The 5 Year Journey of 2021 reminds us that FREE WILL is our natural state, and yet none of us are free. 5 reminds us that we cannot be free while we are shackled to the past by our own feelings. No matter what else is going on in our lives, 5 is drawing our memories into present time, so that we can heal from the pain and misunderstanding of both the past and present.

“Your trauma is valid. Even if others have experienced “worse”. Even if someone else who went through the same experience doesn’t feel debilitated by it. Even if it “could have been avoided”. Even if it happened a long time ago. Even if no one knows…. Your pain matters. Your experience matters. Your healing matters. ”  ~ Daniell Koepke

The 7 energy of WEEK 25 takes us inwards so that we can see our own history more clearly. When we venture far enough inside ourselves, we find old issues that we never processes enough to be able to heal from them and put them behind us.

25/7 can also help us to understand the PRESENT trauma that we are all experiencing here in the 2nd year of the 2020s. We are evolving toward Free Will, which is total openness and spontaneity. It begins with the freedom to express outwardly what we feel inwardly.  But the Will is not FREE if it harms or imposes on others. This is a major lesson of the 2020s –  being honest with ourselves and others – and learning from HINDSIGHT.

TUESDAY, JUNE 22, 2021 is an extraordinary day. Yes, June 22 (6/22) occurs every year, but because each year happens only once, 6/22/2021 is a sequence unto itself. These numbers can help us to remember areas of our past that we’ve buried deep inside.

Month = 6

Day = 22(4)

Year = 2+0+2+1 = 5

6+22+= 33/6

33 connects to the 3 energy of the 21st Century. 3 represents COMMUNICATION, which is the basis of consciousness. But communication has been hijacked by the destructive old system which refuses to move into the past, where it belongs. Consequently, we are awash in lies, distractions, violence, hatred, and blatant denial of reality.

33/6 represents the master teacher, healer, entertainer, artist, and communicator whose lessons are learned – and taught – through unusual means. Popular culture plays a big part here, along with the innovative use of words, sounds, and images.

But in the wrong hands, 33’s approach becomes “populism” which masquerades as “the voice of the people” – when its true intent is to control the people. In its basest form, 33/6 is the number of the tyrant and narcissist. DENIAL is one of humanity’s biggest problems – and it is rampant right now.

With peaceful intent, 33/6 brings unique approaches to COMMUNICATION and CREATIVITY. 6 connects to the 6th month of this 5 Year. June 2021 is therefore an 11/2 month. 11 is the number of illumination, inspiration, creativeness, and producing a bigger picture by connecting the various details. CONNECTION is a major theme of the 11 energy – since 2 cannot exist without the connection of two 1s. While 1 represents the 1st step, 11 represents the next step.

JUNE 22 is also the 173rd day of the year (1+7+3=11/2).

The 22nd connects to the two 2s in the decade of the 2020s, and with the 2 energy of the millennial 2000s. Master Numbers are multiples of 11 (from 11 to 99), and they are all active on JUNE 22, 2021. This is a day to REMEMBER what has been forgotten or hidden. This will enable us to take that next step in whatever we are trying to achieve. Or perhaps we will realize that we have already taken it. We are each having our own unique experience here.

Caution is needed when considering what is best for others. 22 can inspire the world with its power of compassion and constructive good – or it can create havoc, destruction, and cruelty, through the abuse of power.

22/4 represents the master achiever, builder, diplomat, and organizer. It provides intelligence, instinctive understanding (intuition), and impressive administrative abilities. 22 helps us to achieve large-scale goals through partnership and teamwork. The abundance of 2 is teaching us how to channel our talents and qualities in ways that improve conditions for others. And 4 (the number of work – and how things work – gives us the stamina and determination to get the job done!

In the process of freeing the human WILL, we are evolving emotionally – and just look at what’s happening to people, everywhere. What is trapped inside is coming out – and while this is needed for the healing to progress, it can also produce dangerous situations in which people simply cannot control themselves.

Unprocessed emotions are flying all over the place. FEAR OF CHANGE is causing tempers to rage and hate to spew. But do remember that hate is not an emotion. Hate is a disease of the emotions, which only love can heal. And it is often the case that hate is so deeply entrenched that it cannot be healed at all, and it just has to die out.

People are unaccustomed to this level of feeling. Some are afraid they are losing their minds. But that very fear is preventing us from creating the alignment that comes when our masculine Mind accepts our feminine Will as an equal. This is plain to see in the outer world – the fear that this “man’s world” (1) will be ruled by women (2).  But feminine 2 does not want to control. It wants to remove control so that equality, fairness, justice, truth, and caring (all of which are forms of balance) can create a new foundation on which to build a better, freer, and more loving way of life.

But we cannot heal from something if we pretend it didn’t happen, or that it didn’t affect us. We let go of the past, not by forgetting it, but by remembering what there was to learn from it.

“We are not ready to return to “normal.” There is no normal. If 600,000 people died in, say, a nuclear strike, there would be endless memorials, holidays, acts of sympathy and healing. We would be forced to acknowledge it. Instead, we are all just. . .living with all that grief.”   ~ Mikel Jollett, author of the best-selling book, “Hollywood Park.”

Our present trauma is an accumulation of our past traumas and right now, 25/7 is taking us inwards… to help us HEAL at the root. The present is always the result of the past. And the present is alwayswhere the future is created. Each of us has our own inside story to tell, our own truth, our own reality, and we have to learn to EXPRESS our feelings honestly and spontaneously without harming ourselves or anyone else. 

LETTING GO of our traumas often means forgiving ourselves and others.  We cannot be in present time if we’re clinging to the past. But forgiving is not a mental switch that we turn on at our convenience. Forgiveness is an emotional process, something we must FEEL, including the feelings that the trauma itself generates. Forgiveness opens the heart in the places it is closed. Forgiveness is the ability to LET GO and MOVE ON.

However, ongoing abuse and continuing atrocities all over the world make forgiveness impossible. And that, too, is a major part of humanity’s present trauma. A system that profits from contest, war, and the suffering of others, will never change the tactics that keeps it afloat. Therefore, the system itself must BE changed. Knowing that it all has to change is part of the current trauma, too, because no one knows what the future holds – and we are all afraid of the unknown.

Nonetheless, change is inevitable because we cannot shift from the electrical masculine 1000s to the magnetic feminine 2000s without major systemic changes. 1 and 2 are completely different energies, and yet 2 is always the product of two 1s.

1 is the number of SELF. It instinctively “takes care of number one”.  Selfish, proud, adventurous, fast, forward-moving, inventive, independent, territorial, competitive, wants to be first, best, most successful, wants to BE Number One. 1 is the individual. 1 is light. 1 is masculine energy. 1 is paternal energy (but the patriarchy has overwhelmed life on Earth). 1 is electricity. 1 is the nucleus of all the other numbers. 1 is the beginning – the 1st step.

2 represents the relationship between our selves – and other selves. 2 = connection, and disconnection. When two 1s unite they produce 11, which is an essential evolutionary energy. It is the simplest of sums: 1+1 =2.

2 enables us to feel at the maternal level with empathy, sharing, caring, attention to detail, and PATIENCE. Of course, paternal energy is also loving and benevolent, but as our understanding of it evolves, we have to leave behind the antiquated notion that “father knows best” – or – masculine is superior to feminine. That’s where the whole idea of “supremacy” originates, along with all the other imbalances, prejudices, snobbery, and hate.

Patriarchy operates on the belief that feminine emotions are the servants of the masculine mind and must be kept firmly under control, that light is good (positive) and dark is bad (negative) – and we wonder why the horrors of racism exist.  

As the feminine become more powerful in this masculine world, the patriarchal reign cannot survive. There is patriarchy in all societies, but the most dominant strain sees its collective self as “white supremacy” … just as the nazis saw themselves as the “master race”. As I often say, the human race is NOT our species. The human race is the cruel war-driven class system that sets us against each other – with the so-called “ruling class” – white males – controlling everything.

We are evolving from a world in which the phrase “it’s a man’s world” was taken as fact – into a very different world in which masculine and feminine must work together to keep the balance. The sensitive 2 energy that 1 + 1 produces “reads” reality and relays its findings (feelings) to 1. Then 1 takes the action that the situation requires.

The 7 energy of WEEK 25 is taking you inward so that you can take a detailed look at what’s buried there – to experience all that feeling you have been unwilling to feel – and LET IT GO. This is how we lighten up. This is how we heal.

Of course, inner healing does not occur in a single day, week, or month. Emotional healing is ongoing – the work of a lifetime. But it does tend to happen in spurts and surges, and the array of numbers in action right now can certainly facilitate such growth.

On MONDAY JUNE 21, your WEEKLY FORECAST doubles as a daily forecast. This occurs when the month and day add up to 9. (6+2+1=9). Feelings and circumstances intensify on these dates. 9 represents completion, endings, awareness, global matters, outward expression, empathy, giving, compassion, and LETTING GO in order to move forward. 9 takes us back to the past to tie up the loose ends we left there, including a multitude of hurt feelings that we have yet to express. As we evolve, reflections of the past appear everywhere – and we must remember that in this cause-and-effect world, the past is an essential teacher.

Introspective 7 enables you to analyze your own life and get to the root of how your various experiences have shaped your present self. This is an opportunity to accept yourself exactly as you are and heal from whatever is preventing you from being who you have it in you to become.

We are moving through 7’s “strangeness”, enigmas, puzzles, and the unfamiliar feelings and thoughts they trigger. 7 brings out our fears, often to the point of paranoia. But emotional energy is magnetic, and living with all that fear, especially if we deny that we’re afraid, attracts the very experience we’re afraid of in order to break our denials down. 7 is the learning number – and this is a time to do our homework and get our facts straight. There is fact. And there is fiction.

Emotion is our honesty. Being honest with ourselves is a vital 1st step. The more we allow others to manipulate our emotions, the easier it will be for the old system to control us. Fascism does not declare itself. It slides into our lives by normalizing and legalizing, itself. It deceives, lies, and bullies. And once it takes hold, IT DOES NOT LET GO! That is why emotional healing is so necessary at this precise time, regardless of what else is on your agenda.

Although the energies of WEEK 25 and JUNE 22, 2021 are unique, it doesn’t mean that their effects only last for a week or a day. In fact, this week appears to be a vital turning point. What we learn from it – immediately or later on – stays with us in the form of lessons learned and experience gained.

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