WEEK 48 – on the road to 2020

WEEK 48 is a 3 Week (4+8=1+2=3). It runs from Tuesday, November 26 to Monday, December 2nd. Both 4 and 8 represent achievement and manifestation. They both recognize opportunity and strive to ATTAIN what they want – but from very different approaches.

4 succeeds through hard work, routine, order, system, formula, patient attention to detail, logic, efficiency, and the precise execution of well-laid plans. 8 succeeds through attraction, strong desire, the merging of resources, and sensing the deeper potential in existing information. 8 succeeds through incorporating what it already has to get what it wants – and delegates the details to 4.

WEEK 48 is the 9th week of a 10-week cycle in which all the week numbers begin with 4. This energy can help you to manifest something really worthwhile by expressing outwardly what you feel inside. As emotions continue to rise throughout the world, we can see the positive results that can come from anger, for instance, (the most judged against of all the emotions). And even those who believe  that fear is the problem can surely see that certain fears are what’s waking everybody up!

All emotions are multi-layered and complex – and we must learn much more about this vital part of us – our feminine energy – as we move forward in time.

“The class which has the power to rob on a large scale also has the power to control the government and legalize their robbery.”  ~Eugene V. Debs (1855 –1926).

In the current system, the two perspectives of 4 and 8 are used to drive a deliberate wedge between ordinary people (4) and the self-proclaimed ‘ruling class’ (8). Between workers (4) and bosses (8). Between limitation (4) and privilege (8). But notice how desperately power is clinging to power by whatever means it can conjure up. The system is breaking.

4 and 8 give people an effective and sometimes stunning VOICE – if we choose to use it. Of course, we are all people – even those who think they are superior to others. 4+8 = 3, and 3 = communication, social interaction, social media, and population. And here we are, in the final weeks of an eventful 3 Year (2+0+1+9=1+2=3), where the voices of the many are starting to stand out and be heard.

Despite their vibrational differences, 4 and 8 have a unique relationship. They belong together. The most balanced form of 8 is 44. Both 4 and 8 can make BIG things happen – when they work together. And this week, they are working together!

* 4 organizes the details to find order in the chaos.

* 8 visualizes the higher and wider  potentials.

* As 4 and 8 exchange information from their various viewpoints, a bigger picture forms, from which all kinds of other pictures form. Nothing spreads information and atmosphere as effectively as the 4/8 combination.

* 4 and 8 give each other optimism and confidence because they appreciate each other’s natural function.

4+8=12, and 12 symbolizes where we stand in the evolutionary journey  – stuck between the submerging ways of the past (the masculine 1000s), and the emerging ways of the present (the feminine 2000s). But the feminine does not want to control the masculine. The feminine wants FAIRNESS and EQUALITY. Feminine 2 brings BALANCE into life.

1+2=3, and 3 creates patterns and platforms. 3 = CONTINUATION. 3 enables things to spread – such as happiness, love, information, and understanding. But every number has its shadow side which emits a very different energy. 3 has not so much a shadow side, but a SHALLOW side, which also enables things to spread, such as rumor, gossip, hearsay, lies, spite, threats, bullying, blackmail, and other social viruses.

The shallow side of 3 turns serious matters into mere ‘entertainment’: politics, news, the suffering of others, and the avoidance of reality itself. 3 represents friendship, but the shallow side of 3 is where enemies reside. And because this old system maintains its power by keeping everyone divided, we have little understanding of the true meaning of diversity (which we can’t really know at this time because we have never experienced the true extent of how spectacularly diverse life actually is).

But we do know that diversity is CONTRAST, without which we would be unable to tell one thing from another! Contrast is an essential sensory thing. Diversity is the richness that enables the great tapestry of life to keep going, expand, and evolve. Diversity gives life its color, texture, and other vibrational tones. Without differences, there is no chemistry, and without chemistry, there is no choice, no potential and therefore no future.

The system uses the power of communication to program our minds – by manipulating our emotions. This is why the freeing of the human WILL is so imperative to our evolution. The WILL is our ability to feel and sense. THAT is the part of us that is most under attack! And because emotional energy is feminine energy, women have always been kept down.

And yet – it is women who are rising up most noticeably, most effectively, and most courageously right now.

WEEK 48 provides us with ideas, creative urges, and the WILL to carry on. The WILL is rising all over the world despite the violent efforts of governments and corporations to keep it trapped in the shallows. But we are in different times now. The old ways are holding on with full force, but because their time (the 1000s) has gone, their effectiveness is diminishing. Their force is still formidable and deadly, but they WILL fail in the end simply because present time does not support their archaic tactics. The more deeply we move into the 2000s, the more power they lose. And the closer we get to the first balance point of the new millennium: the year 2020 – and the decade of the 20s – the more we develop the courage to speak the truth in our hearts – which undoes the programming of our minds.

However, the practical side of 4 and the survival mode of 8 remind us that life on Earth is going to get a lot worse before it gets better, but the power of  ‘accurate understanding’ that comes from both 4 and 8, gives us a reason to keep going through thick and thin. WEEK 48 provides the INCENTIVE of knowing that we can make the changes we need to make. We are far more capable than we have ever been allowed to realize.

On FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 29, the 11/11 energy converts to 22. Add the 3 Year of 2019 and you have 2+5=7.

7 is the number of learning, awareness, wisdom and meticulous planning. However, the shadow side of turns planning into plotting and wisdom into foolishness. Secrets come to light when 7 is active, but people can go to unthinkable lengths to hide the truth. NOVEMBER 29 is the 333rd day of the year, so it is likely to carry an important lesson about the 3 energy, as we approach the final month of this 3 Year. And of course, being the 12th month, December itself is teeming with 3 energy (1+2=3).

3 represents people, words, images, the arts, creativity, the stage, how things are ‘staged’, happiness, beauty, optimism, and COMMUNICATION. It’s not just about humans exchanging information with each other. Or even how human beings interact. The body is communicating within itself all the time. The natural world communicates in the most miraculous ways.  But this depth of purpose is diminished to the degree that if serious matters do not have ‘entertainment value’, (if they cannot hold our attention for long enough to understand them), we tend to dismiss them as ‘boring’.

3 is the vibe in which we are most easily distracted – and most easily swayed by other people’s opinions. The shallow end of 3 is where harsh judgment, trickery, deception, ignorance, blackmail, negligence, revenge, and the wicked ‘games people play’ are found. There is no forgiveness at the shallow end of 3, so until we move into deeper waters by our own Free Will, take in more detail, and broaden our view of reality, we remain stuck between the old millennium and the new one.

Used creatively, intelligently, and with peaceful intent, 48 helps us to counter destructiveness with creativeness, lies with truthfulness, and hate with love. 4 and 8 bring reward for effort and dedication – and 3 brings the joy that comes from doing something exceptionally well.


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8 thoughts on “WEEK 48 – on the road to 2020

  1. Cynthia Oladapo

    Thank you so much for your insightfulness and courage to share the truth with the world! As we enter into the year 2020 with our president who is also a Life Path 4, I fear there is no hope for our country and world. As a builder, he will feel the calling on his life to build his empire more than ever before but his shadow self will continue to build his wall and desire all power! What is the hope for us? Also, you mentioned that “3” represents friendship, but the shallow side of 3 is where enemies reside. Could you expand on that because I am on Life Path 3 journey! Thank you again for sharing your gift! God bless!

    1. Christine Delorey Post author

      Hello Cynthia,

      We certainly have some very trying times ahead of us. And it’s not just the USA. This is happening everywhere in the world as one massive era ends – and another has yet to find its footing. Meanwhile, the multi-national corporations are seizing more and more control – and he and other leaders are facilitating them. Denial of reality is a huge problem on Earth right now.

      I see the president’s Life Path as 22/4 (I always keep the karmic numbers whole in my calculations – 14 in this case).
      Month = 6
      Day = 14
      Year = 2
      6+14+2=22/4 the master builder and/or the master destroyer.

      Karmic 14 represents (among many other things) recklessness and the inability to learn from experience. And 22 in unloving hands can only lead to chaos.

      There is nothing predictable about the human journey at this extraordinary time, but since we are evolving towards Free Will, which is our ability to feel, that is what we have to protect. That is our power. And that is where the solutions will come from. We must not go emotionally numb because it is the vibrations of our feelings that continue to open our minds. Have faith, Cynthia, especially in yourself. Keep going. Live your life. Be kind. And give support to what you know is right and true.

      With love,

  2. Kitty Hatcher

    Thank you for another beautifully written article.
    I am a professional astrologer and your articles help me communicate better with my clients.
    You are a very wise woman and I admire the way you think and communicate.
    I bought you book a long time ago. I have given it as gifts and have encouraged others to buy it as well.
    Thank you.


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