, a divided species, teetering on the edge of yet another war, with an even deadlier potential than the other ongoing wars around the world.

FEBRUARY in this 6 YEAR (2+0+2+2=6) is an 8 MONTH (6+2=8).

6 is the number of BALANCE.

8 is the number of POWER – and many of the major world-powers are in an 8 Year in 2022.

The USA is in an 8 Year

RUSSIA is in an 8 Year

CHINA is in an 8 Year

The UK is in an 8 Year

The EUROPEAN UNION is in an 8 Year

The EURO (currency) is in an 8 Year

This BALANCING OF POWER is the outcome of the patriarchal, war-driven 1000s, and we cannot move into the potential of present time until we see these self-destructive endeavors for what they are – and find a way to make them obsolete. There is NO military solution to any of this. There never was. Yet we live in a militarized system in which winning is everything and wars do not end. They quiet down for a while, only to erupt again further down the road.

It is a system in which the value of scientific discoveries and technologies is based on how effectively they can be weaponized. And as we all know, words and images have become powerful weapons with which to deceive and control the population. This is where the 3 energy is most powerful. 3 is the number of COMMUNICATION.

2022 is the 3rd year of the 2020s.

2022 is the 23rd year of the 21st century (2+1=3).

3 also represents PEOPLE, POPULATION, SOCIAL MATTERS, FRIENDS, ENEMIES, ILLUSION, the STAGING of events (and circumstances), and all forms of ART and EXPRESSION.

week 48

And talking of the arts, the words “DON’T LOOK UP” convert to the number 8. This very powerful film portrays so many aspects of our times. Categorized as “satire”, it is a serious and important piece of art that accurately reflects the complacency – the dumbing down – the loss of conscious awareness – of the human species.

But that is not the only film that’s sending a vital message this week. The classic “GROUNDHOG DAY”, is categorized as a comedy, but it cleverly portrays 2’s power of CONNECTION and ATTENTION TO DETAIL, 3’s power of PATTERN and REPEATED EXPERIENCE, and 5’s power of URGENCY, ENTHUSIASM, and CONSTRUCTIVE ACTION. Wednesday, February 2 is Groundhog Day.

Yes, it’s horribly loud out there – people going against people, using words and images to control and dominate. But there is also tremendous inspiration to be found, which comes from people expressing love, not hate, being aware of the negatives as well as the positives, and seeking lasting solutions that bring balance and peace, which will bridge this terrible GAP of consciousness that keeps us divided. The horrors of this world will not disappear by ignoring them or denying they exist. Ignorance and denial give them space to grow beneath the surface and wreak even more havoc.

In WEEK 5, a small change of mind or direction can alter the whole course of events. If we do not LEARN from experience, we set ourselves up to repeat the same old mistakes that we have always made. In a world that has already changed drastically, demanding to get back to ‘the way things were’ keeps the karmic wheel in motion, and recreates the same conditions that brought us to where we are now. As we move further into the 2000s, we will outgrow this futility, but it is painfully obvious that we have a long way to go.

The 2 energy is teaching us to diffuse and de-escalate rather than inflame – and to be patient with the details, with the pace of our progress, and with each other. 1 is the essential energy of ACTION, but our misunderstanding of 1 has made us ridiculously impatient for results. We rush ahead without fully understanding what we’re dealing with, and then find ourselves dealing with our own inexperience, and in the confusing position of having to WAIT for correct understanding to reach us.

8 represents the power of CORRECT UNDERSTANDING, and 2 represents the power of PATIENCE, the power of DETAIL, the power of CARING, the power of DIPLOMACY, and the power of PARTNERSHIP.

Patience is not just a matter of being able to wait. Patience gives us the clarity to know when to hold back and when to take action. Correct understanding of patience hones our sense of RIGHT TIMING.

We must learn to accept time for the vital force that it is – a natural framework on which to learn, grow, and evolve. Life is a journey through time – and we are all time-travelers.

As we evolve emotionally, it is natural that we would feel our feelings on a level that we are not accustomed to. But the global rise of feminine energy that comes from 2 is expanding our overall consciousness considerably. We are now using that part of us that has always been kept down. But such deep emotional response can be uncomfortable and confusing, especially when denial of reality creates misinterpreted feelings and false perceptions.

As the struggle for power continues, we are likely to see examples of 5’s courage, flexibility, and resourcefulness, as well as 5’s recklessness and defiant selfishness.

The only way to change this self-destructive system is from within – from within ourselves. 1 is the number of the SELF – the INDIVIDUAL. We cannot evolve safely into 2, until we have learned the lessons of 1, one of which is that 1 individual can make a difference, and masses of individuals can make a massive difference.

It starts with the healing of all that emotion we’ve been holding in throughout our lifetimes. This will enable our minds to open significantly wider than they are today.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 2022 (2 2 2 0 2 2) is the 33rd day of this 6 YEAR, (on top of which, 33 is a Master Number – the most balanced form of 6). Those five 2s make this a 10/1 DAY in the world, which can help us to bring whatever we’re doing (or becoming) to a new level – the next stage. This date contains vital lessons about focusing on what truly matters, remembering, connecting the pieces together, learning from the past, diplomacy, cooperation, partnership, and responsibility. Yes, GROUNDHOG DAY is here – again…

More insight can be gained by reading the 2, 3, 5, 6, and 8 Forecasts, as well as your own. The numbers are extremely busy this week.



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