WEEK 49 – on the road to 2020

WEEK 49 runs from Tuesday, December 3, to Monday, December 9. It is a karmic 13/4 Week, and the final week of a 10-week cycle in which all the week numbers began with 4. There is a heightened degree of seriousness about this week. Fact vs fiction! Don’t get carried away. Keep your feet on the ground. This is practical and realistic energy.

4 represents restriction, sorting things out, putting things in order, obstruction, delay, hard work, dedication, determination, and breakthrough. Attention to detail is essential in this vibration. 4 is the number of mechanism and shows us how whatever we are dealing with works – how it moves – and what the end result is likely to be if it keeps moving in the same direction.

4 is the number of SYSTEM, and we are now likely to see more clearly just how the system works – and how it isn’t working.

“I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round,
I really love to watch them roll,
No longer riding on the merry-go-round,
I just had to let it go.”

~ John Lennon, Watching the Wheels

“Watching The Wheels” is a song about ‘the system’. John Lennon was murdered 39 years ago in New York City, in Week 49, on December 8, 1980. His song, “Imagine” is also about the system. The title seems to be a prophetic ‘instruction’ for these times, because until our ability to imagine alternatives evolves, all we can conjure up is more of the same.

This year, WEEK 49 is a karmic 13/4 week in a 6 month.

December = 1+2=3



The restriction (or breakthrough) that brings is likely to involve children, family, domestic, and economic matters, the stability of institutions, and challenges to established law. The 9 in 49 brings something to an end. 9 brings drama and deep emotions. Something or someone may reach their limits this week – or perhaps a feeling that this really is the “final straw” will sweep over the population. But of course, it won’t be the final straw. The damage has been done, some of which is irreversible. 4 is the number of WORK, and we have our work cut out for us as far as shaping the future is concerned. However, it’s ‘holiday time’ again, and people are distracted.

13/4 draws attention to safety in working environments, pay structure, equal opportunity, and work ethics, including the devastating impact of industry on the natural world. And this is likely to accelerate all the way through 2020 – which is a 4 Year. And because 2, the number of unity and joint effort, is so prevalent in the new millennium, unions, worker’s rights, and economic fairness are likely to be major issues.

Denial of reality will be very obvious this week, and yet, as more exposures are made, denial will continue to deny, regardless of evidence, and what we see with our own eyes and hear with our own ears. That’s what denial does. It denies everything. It even denies it is denying. Denial of reality is the root-cause of most of our problems on Earth today, and in matters of politics, it is becoming standard procedure.

We must not become numb to the lies. A major aspect of our evolution is to be able to recognize these gaslighting tactics and not let them muddle our senses. That level of trickery is what we are evolving from. 2 is the number of transparency. 2 is also the number of perception and the senses. This week’s karmic 13/4 energy is likely to bring us ‘down-to-Earth’, perhaps with a thud, as we get closer to the much bigger secrets that are terrifying so many blackmailable people in powerful positions around the world. And if that is the case, it means that they have no power at all. Someone else is pulling their strings.

We cannot change what we refuse to look at. And without accurate understanding, we hold ourselves back and box ourselves in. And we cannot change anything if we keep things the same. This two-party system that dominates so many countries in the world keeps us marching to the same old tune:  left/right/left/right/left/right. The March of the Same Old Same Old; competing approaches to the same tired old system of capitalism.

13/4 exposes the dangers of being inflexible and uncompromising. It wakes us up to the sheer lack of inspiration brought about by not having a specific GOAL to aim for. 4 needs a goal to work towards in order to maintain its vital sense of PURPOSE. 4 has to have a REASON to work, otherwise it starts to make hard work out of easy tasks.

WEEK 49 brings obstruction, or exposes it, and it also provides the determination to break through barriers. 4 brings success through unremitting effort and hard work. And 9 enables us to complete what we start. Don’t be distracted by anything trivial or irrelevant. Things are happening in the world – and in our own lives – which we simply cannot afford to ignore (deny).

Karma is not punishment for past and present misdeeds. Karma is the learning of what we have been unable to learn, and what we most need to learn in these harsh unprecedented times. Karma is the natural law of “cause and effect” – and this is a WEEK of Karmic Balance.

Your personal weekly forecast repeats as a daily forecast on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 6. This repetition occurs when the month and day add up to 9(1+2+6=9). On these ‘double dose’ days, (triple-9 when you include the 9 in Week 49), circumstances, memories, and emotions intensify. 9 represents endings, conclusions, and letting go of the past in order to move into present time – which is where we really do need to be – because the present is where the future is created.

Read your Personal Forecast for Week 49 HERE.

And remember that no matter which year you happen to be in personally, the world is in a 3 Year in 2019 (2+0+1+9=2=3). Much insight can be gained by reading the 12, and 3 forecasts as well as your own. The 4 and 9 Forecasts are likely to affect us all, too, this week.


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