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Weekly Forecast

TO CALCULATE YOUR PERSONAL NUMBER FOR 2023, simply add 7 to your month and day of birth. (Do NOT include your year of birth in this calculation).

Example birthday: April 26:

Month: 4

Day: 2+6 = 8

Year: 2+0+2+3 = 7

4 + 87 =19 (Keep adding until you get a single number).

1+9 = 10

1+0 = 1

In this example, the Year Number for 2023 is 1.

If you are in doubt about your Year Number, leave a reply at the bottom of this page, and let me know your month and day of birth. (Your year of birth is unnecessary in this calculation).

Use your Yearly Number to read your Monthly and Weekly forecasts throughout 2023. (Your Personal Year runs from calendar year to calendar year – not from birthday to birthday).



NOTE 1: WEEK 47 is an 11 WEEK (4+7=11), and NOVEMBER is the 11TH MONTH. Therefore, this is a reflective and sensitive 11:11 WEEK.  (1+1+1+1=4).  WEEK 47 is also the 8th week in a 10-week cycle in which all the Week Numbers begin with 4.

Goal-oriented 4 represents our sense of identity, restriction, order, system, detail, correction, dedication, and determination. 4 can also evoke bullying – and bulldozing one’s way ahead without regard for others.

Introspective 7 represents the mind, going inward, spirituality, learning, analysis, meticulous planning, science, searching for truth, secrets, lies, fear, exposure, and scandal.

4+7 produces the Master Number 11/2 – the number of LIGHT, AWARENESS, INSPIRATION, CONNECTION, COOPERATION, and COORDINATION. However, in the wrong hands, 47/11/2 can have the opposite effect – manipulation, disillusionment, chaos, desperation, careless planning, and reckless actions.

Everything in this world is CONNECTED. We are ONE. That’s what all those 1s are about! 1 = the individual. 11 = multiple individuals. And because there are THREE intense Master Numbers in prominent positions in this 11:11 week, the GAP between those who believed they were allies or of like mind but now feel betrayed, could grow even wider. You see, 11:11 symbolizes people coming together – or splitting apart.


SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2023 is a 1 DAY (11+19+7=3+7=1+0=1). 19 is the KARMIC vibration of 1, and un-evolved 1 represents EGO and ARROGANCE. We cannot move safely through the 2020s without first learning what 19 has to teach. 1+9 = 10, and 10 is the number that brings things to a NEW LEVEL. NOVEMBER 19, therefore, could bring selfishness and aggression to a new level, in a way that says, “if I can’t have it, no one can”. Or it could bring effective resistance to those antiquated attitudes and ideas. 1 is the nucleus of all the other numbers, and therefore, nuclear matters are prominent. Read the 1 forecast on this day.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2023 is a 2 DAY (11+2+7=2+0=2). This connects us directly to the 2 energy of the 2000s, and the double-2 energy of the 2020s.  1+1 = 2 and 2+0 = 2, so we have even more double-2 energy here. Read the 1 and 2 forecasts on this day. (There is also much insight to gain from my recent article THE GAP OF AGES).

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2023 is a 3 DAY (11+3+7=2+1=3). What is COMMUNICATED to the masses today is significant, but interpretations are likely to differ considerably. Read the 3 forecast on this day.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 2023 is a 4 DAY (11+22+7=4+0=4). This is the 326th day of the year, (3+2+6=11), which brings even more 11 energy into our lives. The MONTH = 11, the DAY = 22, and together they give us 33.

33/6 connects us to the 3 energy of the 21st Century, and represents PEOPLE, POPULATION, FRIENDS, ENEMIES, ILLUSION, THE ARTS, and the enormous power of COMMUNICATION. 6 represents both BALANCE and EXTREMES. 6 also represents LOYALTY, COMMUNITY, HOME, HOSPITALS, HEALING, SCHOOLS, EDUCATION, COURTS, LAW, ORDER, JUSTICE, LIBRARIES, SOCIAL WELFARE, and other INSTITUTIONS which are meant to serve the PEOPLE. 33/6 represents the MASTER HEALER and MASTER TEACHER, but it can also empower the propagandists, gas-lighters, and bullies. Read the 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 forecasts on this day.

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2023 is a 5 DAY (11+5+7=2+3=5). 5 represents unexpected development and sudden change. Try not to jump to conclusions or react from a purely personal perspective. There are many angles involved. In the busy multi-directional 5 energy, important details can go unnoticed. So stay awake and aware! Read the 5 forecast on this day.

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 2023 is a 6 DAY (11+6+7=2+4=6). 6 represents both BALANCE and EXTREMES, RESPONSIBILITY, RECKLESSNESS, RIGHT, and WRONG. Read the 6 forecast on this day, and be determined to do the right thing, simply because it is the right thing.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 2023 is a DOUBLE-7 DAY (11+7+7=2+5=7), and includes the 7 yearly energy of 2023 (2+0+2+3=7). This indicates changes of direction, changes of mind, changes of circumstance. And the emphasis on doing the “right thing” continues. Read the 5, 7, and 8 forecasts on this day.  Also on NOVEMBER 25, Your personal weekly forecast repeats as a daily forecast. This occurs when the month and day add up to 9 (11+2+5=1+8=9). Memories, circumstances, and emotions reach a peak on these dates. 9 represents drama, endings, deep feelings, and ‘letting go’ in order to move forward. So be sure to re-read your own weekly forecast today.


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You need social contact, friendship, and support, but you also want seclusion and privacy. Your life has changed – and you must accept the person you are now – someone who has turned a corner only to find yourself having a new experience – for which you may not be fully prepared. The purpose here is to increase your appreciation of love, life, and liberty – for all.


Guilt will try to convince you that you should have approached matters differently, but guilt is wrong. It was not possible to learn what you had to learn until now. In order to move forward, you really do need to break away from guilt. If you feel emotionally drained – rest. Spent energy must be replenished, otherwise you will run out of steam – which is exactly what guilt wants.


A struggle continues only because you continue to struggle with it. And you keep struggling because you cannot believe that a certain struggle really is over. You are reluctant to raise your expectations because you are afraid of getting hurt. But you must start believing in yourself again. Then you will be able to breathe new life into your own imagination. The key is to think for yourself – by knowing what it is you are feeling.

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As your understanding of life continues to change and expand, you may need to question the relevance of certain matters that you once considered unquestionable, and possibly still do. Resistance to facing changing realities can cause an uncomfortable drag on your progress. You will gain significant insight when you accept things exactly as they are – and put your priorities in the right order.


You need to be alone with your feelings and thoughts. Someone else’s cooperation will prove to be invaluable now, and all that’s needed in return is your appreciation. Far from making you dependent or vulnerable, this is the inspiring experience of sharing part of your life with someone else without feeling indebted or infringed upon. It is a lesson in faith, loyalty, friendship, appreciation, and/or forgiveness.


Do not judge yourself harshly for the mental/emotional tug-of-war that’s been going on inside you. It is this judgment – the attachment to only one point of view – that is causing both the imbalance and the confusion. This is a chance to start living your life more fully while standing more firmly on your own two feet. Great things can be organized from such a balanced position – and from giving other people thanks – or credit where it’s due.

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Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time.


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Acheter le livre de numérologie classique : CYCLES DE LA VIE : votre voyage émotionnel vers la liberté et le bonheur – ICI

Weekly Forecst


You have refused to think certain thoughts because you were afraid of the feelings they could trigger. Now, however, you want nothing but the truth. You want to feel the power of your emotions rather than the weakness you once thought they were. It is impossible to change your mind without first changing your feelings, and you cannot truly ‘know’ something until you feel it. Emotional denial comes with many strings attached.

Weekly Forecst


When we are preoccupied with competing or ‘fitting in’, or when we need the approval of others to feel secure, we forget who we are and why we are here in this evolving creation called life. Stop worrying about how others see you and focus on carving your own route into the future. This cycle offers a clear path forward – which needs to be traveled with confidence – and great attention to detail.

Weekly Forecst


Change is in the air, and your emotions are reacting strongly. ‘Sense’ (intelligence) is what this cycle offers – common-sense, instinct, intuition, and a deeper sense of discretion. Even if you feel oversensitive or vulnerable, be patient, courteous, and caring, as you sense your way along. Notice how you are connected to the different people and components involved, and you will more effectively fulfill your current role of helper, healer, facilitator, or peacemaker.

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WHO ARE YOU?  WHY ARE YOU HERE?  WHERE ARE YOU GOING?  This profile will help you to understand your purpose for being here at this precarious evolutionary time in the human journey, what you have to work on, and what you have to work with. From  $95.00


Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time.


These affordable books make the most excellent gifts which will be used and appreciated every single day for the entire year ahead. START THE NEW YEAR ON THE RIGHT TRACK…

You can get a whole year of Monthly/Weekly/Daily Forecasts (with all the calculations made for you) in your own CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY YEAR BOOK. Written specifically to help you steer your way through these extraordinary, unpredictable, evolutionary, and often frightening times, each book contains inspiring daily, weekly, and monthly forecasts for your specific yearly cycle.

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Acheter le livre de numérologie classique : CYCLES DE LA VIE : votre voyage émotionnel vers la liberté et le bonheur – ICI


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WHERE WE ARE – 2022 – WEEK 11

WHERE WE ARE – 2022 – WEEK 11


Do you remember when 11:11 was such a prominent thing? Millions of people were “seeing” this number everywhere, and 11:11 became a world-wide phenomenon for 20 years or more.

1 represents the individual. Multiple 1s represent the masses. And the colon at the center represents how the system of the 1000s keeps the masses divided.

We may see more of this sequence in WEEK 11, but since the beginning of the 2020s, we have not heard much about 11:11 at all. I think this is because we have already passed through it and have ARRIVED at its sum – which is 22.

In our transition from the masculine 1000s to the feminine 2000s, we are solidly positioned in the double-2 energy of the decade of the 2020s, and the triple-2 energy of 2022. And now we are in a 2 week. (1+1=2). And because this year contains the energy of both 20 and 22, it seems that a point of no return has been reached. The white male-dominated, self-destructive system of the 1000s, in which WINNING is the ultimate goal, is so afraid of being “replaced”, that it will destroy everything rather than release the power it holds over the world.

Feminine 2 represents the WILL  of humanity in all its diversity. But 2 does not want to dominate or “win”. 2 wants BALANCE, FAIRNESS, CARING, and PEACE. 2 is the number of DIPLOMACY. This does not require us to take a “passive” approach, but it does require a different approach (which we are in the excruciatingly slow process of discovering). Amid the humanitarian catastrophe that is unfolding in Eastern Europe, the  WILL of the Ukrainian people is rising to defend itself, and it needs all the help it can get – without triggering a world war. 

 22 is the most balanced form of 4, and Ukraine is in a 4 National Year in 2022. 4 is the number of restriction and obstacles, as well as determination, effort, dedication, attention to detail, tactical planning, and breakthroughs of one kind or another. 

Remember that we all have feminine energy, regardless of our gender. Feminine energy is our ability to FEEL and SENSE (which explains why our lives have become increasingly emotional in recent years, especially since 2020, and why the rights of women and other “minorities” are constantly under attack. In the 2000s, the minority, in all its diversity, has become the majority, and this is why there is such a huge campaign to destroy democracy (majority rule) itself.


MONDAY, the 14th of MARCH (14/3) marks the 143rd anniversary of Albert Einstein’s birth, and the connection here to nuclear energy is glaringly obvious. 1 represents the atom, and 11 represents the splitting of the atom, which although vital to our understanding of our electro-magnetic world, also led to the development of nuclear weaponry.

 11 provides an evolutionary steppingstone from the 1000s into the balance of the 2000s. 1 is masculine electrical energy and 2 is magnetic feminine energy. It is this combination that holds the atoms together and gives life its cohesion (unity). But this combination is SO out of balance through sexism, racism, and all our other prejudices, that we are in danger of imploding and destroying ourselves in some kind of human meltdown!

Letting go of these biases within our own individual lives can help considerably in finding our way into BALANCE. To do this, we must learn the principal lesson that 1 has to teach, which is: WE ARE 1, but we are not all the same. 1 represents uniqueness and individuality. 

TUESDAY, MARCH 15 is a ‘double dose’ day on which your weekly forecast repeats as a daily forecast. This occurs when the month and day add up to 9. (3+1+5=9). On these dates, circumstances and feelings intensify. 9 helps us to LET GO of the past in order to move forward. March 15 is the 74th day of the year, adding even more 11 energy to this 11 WEEK (7+4=11), and this doubling of 11 energy brings us back to the whole concept of 11:11. Be sure to re-read your WEEKLY FORECAST on Tuesday.

FRIDAY, MARCH 18 is the 77th day of the year and has strong emotional undertones. All Master Numbers are multiples of 11, and so we are dealing with 11 x 7 on this date. 7 + 7 = karmic 14/5, and all of these numbers suggest that there are vital lessons to be learned.  Perhaps as the week unfolds we will be better able to figure out what they entaill. 5 is the number of the unexpected. 5 also enables us to learn from experience. March 18, 2022 is a 9 Day in the world (3+9+6=1+8=9), and March 2022 is a 3 6 9 month (3+6=9). And, of course, 7 is the number of mystery and intrigue.

This is a week of understanding your own connections – and whether you need to strengthen them, disconnect, reconnect, or leave things as they are. This is a week to dispense with pettiness and truly APPRECIATE what you’ve got. The light that comes from this level of gratitude can illuminate your entire situation, including how your habits and patterns are shaping your life. 11 sheds its light on what it will take to change things. 2 slows us down for the purpose of making us more aware of the details of our own lives – and what is happening in the world.

The world is in a 6 Year in 2022 – a journey of both EXTREMES and BALANCE, with an emphasis on HOME, FAMILY, RESPONSIBILITY, and JUSTICE. The creative 3 energy of March connects us more fully to the 3 energy of the 21st century, helping us to become more inventive and resourceful. But 3 is also the number of COMMUNICATION which is being warped and weaponized in this battle to kill the Will – by twisting and manipulating people’s feelings. This is a huge problem on Earth as we continue to be bombarded with disinformation, gaslighting, and outrageous lies. Propaganda has always been a major weapon of war, and unfortunately, communicative 3 enables it to spread. 

The more we let ourselves feel and sense, the easier it is to develop our natural sense of direction… our inner radar… our amazing intuition. 11 is one reflecting on oneself. To evolve, we must face our own reflection and BE the 1 we are.

While 11 is illuminating the way, there is insight to be gained from reading ALL of this week’s forecasts as well as your own. Read  WEEKLY FORECAST for WEEK 11 here.

It would also be a good idea to read the 6 MONTHLY FORECAST as well as your own because 2022 is a 6 Year in the world.



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2020 – WEEK 22

WEEK 22 runs from Wednesday, May 27th to Tuesday, June 2nd. 2 is the number of CONNECTION. And look at how all the 2s are connecting this week.

WEEK 22 is the 3rd week in a 10-week cycle in which all the Week Numbers begin with 2.

WEEK 22 connects with the two 2s in 2020.

2020 connects with the millennium of the 2000s

…and the decade of the 20s.

MAY 2020 is a 9 MONTH in the world (5+4=9), and 9 represents ENDINGS, COMPLETION, DRAMA, EMOTIONAL RESPONSE, and LETTING GO in order to move forward.  What needs to end is coming to the surface so it can move back into the past, where it belongs. But for as long as we cling to the past while time moves forward, all we will get is this deadly standstill.

However, all those 2s are reminding us that we are not in the male-driven 1000s anymore, and that feminine 2 will bring life into balance – despite the massive effort to drag us back to the past. This week, we cannot see too far ahead, and our movement is limited, which can help us discover HOW what is happening came about. Everything happening now is the result of what happened – or didn’t happen – in the past.

Add that 9 to 2 and you have 11, which produces yet another 2.

Put 9 and 11 together, not only do you have 20, but you also have the USA’s emergency code.

22 is the sum of two 11s, or 11:11.

Humanity is in the midst of a much-needed reality check – and the unprecedented chaos gripping the world could become even more chaotic as we move into June’s 6 energy later this week.

Both the United States and Britain, whose national situations seem to mirror each other so much of the time, are both in a 6 National Year in 2020, and a 2 NATIONAL MONTH in May. Russia and China are also in a 6 National Year.  6 represents domestic issues, home, family, responsibility, institutions, education, health, problem solving, balance and extremes, the need to control, and patriarchy.

Donald Trump is in a 6 PERSONAL YEAR / 2 MONTH in May, and despite so much feminine 2 energy in his chart, he exhibits the exact opposite of 2’s evolutionary traits. Lies and denial are his principle tools. He is cruel. His ego is manic. And now, after initially playing down the severity of the virus, over 100,000 Americans have died in the space of four months. WEEK 22 is likely to be a crucial time for him. He was born on the 22/4 Life Path which dedicates itself to helping others in need – unless it is in unloving and incompetent hands. 22 is the Master Builder – or – the master destroyer. Literally anything can occur this week – and as he himself would say, “we’ll see what happens.”

2 = CONNECTION – literally being able to put 1 and 1 together. This is how 2 is formed. We must build the road ahead as we go, by connecting one thing to another. Where there are adverse reactions, different approaches will be needed. This will advance our understanding of cause and effect, and chemistry, and HOW to peacefully co-exist with each other – and with the planet that gives us everything we need.

Of course, not everyone wants to move in this peaceful direction and would rather get back to how it was, which is impossible. Everything changes in the course of time. And a change of millennia is a drastic change indeed. If we refuse to go with this natural flow, we cannot survive Mother Earth’s re-balancing that will occur with or without the participation of humans.

The two 2s in WEEK 22 connect to the two 2s in 2020, creating a 44/8 vibration throughout this 7-day cycle.  8 represents POWER in the material, political, financial, and industrial/military world, and the fact that it is derived from four 2s suggests that its effect on the masses will be profound.

44 is extremely practical, which not only helps us to recognize and retain pertinent information, but also organize the facts in a way that paints a more accurate picture. This is a mind-expanding week. 4 = effort and determination. This week, there are two prominent 4’s at our disposal, reminding us that WE have the power to save ourselves if only we could see our problems in terms of cause and effect – instead of random occurrences.

When 44 is active, the accuracy of the details is vital to obtain a realistic multi-layered picture of reality.  44 examines the root of a problem, rather than just the outer symptoms, and teaches us that problems are bound to recur if we do not know what created them.

4 is also the number of obstruction, barriers, and opposition. When a hidden reality is about to be exposed, a barrage of denial is released to prevent the truth from reaching consciousness. And right now, denial is the biggest problem we face, to the extent that our survival depends on our ‘snapping out of it’ and facing life as it really is.

44 cannot tolerate denial. So, this week, recognizing our own denials – our inability to face the facts – is necessary for our individual and collective evolution. But denial is slippery by nature. It’s hard to pin denial down because it denies its own existence. Denial denies it is denying. Denial is difficult to confront, and yet that is what we must do. Denial is at the root of the famous “big lie” theory put out by Joseph Goebbels and Adolf Hitler in the 1930s: “Always accuse the other side of that of which you are guilty.” AND, “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it.”  We can expect to see a lot of denial this week.

Everything on Earth is CONNECTED. To attack nature is to attack ourselves since we are part of nature and not separate from it. Until we start connecting what is happening to humanity to what is being done by humanity, we will remain stuck in this self-imposed box which we cannot survive.

It is a box so steeped in racism that we even call ourselves the human RACE.  We are not meant to be ‘racing’. We are meant to be free spirits. Competition is the nature of 1 – and the fight to BE #1.

1 is also the number of CHANGE, and the racial divide is about to shift drastically. 2 does not compete. cooperates. 2 brings caring, equality, partnership, common sense, justice, and BALANCE into life.


And now, in the morbid light of yet another black American man being choked to death by a white Minneapolis police officer, let’s not forget that justice is fairness, fairness is balance, and balance is peace. This is simple physics.  NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!

In 2014, Eric Garner’s last words were “I can’t breathe” as a NYPD officer named Daniel Pantaleo, choked him to death. Six years later, on May 26, 2020, George Floyd, begged for his life as he told a Minneapolis police officer who was kneeling on his neck and openly murdering him, “I cannot breathe”.

At a time when the whole world can’t breathe, it becomes even more obvious that these are all CONNECTIONS to what humanity is doing to itself!

The burning of the AMAZON RAIN FOREST – the destruction of mother Earth’s LUNGS – continues unmentioned by the media, while Jeff Bezos became the world’s richest man by taking the name AMAZON to sell the very ‘stuff’ that is choking the natural world to death. 

And then there was white woman Amy Cooper calling the police on Christian Cooper, a black man, in Central Park, NY, on the pretext that he was threatening her, and knowing that such a call could result in his death. Which connects to another great injustice of the past – the Central Park 5, against whom Donald Trump actually placed a full-page ad in the New York Times demanding the death penalty for these innocent young men (boys at the time) among countless other black men, women, and children – who have been terrorized and murdered – just for being black.

This murderous racist system is starting to break – and I can only pray that it does not get worse before it gets better. This state terrorism is enabled by the false sense of superiority that we call “white privilege” which comes from the nonsensical notion of “white supremacy”. The system must be dismantled and replaced by unbiased protective justice. To create a balance in which all human beings can prosper and be safe is the principle purpose of government.

However, if you cannot embrace the words “BLACK LIVES MATTER” on their own merit, how can you say “all lives matter” with any sincerity?  I cannot know what it is to be black, but I know that what’s being done to my black brothers and sisters needs everyone with a heart to offer sustained empathy, support, and as many platforms, spotlights, and mentions as possible. We are not the human RACE. We are human BEINGS whose true nature is to BE and LET BE.

It’s important to understand that this is not just about racism in the USA. The entire world-wide system is run on the same racial principles. Police brutality is everywhere. But are we becoming desensitized to the word ‘brutality’ since it is used so much without consequence? Perhaps the term ‘police savagery’ would make a deeper point.

It is lack of FEELING that enables people to kill and harm others so easily.

22 gives us the power to build something great and monumental which improves conditions for the many, not just the few. But when great feats are undertaken for personal glory (inflated ego), all we will have is chaos. And so, we have to learn how to attain INNER alignment between those 2 equal parts of us – mind and emotion. And because our emotions have always been subdued by the mind, people everywhere are now feeling on a much more profound level.

2 is showing us, in many different ways, how powerful feminine energy is.  We may find that WEEK 22 shows us the stunning difference between a “strongman” and a strong woman – or an emotionally balanced man and a feelingless woman. Yes, these are complicated times.

1 is the SELF. The EGO. 1’s unevolved nature is combative and territorial. But 1 is also the energy of ideas, action, invention, and electricity.

2 is the magnetic behind-the-scenes energy that takes care of the all-important details, connects it all together, and makes it all work – without which 1 cannot function successfully. But unevolved 1 barely acknowledges 2 and takes credit for 2’s efforts. 2 is indispensable.

Unevolved 2 does not know its own value, or that it is the offspring of 1 that has split itself in two. This miraculous evolutionary growth is the reason 11 is such is sacred number, especially right now, as humanity continues down this evolutionary path on which everything appears to be upside-down. But this is not the way things on Earth have suddenly become. This is the way things have always been. And we’re just realizing it.

When the world changed from the 1000s to the 2000s, we did not change with it. We are on a completely new wavelength now, and the terror and suffering going on all over the planet, the horror of it – and the sheer absurdity of it – is the result of our inability to change with the times. We did not slow down when 1999 brought us into the 2000s. We accelerated instead.

In these terrifying days of Covid-19, economic insecurity, environmental devastation, political mayhem, and racism, one of the biggest problems we face is being unable to admit where we went wrong. This is reflected plainly on the world stage by lack of intelligence, outright denial, and no accountability. If we cannot accept our mistakes and mis-steps, we cannot learn anything new.

There is a strong connection between COVID-19 – and the century we are evolving from – the 1900swhich is the main timeframe of the industrial age. Karmic 19/1 contains everything we need to learn in order to move out of this deadly imbalance and into some semblance of sustainable life. There is much to learn from the year 1919. Many of the events taking place today, especially in matters of banking, racism, and war, are connected to what happened in 1919 (which was a 2 Year in the world). This included the signing of the 19th Amendment in the U.S. on June 4, (101 years ago next week) regarding a woman’s right to vote. There were also deadly race riots (uprisings) in Chicago and Omaha. There was the 1918/19 Flu pandemic, the capturing of Jerusalem by British Forces which led to the creation of Israel in 1948 (a 22/4Year), and the ongoing colonization of the Indian, African, and Australian continents (and more) by Britain.

22 is the most balanced form of 4 – and 4 is such a practical number – the number of PRIORITIES, OBLIGATIONS, and DETERMINATION, while realistic 2 gives us DETAIL and PERSPECTIVE. That’s where we are right now – moving through powerful vibrations in which seriousness is essential. Solutions for the present and future may be very different to the solutions that ‘appeared’ to work in the past.

What if there is no cure or vaccine for Covid-19? What if the remedy is not drug-related at all? What if the only way to cure this virus is to change the human behavior that caused it.? This includes the way we treat animals, vegetation, the oceans and waterways, the air, and all the other natural wonders that Mother Nature gives freely, but over which we fight and kill each other. War is always about resources. That’s the way of the old system.

We are dealing with a contagion that spreads from animal to human – and there is little difference between the cruelty of the Wuhan wet markets and the cruelty of factory farming and slaughterhouses around the world.

Experimenting on animals is not science. Cruelty is science in reverse. Strong animal rights are necessary not only because human rights are gauged on the way we treat animals, but also for the sake of rendering cruelty unacceptable. Sometimes the answer to what ails us is not always pharmaceutical or surgical. Very often, it is a matter of reversing the damage by changing the way we live.

Keep your masculine mind open this week so that it has more awareness of your feminine feelings. Masculine and feminine must learn to work together, within the body, in perfect balance, in agreement, in LOVE. The emotions cannot “rule” any more than the mind can rule, if we are to find balance (peace) in the outer world. It’s about equality, not ruling.

This week’s 9/22 combination involves global matters, large-scale projects and events, some beneficial – and some absolutely atrocious by those who can “never let a good crisis go to waste”.

Dealing with our own and other people’s denials is paramount this week. When new facts come to light, people often refuse to believe that their original belief could be untrue and are prepared to fight to uphold their familiar old theories. The same applies to certain ‘experts’ out there who cannot change their minds because their income depends on carrying the false narrative forward. In the words of Carl Sagan:

“If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”  

The ISOLATION in which we find ourselves now enables us to slow it all down, stand back, and take an honest overview of our own lives, our relationships, and most importantly our relationship to the world herself. It gives us long moments of reflection so that we can see where old understandings have bamboozled us. And to find ways to go about our lives which do not buy-in to the system that is killing us. 

Self-acceptance is a massive component of our evolution (massive as in ‘the masses’). But how can we accept ourselves if we don’t know ourselves? Current circumstances are giving us a chance to get to know our natural selves rather than who the system tells us we should be.

If life is a symphony, we have reached that part of the score where everything slows down and a different atmosphere is created – and the key has shifted from major to minor, as life shifts from 1 to 2; from thought to feeling; from light to dark, from action to contemplation. From this comes depth, understanding, planning, and back to action again – but action of a more sustainable kind. 2 slows everything down, and in such a concentration of 2, we must not try to push our way forward. That does not mean not acting quickly and efficiently when needed. It means that we are involved in a slow process – which requires some of 2’s greatest powers:





On June 3rd, the 1 Month of June and the 5 energy of WEEK 23 will change the atmosphere considerably.

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2020 (Part 1) – HOLD ON! LET GO! It describes the complex and transforming energies of this very special year in the human journey,

2020 Leap Year

2020 (Part 2) THE LEAP YEAR WOBBLE. This is a monumental year in the human journey, and the disruption in time that a Leap Year creates is going to be very obvious as 2020 unfolds.  

You can get a whole year of Monthly/Weekly/Daily Forecasts (with all the calculations made for you) in your own CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY YEAR BOOK. Written specifically to help you steer your way through these tense, extraordinary, unpredictable, and  evolutionary times, each book contains inspiring monthly, weekly, and daily readings for your specific yearly cycle.

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WHO ARE YOU?  WHY ARE YOU HERE?  WHERE ARE YOU GOING?  This profile will help you to understand your purpose for being here at this precarious evolutionary time in the human journey, what you have to work on, and what you have to work with.  From  $95.00


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2020-THE WAY OF THE WILL – Part 1

Listen to this short introduction to THE WAY OF THE WILL (volume up)…


In 1999, as I was writing my book “LIFE CYCLES”, it became obvious to me that as we moved from the 1000s to the 2000s, life on Earth would change drastically. All of my work with numerology is based on that understanding. Masculine 1 and feminine 2 are very different frequencies, and yet, the only way that 2 can exist is through the joining together of two 1s. We cannot possibly understand what 2 has to teach without a solid understanding of 1.

1 is the number of the SELF – the individual.

2 is the number of OTHERS – and the connection between individuals.

How telling it is that we now live at a time when we individuals must keep our physical distance from each other. As we remain ‘trapped in time’, between the 1000s and the 2000s, we cannot understand OTHERS, until we understand our SELVES. And we cannot move from one millennium to the next (without destroying ourselves) until we learn what the previous millennium had to teach. What we did not learn from that thousand-year journey, we are scrambling to learn now – at this pivotal point of 2020.

It’s almost as if the term “hindsight is 20/20” was coined specifically for this year. Because here we are, looking back at how we have been living and realizing just how wrong we got so many different aspects. But that’s OK. “Better late than never” is also a highly relevant term from the 1000s.

Matters of the past must be resolved before we can be fully in the present. And this applies to our own personal and family lives as much as it does to the wars and other atrocities that affected huge groups of people, countries, and continents. The only way forward is to forgive, but unless we allow old and current feelings to express themselves as they need to, the emotional healing that is SO necessary to our survival cannot occur.

Forgiveness is not a mental concept. It is something we really do have to FEEL. As the WILL rises, you will learn that there is never a need to harm yourself or anyone else in the process of emotional healing. And so, in some cases, the healing must be done privately. Forgiveness does not need to be mutual. It is a private thing. By forgiving, you let go of the pain you would otherwise continue to carry inside. Of course, this does not mean we should ignore those who cause deliberate harm to others. Part of freeing the WILL involves finding ways to render harmful people harmless, or moving away from harmful situations. This can be an extremely difficult, dangerous, and complex procedure, but vital, nonetheless.

As science searches frantically for a cure or vaccine for the Covid-19 pandemic, it is becoming increasingly clear that the way we live our lives must change drastically. The old system is collapsing and will never be the same again. The thoughtless, cruel, and utterly destructive way we treat Mother Nature and all her life forms (of which we human beings are only one species) is no longer sustainable. This means that Mother Nature will no longer sustain us under the cruel conditions we impose on her. Mother Earth will shake us until she wakes us – which is why everyone is feeling their emotions on a level we have never felt before.

The reason we could not feel this deeply despite all the pain, suffering, and atrocity in the world, is because this old system took away our WILL – our ability to feel – by blinding us to reality and numbing our senses. Consequently, much of our way of living is nonsensical, insensitive, and senseless.

But this terrifying situation is finally waking people up. One of the main functions of the natural emotion of fear is to do just that – to wake us up to potential danger – and save our lives.

The hideous “reality show” that we’ve all been a part of for many years, and which was frightening enough as it was, has now transitioned into a doomsday movie. And so many of those in power positions have the persona of Hollywood’s most evil villains. But what did we expect from a species for whom being ‘entertained’ is a top priority?

Fear is a natural response. To be unafraid as the whole global system grinds to a halt while a deadly virus spreads at the most alarming speed, is to be unconscious, unaware, and in denial of reality. But the fact that all of humanity is involved, and that the entire species is feeling this fear, is the first step to regaining the consciousness that the old system extracted from us – to control us.

The degree to which people are waking up now is reason to be very hopeful. But this really is the 11th hour (1+1=2), and the fear will persist. There has been a massive focus on the 11:11 sequence since the 1990s, and it appears to be directly connected to the millennium of the 2000s, the decade of the 20s, and most precisely, the year 2020.



The two 2s in 11:11 connect directly to the two 2s in 2020, our urgent need to learn from 1, and the joining together of individuals in a spirit of COOPERATION, rather than combat. It’s very obvious right now that if we do not pull together AS ONE, we will be pulled apart (distanced) by our own inability to change. 1 is the number of change and forward movement, and in order to move forward, major systemic change is needed.

Yes, we are afraid. We are supposed to be afraid. This is frightening. But we must keep in mind that we are evolving as a species – and we have what it takes to get through this – and come out the other side with new evolved understandings, and a WILL that is strong enough to actually make a difference.

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable Will” ~Gandhi.

The WILL is our ability to feel. Emotion in all its forms, including fear – and joy – is our feminine energy; magnetism, gravity. On the other hand, masculine energy produces thought, action, and the tendency to control. Masculine energy is electrical and mental. Together, they produce our electromagnetic nature.

But the masculine mind has always believed it is superior to feminine emotion and has always strived to keep the feminine down. Everything starts within, and therefore, on an outer level this has produced the gender war and resulted very recently in widespread recognition of gender disparity. This is where ALL inequality – and imbalance – begins. The rise of feminine energy is absolutely vital to our survival by bringing balance into life – and life into balance.

The WILL is also where empathy and kindness come from.

We all have masculine energy. We all have feminine energy. So, it is not a matter of reversing roles so that women are the dominant ones. That would not bring balance, just reversal. The feminine energy that is in all of us – our ability to feel – our HONESTY – is finding its right place – it’s equal place – to save us from the cruel one-sidedness and unfairness of this ‘man’s world’. Men are evolving too – and there are also women who are not!

The imbalance cannot be sustained. This is why many women are visibly rising now and are changing the entire dynamic, along with men who are also finding the inner balance between their minds and emotions.

This is also why so much effort is being made by the old system which refuses to evolve (and doesn’t even believe in evolution), to keep women down, and children, and the animals. From an un-evolving masculine standpoint, the “minorities” must be kept in their place beneath the ‘superior’ male and, in particular, but not exclusively, the ‘superior’ white male.

But that is no longer the case. The mind CANNOT keep the feelings down in this terrifying situation which, when we look deeper than the virus itself, is a direct result of this untenable IMBALANCE. The virus is the outer symptom. The disproportion started on the inside first. Although the feeling of powerlessness is prevalent, there is also a rising recognition of the sheer power of the human WILL – and the dire necessity to set it FREE.

As a result, we are becoming more creative, and less destructive, more inventive, and less complacent – at least that is the positive potential that comes from this pandemic. The more we are able to feel our true feelings, the more intelligent we become. Without the vibration of our feelings to keep the mind open, the mind closes and becomes fixed.

And that’s precisely what we’ve been experiencing as a species, politically, socially, racially, and in all the other places kept apart by the system’s ‘divide and conquer’ policies. Fixed idea against fixed idea produces stalemate in the evolutionary process, but that constant and bitter discord is precisely what the old system uses as fuel to keep itself going. And now we have to figure out how to keep ourselves going when, clearly, the old system is collapsing.

And yet, for the first time in all our lives, the entire world is having the same experience. For the first time in all our lives, we realize just how close to the edge we actually are. For the first time in all our lives, humanity realizes that we are, indeed, 1.

Good luck my friends and fellow travelers. We can and WILL get through this.

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2020 (Part 1) – HOLD ON! LET GO! It describes the complex and transforming energies of this very special year in the human journey,

2020 Leap Year

2020 (Part 2) THE LEAP YEAR WOBBLE. This is a monumental year in the human journey, and the disruption in time that a Leap Year creates is going to be very obvious as 2020 unfolds.  

You can get a whole year of Monthly/Weekly/Daily Forecasts (with all the calculations made for you) in your own CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY YEAR BOOK. Written specifically to help you steer your way through these tense, extraordinary, unpredictable, and  evolutionary times, each book contains inspiring monthly, weekly, and daily readings for your specific yearly cycle.

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WHO ARE YOU?  WHY ARE YOU HERE?  WHERE ARE YOU GOING?  This profile will help you to understand your purpose for being here at this precarious evolutionary time in the human journey, what you have to work on, and what you have to work with.  From  $95.00


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2020 Leap Year


2020 brings us into uncharted territory which is triggering our deepest fear – fear of the unknown. However, although these are times of massive change, it is important to notice those areas that have not changed at all because we cannot yet see viable alternatives. These critical aspects are easier to recognize in a Leap Year.

As the system of the 1000s continues to collapse, it is essential to our survival that we learn what 1 has to teach. As the first number, 1 LEADS. Notice how the major issues of the day revolve around those in LEADERSHIP positions. And notice just how unqualified, incompetent, and out of touch with reality so many of those people are.

The collapse of the old system is revealing how some ‘leaders’ are pushing humanity backwards in the hope that this will revive the old system. But that is impossible. Everything changes in the passage of time. Empires rise – and empires fall. And in the 2000s, the very existence of ‘empires’ is being seriously questioned.

1 is the number of SELF and our natural uniqueness. As a species, we are 1, and yet each 1 of us is a separate and distinct INDIVIDUAL — a ‘1-off’. You are the 1-and-only-YOU – among billions of unique others. But we give the power of our individuality away because the power-hungry convince us that only they can lead.

A LEAP YEAR  occurs every four years. An additional day (February 29th) ensures that the calendar remains in alignment with Earth’s rotation around the sun. However, that extra day produces a vibrational “wobble” or see-saw-effect which is felt throughout the year. The Leap Year Wobble shows us how we have been going around in ever-repeating circles by CONNECTING past events to present events. Time passes, but nothing changes.

We organize our lives around our calendars. Birthdays, marriages, anniversaries, life events, religious and cultural observances, coordination, appointments, and planning. This is how we record our journey through time. The calendar has tremendous power – especially the Gregorian Calendar which is the most widely used around the world.

2 is the number of CONNECTION, and we have to connect 1 and 1 together (11) in order to reach the next step – 2. The change of millennium (from electrical 1 to magnetic 2) has disrupted our sense of certainty to a massive degree, and Leap Years seem to intensify things even more. Therefore, 2020 is likely to take our fear of the unknown to another level entirely. Human beings have a debilitating fear of CHANGE which we must overcome – because we also know that things cannot stay the way they are.

2019 brought us to the end of the decade of the 10s, and 10 brings CHANGE whether we feel ready for it or not. You see, there are only 9 numbers in the numeric spectrum, after which all other numbers can be reduced to a single digit. 10 brings us back to 1, but on a new level.











19/10/1 is the holding pattern that contains everything we did not learn – and everything we need to know – in order to evolve into a new and more peaceful form of existence. 19 exposes hypocrisy and atrocity, so that healing can occur. 1 takes.  9 gives. The karmic energy of 19/10/1 is teaching us about the power of ‘give and take’ – compromise – individuals pulling together for the common good. And we are also seeing the deadlock that forms when fixed belief against fixed belief stops progress in its tracks.

Only by moving through unstable Karmic 19 and all those unresolved matters of the 1900s can we move safely into the 2000s. That bygone era still has much to teach us in matters of industry, banking, politics, war and peace, the racial divide, the gender gap, control of the ‘masses’, and how primitive those days actually were. We have experienced a LOT since then, including two world wars – and now is the time to learn and grow from those experiences.

The double-2 energy of 2020 translates as the Master Number 22/4.

22 is the most balanced form of 4. So, both numbers are equally important this year. Practical 4 is always present, while the more idealistic 22 moves through our lives in less frequent but more intense waves of both empathy and opportunity. Both 2 and 4 emphasize the importance of PATIENCE, DETAIL, EFFICIENCY, ORGANIZATION, and RIGHT TIMING.

22 pertains to the ‘masses’, or to use a more accurate word – PEOPLE. 2 is the number of CONNECTION. It connects individual people together. 22 is the number that connects people together on a global scale. And right now, the entire world is connected through a global dis-ease known as Covid-19 – or Coronavirus.

2 = SENSITIVITY and governs the respiratory system – the lungs – breathing – and the heaviest of emotions, grief. The heart and lungs are SO closely connected when it comes to the impact that emotions carry, especially when they are held in and denied access out of the body. It is impossible to look at what is happening to people, the animals, and Earth herself without feeling the grief of so much suffering and terror. We are evolving emotionally, and emotion is our response to experience. The heaviness we are feeling right now is coming from our awareness of reality, without which we remain in denial.

How heartbreaking it is to know that we are still tearing each other to pieces – dropping bombs on people in their homes – shooting children in their schools. Aren’t our lives short enough? Why must we kill each other? Why must we kill total strangers for some political reason to which they are not directly connected? Why do we tolerate such cruelty and disregard for life? And not just human life. What we do to animals is beyond anything I can describe.

The quest for certainty blocks the search for meaning. Uncertainty is the very condition which impels people to unfold their powers. ~Eric Fromm

This era of UNCERTAINTY reminds us that the future is not something to be predicted or be overwhelmed by. It is something to be created and participated in.

The decade of the 10s (which was also the decade of the teens) brought us to the next step – which is where we are now.  After 19/1 comes 20/2. And it now becomes apparent, in the see-saw – roller coaster – Jack-in-a-box movement of 2020 and its Leap Year Wobble – just how unexplored the feminine side of life actually is.

2020 brings us firmly into the feminine 2000s and yet we are trying to live as if we are still in the masculine 1000s. The more we struggle to get back to the way things were, the further we drift from real, meaningful, systemic, and life-sustaining CHANGE.

Movement is life. Life is movement. But the push and pull of trying to move forward and hold on to the past at the same time is creating a deadly standstill. And look – the global system – the industrial system – the class system – is indeed starting to grind to a halt. Movement is restricted.

“The future is uncharted, and we can’t map it until we get there.” ~Margaret Heffernan

2 is the number of cooperation and coming together to achieve a common goal. 22 brings INVENTION to a whole new level. Not mere extensions of existing technology or ideas – but something completely NEW and untried. We live in a time of dire necessity – and necessity is indeed the mother of invention.

22 enables us to bring large-scale ideas to fruition. This is the number of the master builder, the mover and shaker, and the architect of well laid plans. 22/4 can greatly improve conditions for the general population. But in unloving and uncaring hands, it can bring untold chaos and suffering. 22 is also the MASTER DESTROYER.

When 22 is infused with LOVE, CARING, and COOPERATION, human life will have a chance to heal, evolve, move out of the deadly rut we’re in, and discover our true potential, despite the efforts being made to stop us.

2 represents DETAIL and THOROUGHNESS. We are dealing with complex intertwined situations for which accurate information is not immediately available. We must  develop patience with detail, and instead of jumping to premature conclusions, learn to WAIT for workable solutions to form. 2 is the number of PATIENCE and slows everything down. But unevolved 1 makes us impatient for results and speeds everything up as we blindly race past the most vital details.

We have to stop racing through life. Competing. Comparing. Judging. Dividing. Separating. Until we stop racing, racism will remain firmly in place.

2 also reminds us that we are all fellow travelers on the road of life. 2 is always the result of TWO 1s, and when you turn those two 1s on their side, you have the equals sign. 2 is the number of EQUALITY. We have been programmed to believe that the accumulation of money is the mark of a person’s WORTH. In the 2000s, we are going to realize that this is a gross miscalculation – not only by those who have enormous amounts of money, but also by those who don’t.

The last time we experienced a Leap Year that was also a 22/4 year was 1984. And we cannot ignore the obvious connection to George Orwell’s prophetic novel, “NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR”, about a cruel, insane, dystopian, ‘up is down’ ‘war is peace’ world which bears a sinister resemblance to the world we live in today. Amazingly, this work may have been about a futuristic 1984, but he wrote it 36 years earlier in 1948, which was also a 22/4 Leap Year.

Here are some other connections between what happened in 1984 and what’s happening now:

The first MAC personal computers went on sale in 1984.

The first TED conference occurred in 1984.

The discovery of the AIDS Virus was announced in the USA in 1984.

It was in the 22/4 Leap Year of 1984 that MICHAEL MILKEN was at the height of the unprecedented insider-trading scam for which he was eventually sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined $600 million. And leaping forward 36 years, Donald Trump issued a pardon to Michael Milken in February, 2020.

12 years ago, in the Leap Year of 2008, and the final year of the George W. Bush presidency, the Leap Year ushered in a financial crisis that almost brought the entire global economy down. The banks were “too big to fail” and were abusing the global economy – gambling with it – risking it all.  At the end of 2008, as this was reaching severe-crisis-level, the USA voted for its first black president, which was a shock to the ‘establishment’ in itself, and which brought the question of race right into the open. Racial and economic matters are intrinsically connected.

In the end, the banks had to be bailed out by the people, and the people were angry and afraid. Suddenly we were talking about austerity, eviction, foreclosure, unemployment, recession, depression, and the ‘banksters’ who were openly draining the wealth of the people – and continue to do so now.

Four years later, 2012 (a 5 year in the world – the number of freedom and sudden development) not only brought the re-election of Barack Obama, but also the height of the Arab Spring and the Occupy Movement – and a global condemnation of the political/industrial/military complex. The Will of the People was rising up in astonishing numbers to claim their freedom, city after city, country after country.

But then came the inevitable backlash and crackdown by those in power – along with a new awareness of how cold and militarized the police throughout the world had become. 2012 also brought Super Storm Sandy which hit the US East Coast in October, and Super Typhoon Pablo which hit the Philippines in December. We had not experienced such devastating and widespread storms before. And then there was the horrifying shooting of 20 little children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School – which did NOTHING to change the gun laws in the USA.

In the Leap Year 2016 The World Health Organization announced an epidemic of the Zika Virus. And a vaccine was found to be effective against the Ebola Virus which broke out in West Africa three years earlier. 2016 was a 9 Year in the world – the number of endings, completion, and deep emotions. February 29, 2016 was a 22/4 day in the world, (2+11+9=22/4), and so the events of that particular Leap Year are being felt 4 years later in 2020. 2016 also brought the election of Donald Trump.

Going back 72 years, 1948 (another 22/4 Leap Year), brought us the creation of ISRAEL and the continuation of the brutal never-ending Arab/Israeli war. 

WHO (the World Health Organization was established, and the NHS (National Health Service) was established in the U.K.

We are living through the end of an entire era in the human journey, the collapse of established norms – the establishment itself, and a dangerous wave of anti-intellectualism from which a new form of fascism is rising. The age of the bully is reaching a crescendo. These are dangerous times indeed in which the choices we make are vital to our future wellbeing – as individuals – as a species – and as individual parts of a living planet.

We are learning things now that we could not have known before. The more we evolve emotionally, the more we evolve intellectually. The vibrations of our feminine magnetic feelings are forcing open our masculine electrical minds – and that is why there is not only a surge of anti-intellectualism, but also a war on women – all over the world.

The Leap Year shakes things loose. INCOMPETENCE is something we may see a lot of this year – from people who are in over their heads and have no experience of what they are dealing with.

What we are experiencing now, both personally and collectively, is what we have to move THROUGH in order to evolve. No one is immune.



2020 (Part 1) – HOLD ON! LET GO! It describes the complex and transforming energies of this very special year in the human journey,

How telling it is that we now live at a time when we individuals must keep our physical distance from each other. As we remain ‘trapped in time’, between the 1000s and the 2000s, we cannot understand OTHERS, until we understand our SELVES.  What we did not learn from that thousand-year journey, we are scrambling to learn now – at this pivotal point of 2020.




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Something strange happened, on a global level, on November 11 which seems most significant. But it received very little attention in the press. November 11, 2018 was an 11:11:11 day – a 33/6 day. A day on which ALL the Master Numbers from 11 to 99 were active in one form or another. What happened on that day is strongly connected to the Earth Changes that are happening, and will continue to happen in increasingly extreme ways.

National Geographic Magazine  reported that some mysterious waves – seismic waves – had emerged from the small island of Mayotte, in the Indian Ocean (between East Africa and Madagascar). These vibrations rang half way around the world for more than 20 minutes. It seems that almost no one was aware of this – except for an earthquake enthusiast in New Zealand whose Twitter name is @matarikipax, (and who does give credit to other amateur observers as well).

 Can you imagine something moving so fast that it takes just 20 minutes to move half way round the planet?

The Island of Mayotte ©National Geographic

 I found this paragraph from National Geographic interesting, too:


Based on the scientific sleuthing done so far, the tremors seem to be related to a seismic swarm that’s gripped Mayotte since last May. Hundreds of quakes have rattled the small nation during that time, most radiating from around 31 miles offshore, just east of the odd ringing. The majority were minor trembles, but the largest clocked in at magnitude 5.8 on May 15, the mightiest in the island’s recorded history. Yet the frequency of these shakes has declined in recent months—and no traditional quakes rumbled there when the mystery waves began on November 11.”

May 15 = 5+6=11

2018 = 11

making it an 11:11 day.

It is impossible to ignore the fact that the day before the earthquakes in Alaska and Argentina, was November 29, 2018, which had the same 11:11:11 vibration as the day those mysterious waves occurred on November 11.

The Alaskan Earthquake occurred at 8.29 a.m. on November 30, 2018. Its magnitude of 7.2 made this a major event.  On the same day, a smaller quake (3.2 magnitude) also hit Argentina, (where the G20 Summit was taking place). 

This was like a flashpoint in time, not only from an environmental standpoint, but political and personal, too: this is what I posted on my FaceBook page for November 29, 2018.


DAY: 2+9 =11
MONTH = 11
YEAR 2+0+1+8=11

11:11:11 =33/6
33 = 111:111 = 6

November 29 is the 333rd day of the year, with 33 days remaining.
111 : 111 : 111 = 9
3 + 3 + 3 = 9

Not only is this a 9/11 day of revelation, reversal, and change, it is also a 369 day of continuance, habit, pattern, and survival – all moving with today’s extraordinary 11:11:11   111:111:111:111:111 vibration, reminding us that 1 is the number of the individual – and multiple 1s = multiple individuals.

WE ARE 1. EVERYTHING IS 1. And those TWENTY-ONE 1s give us another 3. (2+1=3).

3 represents the power and plight of people and population – creative skill – the power of communication – and the pursuit of HAPPINESS.

WEEK 48 is a 3 Week (4+8=1+2=3). It began on November 26, which was the 330th day of the year (another 33). November 26 2018, was also a 3 day in the world (11+2+6+11=3+0=3).

November 30 = 11 and 3 – and we move into the 12th month of December (1+2=3), on Saturday. DECEMBER 2018 is a karmic 14/5 month in which we have a chance to stop destructive behavior and take a different route. Unexpected things occur in 14/5, the outcome of which depends a lot on how we respond to suddenness.

When 3 and 5 mix, imaginations open, ideas flow, babies are conceived, and we are at our most creative. It is time to figure out how to break harmful patterns, and set a new course.

THERE IS SO MUCH 3 ENERGY GOING ON HERE AS WE GET CLOSER TO 2019, WHICH IS A 3 YEAR IN THE WORLD. (2+0+1+9=1+2=3), and connects us to the 3 energy of the 21st century (2+1=3).

See my FB post of November 27 regarding the role DENIAL is playing in our lives, and in the world at large … and my last two articles (“11:11:2018” and “Week 47 – Leaving November”) which describe some of what we are meant to learn from these extraordinary vibrations. (See links at the end of the page).

(Note that when the name MAYOTTE is converted into numbers, the vowels add up to 3, the consonants add up to 6, and the whole name adds up to 9. So there is additional 369 energy in the name). 

November 29 was also the day on which mysterious waves of a different nature – political – started to erupt in the USA, as Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, became the 33rd person to be charged with a crime in the Robert Mueller probe. The sentencing memo issued by the Southern District of New York Court, was 33 pages long. When numbers occur in ‘clusters’ like this, a significant IMPACT usually follows. 

The 22 energy that comes from 11:11 reminds us that we are moving rapidly towards 2020 – which I believe, is when the most significant changes to date will occur on Earth. 22 represents the ‘masses’, and shows us how balance, equality, and justice are the same thing. 

The masses are simply people – and as people evolve emotionally (feminine 2), our WILL expands, and the current system which depends on our having no Will of our own, cannot survive. 22 is the number of BIG ideas, and major accomplishment, which benefit the many, rather than the few. In the 2000s, these BIG ideas and major accomplishments are likely to come from ordinary people like you and me. 22 reinforces the fact that where there’s a WILL, there’s a way.

 But first we have to make our way through 2019, which is a 3 Year. So perhaps all the 3 energy that occurred on November 29, 2018, is trying to tell us something. After all, 3 is the number of COMMUNICATION.  And it really picks up speed here in DECEMBER – the 12 month – 1+2=3.

dolphins jumping over breaking waves. Marine animals in natural habitat. 123rf.com © willyam bradberry

On November 30, it was announced that the Trump administration is about to approve seismic tests in the Atlantic in order to open up the ocean floor to offshore drilling for oil and gas. The sonar frequencies involved deafen ocean life, including marine mammals such as turtles, dolphins, and whales. It’s not just plastic that is causing these magnificent creatures to beach themselves and die, but also military, oil-industry, and internet SONICS. We are destroying OCEAN LIFE, without which there is NO life.

As an intelligent and ever-evolving species, the energy we are meant to use comes from above, not below. Below is the past. That’s why we bury the dead. Fossil fuel is dead matter – matters of the past, put to rest.

mysterious waves

the power of the SUN

As we move from one millennium to the next, the horrors we are experiencing on Earth right now, are the result of trying to exit the past before we have learned what the past has to teach. So, the past keeps repeating itself until we learn. Meanwhile, time moves forward. That is its nature. It is WE who stand still – until the lesson sinks in, and the damage is healed.

Cover Art: 123RF.com – © Vadim Rysev 

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Week 47 runs from November 19th to 25th. It is an 11 Week in this 11th Month of this 11 Year.

Everything is moving so fast. But time is not speeding up. There are still 60 minutes in an hour, and 60 seconds in a minute. Yet here we are, traveling through a frantic gap in time, where what happened yesterday is immediately overshadowed by some other trauma or distraction happening today! This gap between the 1000s and the 2000s is what I call the MEANTIME. And oh – what a mean and vicious time it is!

Humanity’s sense of perception has been damaged by a malicious ‘dumbing down’ process, without which this heartless system would be unable to operate.  Our inability to settle unresolved matters of the past is creating and prolonging this painful segment.  And yet we are moving forward anyway. The emotional movement that the chaos is triggering is having an unexpectedly positive effect in that people are more aware of reality today, than ever before. Without that, we have no hope of evolving out of this hellishness.

In the transparency of the 2000s, we can see that those in control are not trying to calm things down. They are creating the emotional mayhem, whipping things up – and the crueler the better. They don’t care whether we know they’re lying or not, and their sheer blatancy is often a distraction in itself – from the authoritarian groundwork they are trying to set.

The 2 energy does not make time move slower, but it is slowing humanity down so we can actually see – and sense – what we’re dealing with. 2 opens up our instincts and intuition – and we instinctively know that in order to move forward, we must see the bigger picture and understand how it all fits together.  We cannot evolve until we understand what we are evolving from.

2 is the number of UNITY, COOPERATION, AWARENESS, ATTENTION TO DETAIL, CONNECTING THE DOTS, and the implementation of INTELLIGENT STRATEGY. 2 reminds us that there is strength in numbers – and that knowledge is power.

2 cannot exist until 1 and 1 join together, which is why 11 is the most prominent number of these times.  We are now traveling through an entire month of revealing 11:11 energy because November 2018 is the 11th Month of an 11 Year. 11 is the number of LIGHT and awareness. As I wrote in an earlier article:

“ 1 is electrical masculine energy, and 11:11 is like a circuit-breaker that detects overloads or surges in the electrical flow. It is a signal that the current is taking a wrong path and, if not corrected, will result in a short-circuit or total breakdown. 1+1=2, and 2 is magnetic feminine energy, without which there can be no balance, no fairness, no equality, no justice, no peace.

Events are going to shake us until they wake us – until we are able to feel our feelings fully. Until this happens, atrocity and tragedy can only continue. In order to stop the further fracturing of humanity, and all life on Earth, we must lift ourselves out of our shock and denial, wake up, come to our senses, and accept that WE ARE the current – and this mess is our current reality!

 At the same time, we have to keep moving in the direction we want to go. We have to keep believing in ourselves. And we have to keep increasing our capacity to give and receive LOVE. These are the feelings that will carry us forward. ”

The POWER OF COMMUNICATION is highlighted now – and all the way through 2019, which is a 3 Year. (2+0+1+9=1+2=3)3 is the number of communication in all its forms.  The natural power of communication has been so abused that many people simply do not know what’s up – or down. Mind control is one of the cruelest abuses of power.

Open COMMUNICATION is as vital to life as the air we breathe, and the water we drink. It is not just a matter of how we communicate with each other, but, first and foremost, how we communicate within OURSELVES. It is a matter of how willing we are to replace old outdated understandings by learning new things. Connecting one thing to another is how we gain awareness. But without communication, there is no way to connect. 11 = connection = intelligence = awareness.

November’s profusion of 11 energy is giving birth to all the other master numbers, each of which is a multiple of 11.

YEAR: 2+0+1+8=11

MONTH: =11

WEEK: 47=11

11+11+11 = 33/6

33 is the most balanced form of 6 – the number of JUSTICE.  It is no coincidence that in the USA, the Justice Department, the Supreme Court, and the Judicial system in general are in such disarray.

33 helps us to hold on and hold together as we strive for stability, balance, safety, and peace. 33 is a protective nurturing energy. And yet, the same energy also enables bullies and tyrants to take control through the manipulative use of communication. Those two 3s can be instrumental in the most extreme and harmful behavior. Numbers have power – the outcome of which depends very much on whose hands it is in.

Problem-solving and taking control are two of the main aspects of 6. This can involve taking control of your own life. And taking control of a situation that needs a steady head and heart to lead the way – instead of feeling too afraid or uninformed to make a move. Old programming does not let us see the present situation for what it is, and prevents meaningful change by insisting that what was once right for a particular situation still is.

As we continue to evolve towards Free Will, notice how enslaved we are to ancient understandings, customs, and traditions which are elements of the ‘dumbing down’ process.

There is an urgent emphasis on global matters, and because 11 represents both relationship and illumination, more connections between specific people and events are likely to come to light – along with other important behind-the-scenes or under-the-surface aspects.

The circumstances of Week 47 are likely to connect many ‘dots’, as both 4 and 7 represent detail, analysis, and exposing inaccuracy. And because part of their function is to analyze and uncover faults, mistakes, secrets, and lies, 4 and 7 can make people harshly judgmental and critical when they don’t have all the facts. Conspiracy theories abound!

4 = order and system, restriction, obstacles, precision, correcting errors, and putting everything in its right place.

7 =intelligence, analysis, the mind, learning, spirituality, intuition, faith, secrets, lies, fear, and the need to be better than others.

For all the positive aspects that 4 and 7 bring into our lives, these vibrations also expose many of life’s horrors, including the level of cruelty that has always existed on Earth, but has always been covered up. The transparency of 2 is exposing not just what is being covered up, but the tactics, connections and conspiracies of the people doing the covering up. 

To conceal the truth is to BURY it. And because emotion is our honesty – our truth – the more truth that is revealed, the more we are moved emotionally – and the more aware we become of our own buried emotions. Emotional healing is the next ‘big thing’ in the human journey, and it starts with allowing our buried emotions – feelings we have buried alive under our denials – to finally move through and out of our bodies. 

Buried emotions don’t die. They remain trapped in the body – forever trying to find their way out. Our bodies can never be at ease while this is going on inside. Emotional suppression is the principle cause of all our dis-eases.

Emotion is magnetic feminine energy. It attracts. In order to heal itself, it is attracting more and more TRUTH into our consciousness – which is masculine electrical energy. Consciousness – the mind – often finds this to be too painful, and then sends our emotions into the dungeons of denial. But the fact that our emotions are now  breaking through the barriers that the mind puts up, is forcing the mind to evolve, too. And because all this is happening within the body, physical form is evolving at the same time. This is what it means to be real, to be whole – to be 1 complete individual, with all of our parts working in cooperation with each other. Only this level of inner peace can bring peace to the outer world.

Feminine energy is so numb and disoriented from having been buried for so long – and so abused, hated, defiled and tortured – that it has become extremely ill and is spewing out hate, cold indifference, the most obscene levels of cruelty, and outright insanity. Hate is not an emotion. Hate is a disease of the emotions. The ‘illest’ of ill-feelings. HATE infects the emotional range with its absence of LOVE – and yet only love can heal it. And sometimes, hate is so far gone that it is beyond any hope of healing.



NOVEMBER 22, 2018 = 11+22+11=44

This is a very important date in the journey. It doesn’t just affect the day itself. This energy has been building up from the last time it occurred in 2009, and will continue to affect us all as the journey unfolds. 

22 can inspire us with its power for compassion and constructive good – or – it can create havoc, destruction, and cruelty, through the outright abuse of power. 22 is the most balanced form of 4. It is the energy of potential greatness. It urges us to work in a way that benefits others – not so much on an individual level, but in a way that can help the masses. 22 brings new and unusual approaches to old problems.

44 enables us to put distractions aside and focus on what is important. It helps us to get on with what has to be done. 4 is the number of restriction, so this is not an easy vibration to deal with – and yet it has the strangest ability to make you look as if it’s easy. 44 contains the light of 11, multiplied by 4, and it has enormous power. 4+4=8, the number of power on the material plane.

A great sense of purpose and resolve arises out of this energy. 44/8 gives us power by showing us how things work, including how the power of our feelings are meant to coexist with the power of our minds and bodies. It helps us to understand and respect our own limits. It teaches us that just because something can be done doesn’t mean it should be done. 44 provides the motivation which leads to breakthrough, especially in matters of correcting inaccuracy. 44 enables us to be the catalyst for real and meaningful change on a very large scale.

The 11 energy of Week 47 adds another 11 to the November 22, 2018 equation, which gives us 55. It is notable that John F Kennedy was murdered on this day 55 years ago – a reminder that the killing of political figures is not new.

55/10/1 depicts massive existential CHANGE – the kind of change that alters our entire existence on Earth. Such as computers. Such as war. Such as medical and healing breakthroughs. Such as the immeasurable and total transformation going on right now on Planet Earth.

5 brings sudden and unexpected change. 1 brings change through gradual progress. 5 = freedom. 1 = independence. 5 makes us aware of our physical presence among others, and in these evolutionary times, 1 is evolving beyond mere selfishness into self-awareness and empathy. 55 is an extremely fertile and sexual vibration which can give birth to unusual children – and concepts – and bring the most unusual ideas to life! 55 can bring a huge shift in consciousness which enables us to finally break through antiquated traditions and other long-standing barriers.


10 represents the binary code which is the lifeblood of our computerized lives. We cannot evolve until we recognize and understand the reality we are evolving from: this includes the role the digital INDUSTRY has played, and is playing, in the dumbing down of humanity.


1 is the first number – the nucleus of all the other numbers. Therefore, matters of nuclear power, nuclear weapons, and nuclear waste, are cause for concern in the current global atmosphere, especially when 1 is doubled and 11 comes into play. The symbology here is the splitting of the atom.

November 22, 2018 is the 326th day of the year, which gives us yet another 11, and brings 66 into the picture. 6 is the number of balance, justice, home, responsibility, and love.  66 adds up to 12 which mirrors the course humanity is taking – out of the 1000s and into the 2000s. And 12 adds up to 3 – the number of COMMUNICATION.

So, with both 33/6 and 66/3 emanating out of this amazing date in the journey, communication, on every level, holds massive and continuous global lessons for us all, until we experience this energy again 9 Years from now in 2027.

11=2, the number of PATIENCE. We have too little PATIENCE because we misunderstand the true power and the purpose of TIME – just as we misunderstand the true power and purpose of FREE WILL.

Physical life on Earth is a journey through time. But without Free Will, we remain shackled to our clocks and calendars instead of using them for their intended purpose – which is to know who we are as individuals, where we are in the journey, and what we still have to learn. Time is the numeric framework on which we evolve – based on Mother Earth’s seasons and her year-long rotations around the sun. Time is a naturally freeing entity and was never meant to confine us the way it currently does. We have so much to learn about our most basic realities.

Even the word HUMAN is an inaccurate depiction of who and what we really are – especially now in this time of rising feminine energy.

HU is Arabic for “HE IS”

MAN is English for “MAN”

Even the word WOMAN is MAN with a WO in front.

WOE = calamity, distress, anguish, and grief – which is how masculine mind has experienced feminine emotion. This is why the feminine energy that exists in ALL human beings: men and boys – and women and girls – has been so abused and kept down.

As a result, our entire concept of gender and sexuality is limited to a heterosexual ‘norm’. This is just as irrational and obscene as the concept of ‘white people’ being the ‘norm’, against which all others are JUDGED! We are only just discovering the extent of Humanity’s amazing diversity. But this RACE we’ve been forced to run – the “human race” – has kept us from seeing the enormity of our individual and collective potential.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 25 is the last day of Week 47. It encapsulates all of this week’s master energies, within the spiraling movement of 9.  (11+2+5= 1+8=9).  Your Weekly reading repeats as a daily reading today. And, November 25, 2018 is an 11/2 day.  (11+2+5+11=2+9=11). Sunday is a 9/11 day – a day of reversal or conclusion. It is also a 55/10/1 Day – a day of innovative thinking and real progress.

WEEK 48 begins on Monday, which focuses very closely on what is being communicated and how we respond. 4+8=1+2=3.


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11:11 2018

11:11 has been signaling humanity for decades, and what happens in November 2018 is the key to what we must learn, and what we must do, in order to evolve. Each year, we pass through the 11:11 vibration on November 11th and 29th – for 24-hours. But because 2018 is an 11 Year (2+0+1+8=11), we are now traveling through an entire month, (30 days, 720 hours), of non-stop, concentrated 11:11 energy.

Of course, 11:11 means different things to different people, and this diverse approach is part of the 11:11 experience itself. But it is the time factor that most needs to be understood right now – and how this phenomenal numeric sequence is affecting the world.

1 is electrical masculine energy, and 11:11 is like a circuit-breaker that detects overloads or surges in the electrical flow. It is a signal that the current is taking a wrong path and, if not corrected, will result in a short-circuit or total breakdown. 1+1=2, and 2 is magnetic feminine energy, without which there can be no balance, no fairness, no equality, no justice, no peace.

Events are going to shake us until they wake us – until we are able to feel our feelings fully. Until this happens, atrocity and tragedy can only continue. In order to stop the further fracturing of humanity, and all life on Earth, we have to lift ourselves out of our shock and denial, wake up, come to our senses, and accept that WE ARE the current – and this mess is our current reality!

At the same time, we have to keep moving in the direction we want to go. We have to keep believing in ourselves. And we have to keep increasing our capacity to give and receive LOVE. These are the feelings that will carry us forward.

“To be hopeful in bad times is not foolishly romantic. It is based on the fact that human history is a history not only of cruelty but also of compassion, sacrifice, courage, and kindness.” ~Howard Zinn

As we move deeper into the feminine 2000s, the ways of the masculine 1000s are becoming more obsolete, desperate, and dangerous, as un-evolving men (and women) cling to the old patriarchal ways.

As we transition from 1 to 2, and women evolve into their right place, some men feel as if they are sinking. But that is not what’s happening. What’s happening is EQUALITY – which is balance. Our survival as a species depends on this.

“I wish it need not happen in my time,” said Frodo.

“So do I,” said Gandalf, “and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.” ~J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

We cannot change what we do not like by becoming that thing we wish to change. Confronting a bully does not require us to be a bully. Meeting violence with violence, anger with anger, hate with hate, heartlessness with heartlessness, cannot change those things, but fuels them even further. This is the insanity that keeps humanity at war with itself.  If we want a more peaceful world, we must BE that peace. And we must also be intelligent and determined enough to know how to resist being terrorized into compliance.

Our senses originate from our ability to FEEL. This is our feminine energy – our WILL. 2 = gravity. Gravity is a measure of our emotions. And it is gravity that keeps our feet on the ground.

Each 1 of us is a unique unit of life, who is having our own singular experience as we make our way through the cycles of time. 11 is the sequence that takes us from 1 to 2 (1+1=2), which corresponds to our journey out of the 1000s and into the 2000s. But until we learn what 1+1=2 actually means, we will remain stuck between the era that is ending – and a new era that cannot begin until we learn from the old one. Time is the framework on which we evolve.


2 is the number of RELATIONSHIP. While 1 represents the individual, 2 represents OTHER individuals. We are all 1s. We are all equal. In fact, turned sideways, 11 becomes the ‘equals sign’.

The past is our greatest teacher…

We experienced similar movement in 2009, (also an 11 Year), but we were in the decade of the 0s back then. Although we experienced a global financial crisis which almost caused the collapse of the world economy, things are more intense this time around because it is occurring in the decade of the 10s – the number that brings everything (not just the economy) to the next level, which, time-wise, is 2020 and the decade of the 20s.

On November 4, 2008, at the height of the greed-driven financial melt-down, Barack Obama was elected the 44th president, and 1st black president, of the United States. This was the SECOND massive pivot point of the 2000s.

44 is 11 multiplied by 4, (11:11:11:11), the impact of which set in motion the long and painful journey that we’re all engaged in now – the journey to EQUALITY, FREE WILL, AND BALANCE – the essential components of PEACE. 44 is the number of OPPOSITES and OPPOSITION, and simply getting on with the work that has to be done. This year, in Week 44, the 44th president briefly re-entered the political arena in an effort to educate, inspire, and “get out the vote”. His birth name, Barack Hussain Obama, converts into the numbers 911 – the emergency code for the United States – and the code of reversal in numerology.

code of reversal

In the previous century, the only times we experienced this 911 and 11:11 combination were in 1901 and 1910, which are in themselves variations of 911 and 119. 

And of course, all of this 911 and 119 energy is connected to the FIRST massive pivot in the 2000s. This occurred in New York (the 11th State), on September 11, 2001, when the Twin Towers (the largest symbol of 11 in the world) were razed to the ground by 2 planes, killing 2,996 people, and injuring 6,000 more.

“The forces of fascism are massing as Nazi propaganda speaks of making Germany great again…”  ~unknown

NOVEMBER 2018 is filled with 11:11 and 9/11 energy, especially on the 9th of November, (11/9 in the United States, and 9/11 in the rest of the world). These are the numbers of reversal, emergence, and emergency. The historic significance of this date has much to teach us.

Kristallnacht – Nazi Germany – 9 November, 1938: a contrived attack on Jews led to their open persecution, concentration camps, state terrorism – and World War 2 in 1939.

Fast-forward 50 years to 9 November, 1989: this was the date which set in motion the destruction of THE WALL – the Berlin Wall – which, after World War 2, split Europe in half. Then, 4 years later in 1993, the European Union was formed, not only as an economic measure, but most importantly, to prevent another world war from ever happening again. In November this year, it is likely that BREXIT, the exit of Britain from the European Union, could reach its final stage. If the date of 27 November holds, it will be a 9:11:11 day in the world.

Meanwhile,Week 45 is a 9/11 Week. It runs from November 5 to 11 – the last day of which is November 11. This gives us 11:11:11 (33). November 11 is Armistice Day all over the world – and Veteran’s Day in The USA. And this year, this date marks the 100thanniversary of the end of World War 1 in which an estimated SIXTEEN MILLION PEOPLE were killed. It was unresolved matters from World War 1 that let to World War 2, 20 years later, which killed a further 50 to 80 MILLION PEOPLE.

11:11 is a symbol of awareness – of humanity’s war with itself, and how to prevent unresolved matters of World War 2 from sparking World War 3.

“I don’t know how we’re going to get through this. It’s going to take leaders to get us out of it and it’s going to take an awakened citizenry. That’s what’s always changed things when things are bad… It’s now up to the citizens to take charge.” ~ Doris Kearns Goodwin, historian.

But history is poised to repeat itself, as a wave of hate and heartlessness rises throughout the world, yet again. The difference this time is our position in the journey. The feminine 2 energy of the 2000s gives us a chance to re-set that 11:11 circuit-breaker. But it will not happen by itself – and that’s the point!

Week 45 is directly linked to the 45th U.S. president, Donald Trump, not just by the number 45, but by anniversary, too. He became the 45th president in Week 45, 2016 (a 9 Year) – on November 8 – and then the very next day, came 11/9 or 9/11.

represents restraint while represents free movement, which is a conflicting and chaotic combination in itself. And because 4 and 5 = 9, the number of endings, drama, and trauma, 45 signifies the end of an age in which cruelty, war, hate, death, and destruction is the norm. 9 represents giving and kindness.

We are not here to “win” and outdo others. We are here to LIVE, to recognize and fulfill our potential and become who we really are – instead of being told by those who are trapped in the past, who we should be. The new millennium of the 2000s is indeed a different age. A different number. An entirely different frequency. 11:11 symbolizes the deliberate SPLITTING of humanity (divide and conquer), and learning how to pull ourselves TOGETHER.

In the new millennium, we will be experiencing an 11-Year every 9 Years. And it is in the 11th month of these 11-Years that major evolutionary steps are most likely to occur. 11 is the number of light, illumination, and the fusion of masculine intellect and feminine intuition within the physical body.


11 is the principle number involved in lifting us out of denial – including our tendency to deny the reality of politics and how the insane greed of a certain few can control the lives and deaths of 7.6 BILLION others. These 11:11 months are evolutionary indicators – brilliantly-lit sign-posts – on the road of life.

11 represents the power of CHOICE – deciding between 1 thing and another. This applies as much to the small decisions we make in our everyday lives, as it does to the big ones. 1 is the leader. Previous choices LED us to our present reality, and the choices we make now are shaping the future. 11 teaches us HOW to choose what is right for us, without harming others, based on what we know, what we feel, and our willingness to process new information. Being conscious of our individual and collective power to choose is FREE WILL (feminine energy), and is the nature of this evolution.

This month’s 11:11 energy, and all the master energies that spring from it, are stripping bare our illusions and forcing us to face the truth:

WE ARE all 1s

WE ARE all in this TOGETHER.

WE cannot survive in 2 – until 1 and 1 UNITE.


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11 WEEK – 11 YEAR


Week 29

Week 29 runs from Monday, July 16, to Sunday, July 22, 2018.  This is an 11 WEEK (2+9=1+1=2), in an 11 YEAR (2+0+1+8=11). The 11:11 energy is active all week, bringing us into present time – immediate situation – and the power of CONNECTION. It is important to stay aware of what is happening in the outer world because it is a reflection of what’s going on inside humanity itself, of which we are all a part. The week is so packed with extraordinary vibrations that it is difficult to know where to start, but here goes:

Week 29 began on July 16 with the astonishing Helsinki meeting in which U.S. president Donald Trump openly sided with Russia’s Vladimir Putin on whether Russia attacked the American voting system in 2016. The true nature of the Trump/Putin connection is impossible to accurately assess until the bigger picture emerges (and it IS starting to emerge). But as far as the numbers are concerned, blackmail and treason are ‘in the air’, along with the sheer insanity of inflated egos, and matters of national and global security. The balance of power has reached a precarious level – and this was just  ‘DAY 1’ of a week filled with a dizzying mix of Master and Karmic Numbers.


77 is 7  multiplied by 11. So it is likely that many aspects of this situation are going to move and shake and come to a head this week.

The date, July 16 also breaks down to 77.

July = 7          1+6=7

11 is the number of FAME, and 77 brings fame to a whole new level. The sad truth is that there is simply no name on Earth more famous at this time than Donald Trump.

7 is the number of the mind. The learning number. The number of KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM, and DEEP INTUITION.

77 represents FAME AND FORTUNE, STARDOM, CELEBRITY, UNBRIDLED FREEDOM, ADVENTURE, WEALTH, PRIVILEGE, EXCITEMENT, CHARISMA, ROYALTY, and POWER. But before these things can be enjoyed (or even understood), the lessons of karmic 14/5 must be learned and applied, otherwise the ego becomes so inflated that it blocks out reason and intelligence. (7+7=14/5).

Then, freedom turns to addiction and paranoia, and bullying is used to get one’s way. Karmic 14/5 requires us to learn from experience, but 77 often believes it knows it all and has nothing to learn. This is the classic “emperor has no clothes” energy.

There is a certain ‘snobbery’ connected to 7, especially when it comes to the intellect. 77 can take this to extremes, creating an irrational belief in one’s own greatness, cleverness, and superiority. 77 is at the core of ‘white supremacy’, and male domination. Nothing brings out paranoia like the 7 energy, and it is the sheer terror of a shrinking white majority that is causing this maniacal attempt to turn back time in order to retain an antiquated power that cannot sustain itself in the 2000s. 77 represents INHERITANCE – not only in terms of estate, but also inherited traits and beliefs.

This is the energy of people who have everything they could possibly want, along with all the advantages of life, but still cannot hold such power together. They cannot find happiness because genuine love and empathy are missing from their lives, and will blame everyone but themselves for their misery.

There is more to this date than just 77. The full date, July 16, 2018 = 7+7+11=2+5=7.   So Monday, July 16, 2018, is actually a 777 DAY in the world. (7 x 3 = 2+1=3), the number of communication, discussion, friends and enemies, friendliness and animosity, performance, art, the stage, the world stage, gossip, hearsay, criticism, blackmail,  pettiness, patterns, continuance, illusion, and surface appearances.

77 occurs in the name Donald John Trump. His given names, Donald (5), and John (2), add up to 7. And the Family Name, Trump, also adds up to 7.

DONALD = 645134 = 2+3=5      

JOHN = 1685 = 2+0=2

TRUMP = 29347 = 2+5=7

Both given names = 5+2=7

Family name =7


14/5 involves the ability to learn from experience and the consequences of not learning from experience. Unable to learn, we keep making the same old mistakes over and over. Donald Trump was born on the 14th, and what occurred in Helsinki, on July 16th, 2018, shows just how inexperienced he is in matters of world affairs, and particularly, how vulnerable he has been rendered by the mistakes of his past.

When 14/5’s lessons are learned, 77 exudes a natural intuition that emerges from meticulous attention to detail. Adept at the gathering and connecting of facts and figures – this is the energy of the MASTER DETECTIVE. 77 has seen it all before and is aware of the ‘big lie’ method of deception.  77 is therefore able to utilize the unusual and unexpected instead of being too shocked to believe it. 77 = intelligence.

Add 11 to 77 and you have 88 – which adds up to another karmic 16 which brings us back to 7. Karmic 16/7 represents arrogance, the abuse of power, deep secrets, lies, conspiracy, ‘strange bedfellows’, exposure, and downfall.

On Wednesday and Thursday this week, we pass through the 199th and 200th day of the year. This is most symbolic of our journey through time – from the masculine 1000s to the balance of the 2000s.

Week 29 also corresponds to the fact that July in an 11/2 Year is a 9 Month. (11+7=18=9). 9 is the number of drama, deep emotions, endings, and conclusions. This not only affects the world at large, but also each one of us individually. Each 1of us is an essential, living, breathing, feeling, thinking, UNIT of life on Earth – and 2 is the number of UNITY.

This week is not all about Donald Trump and this international whirlwind. It is also about YOU, personally.  These energies give you an opportunity to know yourself better, and to know your true strength and capability (even if you feel exhausted). You are growing up, becoming more able, becoming a more whole being – evolving. 7 is the learning number – 11 sheds light on what you are dealing with – 8 provides the power of correct understanding – 9 intensifies the entire experience – and 1, the number of SELF, brings you 1 more important step forward in your own individual journey.

And, again, this was just DAY 1 of this whirlwind 11:11 week. If Week 29 started out like this, how on Earth is it going to end?

Week 29 ends on July 22:

7+22=29 = 11

2018 = 11

So, Sunday, July 22, 2018 is an 11:11 DAY in an 11:11 WEEK, in an 11 YEAR.


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WEEK 7 – Part 2

The numeric makeup of 2018 (an 11/2 year in the world) is very complex, and although we experienced these energies in 2009, the effects are much stronger now as we move closer to the pivotal year of 2020.

The numbers occurring this week – the 7th week of the year – give us a glimpse of just how intense things will get in the meantime. Week 7 runs from February 12 to 18.

This is Part Two of  “Week 7” – read Part One here: … Week 7 – Part 1

Monday, February 12, 2018 = 2+3+11 = karmic 16/7

Calendar Week = 7

43rd Day of the year = 4+3=7

43rd day of this 11 Year = 7+11=1+8=9

February = 2nd month of this 11 Year = karmic 13/4

Let go of denial and face what ever the reality happens to be. There can be no solution until we know precisely what we are dealing with. We begin this week on a wave of triple-7 energy which implies that there is a LOT to analyze and learn in the coming days. Be sure to read the previous article on this powerful 777 vibe … Week 7 – Part 1

Tuesday, February 13, 2018 = 2+13+11=2+6=8

44th day of the year = 44/8

44th day of this 11 Year = 44+11= 55/10/1

Karmic 13/4

February = 2nd month of this 11 Year = karmic 13/4

Wherever opposites and opposition are creating barriers, 55 reveals the magnificent potential that comes from working together towards a common goal. The cultures of bullying, greed, austerity, and forced compliance, are highlighted by 44 – and 11’s sensitivity and intuition enables us to see through it. As a result, we see that the people who are imposing all this suffering are doing so out of a warped sense of superiority and fear of losing ‘position’.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018 = 2+14+11=2+7=9

45th day of the year = 9

45th day of this 11 Year = 9+11=2+0=2

Karmic 14/5

February = 2nd month of this 11 Year = karmic 13/4

45 creates spirals within spirals, endings within endings, and constant shocks to the system. 45 reflects  the most stubborn errors and misunderstandings of the past – to prevent us from repeating them.

4 = system, order, work, how things work, precision, detail, and the LOGICAL MIND.

5 = erratic change, freedom, resourcefulness, adventure, sex and gender, and the PHYSICAL BODY.

9 = conclusions, drama, trauma, the end of an era, letting go, and DEEP FEELINGS.

Thursday, February 15, 2018 = 2+6+11= karmic 19/1

46th day of the year = 4+6=1+0=1

46th day of this 11 Year = 1+11=1+2=3

February = 2nd month of this 11 Year = karmic 13/4

19/1 is the holding pattern that contains what we most need to learn in order to evolve. 13/4 reveals the barriers we create for ourselves by refusing to learn what must be learned.

46/10/1 triggers the DESIRE and DETERMINATION to make those changes.

3 opens the lines of communication.

Friday, February 16, 2018 = 2+16+11=2+9=11/2

2+0+1+8= 11/2

47th day of this 11 Year = 11:11


February = 2nd month of this 11 Year = karmic 13/4

February 16 = 2+16=1+8=9.

11 sheds light on what we need to see – both the past and present. 11:11 draws our attention to the possibilities of the future. (2020 in particular). 22/4 is the sum of both 11:11 and 2020. 22/4 represents greatness and major accomplishment – OR – great chaos. 22/4 signifies the conditions in which we (and all the other animals) live, and the need to improve them. This is n 11:11:11 day.

Saturday, February 17, 2018 = 2+8+11=2+1=3

48th day of the year = 1+2=3

48th day of this 11 Year = 3+11=karmic 14/5

February = 2nd month of this 11 Year = karmic 13/4

Be honest and open with yourself. Only then can you be awake and aware of the dishonesty that others are communicating. Past mistakes are not mistakes at all if you learn what they have to teach!

Sunday, February 18, 2018 = 2+9+11=22/4

49th day of the year – karmic 13/4

49th day of this 11 Year = 13+11=2+4=6

February = 2nd month of this 11 Year = karmic 13/4

Be kind to yourself today because that is where all kindness starts. If we are to evolve from this very cruel world, we cannot deny its existence. Our tendency to deny reality is the biggest barrier to our progress. This is not a time to look away from what we do not want to see. It is a time to look deeper into it. 22 takes what is and BUILDS upon it.


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11 11 2017 – THE WAY OF THE WILL

Every year, the 11 11 vibration peaks on November 11, (and 29th), but because each year has its own unique energy, the angle from which we look at this sequence differs. 2017 is a 10/1 Year (2+0+1+7=10=1), in a 10/1 decade. So, in 2017, 10/10 and 11:11 are working side by side.

There are only 9 numbers in the numeric spectrum, and 10 brings us back to 1, but at an elevated level. 10 represents deep systemic change. 11 brings light, revelation, inspiration, and movement.

11:11 in this 10/10 year signifies rapid development in whatever direction our evolving minds take us. Both form a metaphysical bridge from 1 to 2.



These dangerous chaotic times are the result of humanity trying to live as we did in the electrical male-driven 1000s, even though we moved into the magnetic feminine 2000s almost 2 decades ago.

11:11Of course, our masculine energy isn’t going away. 1 will always be the first number. But we must now make room for our feminine energy (we all have both) so that EQUALITY can be attained, first inwardly, and then in the outer world. When you look at 11 from a different angle, you can see the equals sign.

10 represents the binary code – the mainstay of our digital world. So it is not surprising that we are seeing such numeric sequences in our day-to-day lives. Digits are numbers, and numbers have energy, power, and purpose. They are the language of learning, and the building blocks of life.

11 is the most balanced form of 2. In fact, 1 + 1 is the ONLY means of reaching 2. And while 1 represents the masculine SPIRIT (consciousness), 2 represents the feminine WILL (emotion).

We are in the process of freeing our feelings from the prison that our minds created for them. This is freeing our WILL from the prison created by this ‘man’s world’ we’re all trapped in. The vibrations of our feminine feelings are forcing our masculine minds to open, enabling us to evolve mentally and emotionally at the same time. We are programmed to believe there is no such thing as FREE WILL. But there is. And the freeing starts when we honestly express how what is happening in our lives, and in the world, is making us feel.

Anger is rising – and it’s about time! Anger is the most judged against and therefore suppressed emotion of all. Expressing anger, or any emotion, does not mean harming another, or yourself. It means experiencing the sensation of the feeling without your mind shutting it down before it can complete itself, just as men have typically shut women down when they become ‘too emotional’. But no matter what our gender happens to be, emotion is our honesty!

The Will is not only our ability to feel and sense, but also our ability to know. It is our inner radar. Our deepest intuition. Its feminine nature, and the overall role of women in this dishonest world are paramount to our evolution. Feminine energy does not want to dominate. It wants to be equal. It instinctively knows that fairness, justice, and equality bring balance – and balance is peace. It is this feminine wisdom that the old war-ridden system has suppressed throughout time, but that will change here in the 2000s.

The power of the 11/2 vibration can only get stronger as we move through these dangerous and unpredictable times towards 2020. That is where 11:11 finally converts to 22, and this has enormous significance as our evolutionary journey unfolds. The time between now and 2020 is short, and we have much to experience and learn en-route.

22 is the most balanced form of 4, the number of correctness, detail, order, system, limitation, dealing with decay, hard work, how things work, dedication, and breakthrough. The road towards 2020 (and the decade of the 20s) is a tough one, filled with pitfalls, shocks, and sorrows, but it is also filled with hope, inspiration, and the opening of our imagination. A new reality will form one way or another, and it will do so from our ability to imagine something better than we currently have – to “image-in” and create a more loving and sustainable way to live on Earth.

The anger that people are feeling now is opening the way forward, and the balance that feminine energy brings paves the way to major transformation.

1 = SELF, and 11 provides the MIRROR IMAGE through which we become self-aware. Then, through the process of emotional healing, we become self accepting. This requires self-forgiveness, and the understanding that we are SO much more than this insane system has ever allowed us to know.

11+11= 22, which focuses on the many, rather than the few. 22 emphasizes the conditions and circumstances under which human beings live. In its highest form, 22 brings improvement, cooperation, and acceptance for each other. But when 22 is misused, the caring and empathy that 2 produces is replaced by indifference to the suffering of others, and the few feel justified to take cruel advantage of the many, usually for the sake of greed.

11 and 22 have always been synonymous with power-grabs and war. November 11 is Veterans Day in the USA – and Armistice Day all over the world. It marks the 99th anniversary of the end of World War 1 on November 11, 1918. This is important to remember as world leaders meet in Asia this week to make their deals, and decide the fate of the masses.

The huge shake-up in Saudi Arabia and the sale of billions of dollars worth of arms from the USA and UK, leans heavily towards a massive war against Iran. Let’s hope not. Meanwhile, according to the UN, the Saudi stranglehold on Yemen, which has already claimed thousands of civilian lives, could bring forth a famine of unprecedented proportions. The suffering there is immense.

November 11th occurs on the 315th day of the year, which adds up to 9. It occurs on the very last day of Week 45, which is a 9 Week. This emphasizes the 9/11 or 11/9 sequence, which produces reversal, catalyst, and strong reaction to sudden experience. 9 takes us backwards so we can learn from the past, while 11 sheds its light on specific areas in need of adjustment and healing. It was in week 45 that the 45th U.S.president, Donald Trump, praised the government of Saudi Arabia, and tweeted: “I have great confidence in King Salman and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, they know exactly what they are doing.”  On 9 November, (9/11) the government of Saudi Arabia ordered all Saudi citizens in Lebanon to leave!

The situation with North Korea is also tied to the 11 energy, because 1 is the nucleus of all the other numbers, and 11 symbolizes the splitting of the atom, and nuclear weaponry. The North Korean people are a reflection of extreme suppression of the WILL. They are totally controlled by their emotions, especially terror – the most heightened form of fear.

In reference to North Korea, Donald Trump recently declared “the era of strategic patience is over”, but the reality is that the era of strategic patience has only just begun. 2 is the number of strategic patience – and dedicated diplomacy. War is the way of the 1000s – the way of the past. The same is true of white supremacy, which begins with male supremacy.

1 is the number of leadership, and it is becoming clear that we are not meant to be ‘led’. We are meant to learn how to lead our own lives according to our own Will. The true purpose of government is to facilitate this evolution, not crush it.

2 also makes it clear that the ‘human race’ is not our species. The human RACE is the cruel unfeeling system from which we are evolving. Our species is humanity. Racism is rampant because, from the moment we are born until the day we die, the system forces us to race and compete against each other. 11:11 is a symbol of humanity rescuing its own Will. We are all involved in this process, whether we know it or not, even those who are quite happy with the way things are. We are in the 2000s now, and it’s a very different vibe. This is where we learn the true meaning of “we are 1”.

November 11 in this 1 Global Year is a 5 Day in the world (11+11+1=2+3=5)

1 2 3 4 – 5 – 6 7 8 9

5 is the number of freedom, change, and the unusual and unfamiliar. 5 brings sudden development, the end result of which is open to speculation because 5 sits at the very center of the numeric scale and can go ‘either way’, like a see-saw, until stability is regained. 5 represents gambling and taking chances. It is also the number of adventure and excitement, sex, and the ‘high life’.

Wednesday, November 29 is an 11:11 day in the world. It is also the 333rd day of the year which translates to 111 111 111. 2017 is a 1 year (2+0+1+7=1+0=1). We are also in the decade of the 10s, and 1+0=1. That’s an awful lot of 1s as we evolve from the 1000s to the 2000s.

November 2017 is a 3 Month (11+1=1+2=3).

3 is a complex and magical number which represents all forms of communication. 3 also represents the arts, the ones that make us happy and enthralled – and the ones that harm and deceive. 3 is the number of the stage, how things are ‘staged’, and the various stages we – or a process – go through.

3 symbolizes people, population, popularity, and popular culture. 3 represents social interaction, social media, and the social discord that splits us. 11 is a symbol of this split – and 2 is the energy of unity, cooperation, and the acceptance of differences. And what is diversity if not our ‘differences’? Without diversity, there is no chemistry or contrast. Diversity is our richness and potential. This week’s state and local elections in the USA were a reflection of people communicating their acceptance of diversity, and their rejection of division and hate.

Meanwhile, there is much danger of losing ‘net neutrality’ which would give government and business more control over the internet. Communication at all levels, including journalism, is extremely vulnerable. The more transparent life becomes, the closer we get to the truth. And the closer we get to the truth, the more vulnerable we are to the self-protective reactions of those being exposed.

The emphasis on entertainment and communication has spotlighted masculine abuses with stunning disclosures about film mogul Harvey Weinstein. This quickly spread to other areas where the masculine has routinely abused the feminine. As we move towards the end of the decade of the 10s, the extent of sexual abuse, especially where children and young people are involved, could reach an entirely new level. Attempts to cover up the truth lose their effectiveness as we move further into the transparency of the 2000s. Feminine 2 will eventually curb masculine energy that refuses to evolve. And no matter what happens in the world, the feminine WILL in all of us, by nature, must RESIST its own oppression.

In the meantime, the wars and atrocities cannot help but continue – until we learn life’s most basic steps: the lessons of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. This years trip through the 11 11 energy contains them all.

“We will get there,

heaven knows how we will get there,

we know we will.

It will be hard we know,

and the road will be muddy and rough,

but we’ll get there,

heaven knows how we will get there,

we know we will…”

Osibisa, Woyaya

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power of 8


(Originally published in 2008)

8 is the number of POWER. It teaches us that power, in any form, cannot be maintained without BALANCE, and that balance cannot hold without accurate understanding. 8 is associated with money, business, competition, and the incorporation of anything that is useful to it. It is widely believed that those are the principle means of gaining personal power in the world, and the belief that ‘money is power’ sprang from this rather shortsighted point of view.

Yes, 8 is the number of power on the material plane, but in the context of true balance and accurate understanding, it is more precise to say that knowledge is power. But when knowledge is manipulated in order to gain power, true balance and understanding are lost. The real purpose of 8 is not to exploit the material plane (Mother Nature), but to keep the material plane alive!

8 is the symbol of infinity. The constant flow of energy. Perpetual motion. The continuance of life. Our lack of understanding has thrown life on Earth, and the planet itself, so far out of balance that the continuance of life as we know it is seriously threatened.

We are experiencing the rebalancing of power in all worldly matters, including the money-driven corruption in politics, science, business and media. While greed fights on for what it believes is its right to take everything, we can expect a rough ride for some time to come. But what so few seem to notice, or remember, is that there is nothing as unstoppable and immeasurable as the power of Mother Nature. She IS the material plane! We ignore her at our peril.

Without an understanding of the vital role that balance plays in holding the world ‘together’, the 8 influence translates as greed and ignorance. By its nature, greed ignores any reality that does not feed its hunger for “more”! Greed must also convince others to deny reality so that it’s power-seeking mission can continue unobstructed. Greed must control, manipulate the truth, and capitalize on anything that suits its purpose, even if it stands to destroy other aspects of life.

Power-hungry people distort the truth by making it appear that they have more power than they actually have, using the natural emotion of fear as a weapon with which to overpower. Underdeveloped 8 energy is the energy of bullies who deny their enormous insecurity by projecting their fears onto others. Genuinely powerful people rarely have to assert themselves in an intimidating way. We must remember that the consequence of power depends largely on whose hands it is in.

Denial of reality has been the main cause of the great imbalance we are now waking up to on Earth, environmentally, economically, politically, and in almost every other way. However, (combined with the 2 energy of the 2000s which signifies balance through connection, cooperation and diplomacy) the 8 energy can help us to end our own denials which will, hopefully, produce an evolutionary movement away from the edge of self-destruction, onto safer ground.

The imbalance is perpetuated by those who stand to lose what they’ve got should the playing fields of life be more even, and by those who are still mistaking their denials for reality. They even deny the existence of evolution. Of course, there is imbalance on the other side of the creation/evolution argument, too. Those who believe that everything stems from evolution are denying the fact that everything on Earth, even an atmosphere, is created – and it evolves. A more balanced look at this shows us that life is an evolving creation.

We lie the loudest when we lie to ourselves.” ~ Eric Hoffer

It is important to understand what denial is because it exists in all of us whether we deny it or not. Denial’s mission is to capture truth and prevent it from reaching consciousnessAlthough truth can remain hidden for what seems like an eternity, truth cannot be totally destroyed. The mission of denied truth is to seek conscious acceptance. Its magnetism draws attention to situations which, when enough dots are connected, sheds light on the denial until we ‘sense’ that there must be more to a situation than meets the eye. Truth then reaches consciousness in a roundabout way – through ‘gut’ feelings. Now, truth is breaking out all over the place, only to be denied again and again by those whose purpose is served by keeping the truth locked away, and by those who are too afraid to face and feel what the truth may reveal.

The 8 energy has the firm INTENT to be fully aware. It thrives on truth, and much of that energy is making its way into the hearts and minds of individuals all over the world, with the understanding that everyone is evolving differently, in their own way, and at their own pace.

Wherever there is a “war” for the hearts and minds of people, you can be sure it is an attempt to control those hearts and minds with an agenda-driven concentration of misinformation. That tactic has not worked because the more you try to control people, the more tolerance they develop for their own feelings, and the more able they become to feel and sense the truth – even if those feelings take generations to finally express themselves.

Reexamine all you have been told, Dismiss what insults your soul.” ~Walt Witman

The 2 energy is teaching us how much more can be achieved when empowered individuals join together for a common cause. In the 2000s, truth is finding its way into consciousness through 2’s intuitive and sensitive passageways. We are growing more adept at feeling and sensing the truth, rather than depending on others for information.

Denial does one thing only. It denies. It even denies that it is denial, and that it is denying. We can see this quite plainly in many people who hold powerful positions.

When an old culture is dying, the new is created by a few people who are not afraid to be insecure.”  ~Rudolf Bahro

Denial has taken such a hold on Earth that we have had to bring ourselves to the edge of extinction in order to realize how ignorant and misinformed we have been about so many things. 8 is the most powerful energy we have when it comes to discovering the truth and taking appropriate action. The overall understanding of humanity is increasing now. A massive shift in consciousness is occurring, visibly and measurably, one individual at a time. This is personal – and if you’re not denying, you can certainly FEEL the winds of change howling through the world right now. But this time, change really does mean change – a completely new way of life that is almost impossible for people to imagine at this stage – a way of life that enables us to evolve out of denial, to face reality no matter how dreadful it happens to be, and find ways to reclaim our Free Will.

Power seeking people gain power by overpowering others. They have learned that this is easily done by controlling our emotions, especially the emotion of fear. That is why 8 is often called the number of the bully. When people are emotionally confused, they do not know what to think, and then look to others to inform them. By keeping people afraid, you can mold them like putty.

The 2 energy of the 2000s is helping us to gain awareness of our emotional power – our sensitivity to reality – so that we can decide everything for ourselves, including what is true and what is not. Many of us experience this as ‘gut feelings’ or instinct, but what we have to learn now is to combine that power with the power of our minds. This means that our minds must begin the often difficult process of accepting our feelings, no matter what form they take. Our feminine energy (emotion) is every bit as sacred as our masculine Spirit, but acceptance of this does appear to be where Spirit has encountered its own limits. This is changing now, slowly, but surely. If we don’t like the way a feeling feels, we must find out what caused it, and deal with that instead of denying the feeling.

Denial comes in many guises including a belief that we should focus only on the positive and ignore what is labeled ‘negative’, or anything that doesn’t feel ‘nice’. But, surely, to be truly positive is to be truly aware. Therefore, the focus needs to be on reality, not just those parts of reality which don’t threaten or disturb our so-called ‘peacefulness’. It is amazing how many people are in shock at what is happening in the world, as if it just started yesterday. We must be careful not to use positive thinking as a form of denial. Reality has always been plain to see, but we wouldn’t look at it. We need to start looking at things as they really are, and make a conscious effort to notice what we previously ignored.

“Our complex global economy is built upon millions of small, private acts of psychological surrender, the willingness of people to acquiesce in playing their assigned parts as cogs in the great social machine that encompasses all other machines. The capacity for self-enslavement must be broken.”  ~Theodore Roszak, The Voice Of The Earth

8 is the number of SATISFACTION – knowing when enough is enough. But when 8 is abused and misunderstood, greed takes control, and greed is the opposite of satisfaction. It can never get enough – even when it appears to have it all – because it is SO afraid of losing what it already has! It needs to control everything, including people’s personal lives, thoughts, feelings and needs! It tells us that we must do what it says or some terrible fate will befall us. It tells us we cannot expect privacy. It tells us that, in such a dangerous world, we have no rights at all. To have no rights is to be enslaved. In an atmosphere of greed, human rights violations are seen as something the ‘markets’ will sort out. But, the markets are the system. The system is greed.

“If you can find money to kill people, you can find money to help people.”  ~ Tony Benn

Denial is starting to bend under the weight of truth. and the lost power of the oppressed is very slowly rising through the genuine desire for real and meaningful change. 8 may well be the number of power on the material plane, but when our practices stand to destroy the material plane itself, the 8 energy produces reflections of ourselves and what we are doing, and we can see that we will destroy ourselves if we do not make the right changes. There are many out there who would rather die than face their own denials, and some of them do have the appearance of having more power than everyone else. That is an illusion, of course, because self-destruction is the absence of power.

8 offers correct understanding of the role BALANCE plays in holding physical life together. Our day to day lives have become increasingly dramatic, traumatic and emotional, for everyone, not just the most vulnerable. It is important to recognize just how widespread this reflection is, because it is showing us where we all are, where humanity is in our evolutionary journey. We are at the extremes of life.

The environmental condition of earth is a huge reflection of just how dumbed down we became, and how those we looked to for information have covered up the truth. They are still doing so. In terms of balance, how can any intelligent being suggest that now that the polar ice caps are melting, we should drill for oil in the two most important and sensitive balance points on the planet. The North and South Poles are Earth’s electro-magnetic connection. Greed wants to drill into them in its relentless and mindless search for more oil while, clearly, alternative sources of energy which do not threaten Earth can be developed. If the poles collapse, as their ice caps are currently doing, there is every likelihood that the very axis of Earth will collapse along with it. The poles are what enable a planet to be a planet and not just a collection of rocks and dust.

In her effort to survive, Mother Earth is begging us to stop what we’re doing to her, not because she will die, but because WE will. She is our first and foremost connection to the material realms of life. She is the physical manifestation of mother energy. She will survive because survival is the very nature of the feminine. We inherit our survival instinct from her. But the fact that the majority of people are still denying these survival warnings is a startling reflection of just how denied feminine energy has been in general. Survival is the most basic instinct we have. Yes, 8 is the number of power, and Mother Nature will continue to remind us, brutally if necessary, with what we still like to call ‘natural’ disasters, until we reach the necessary understanding, that SHE wields the greatest power of all on the material plane.

Strong feelings are bound to arise as the journey continues. Let them. Take full responsibility for them. There is never a need to hurt yourself or anyone else when expressing your feelings. As we continue to evolve emotionally, many of us will become much stronger for the experience. But many others will not understand what’s happening and we are likely to see people’s suppressed emotion’s exploding out of them in dangerous ways. A reflection of this comes in the form of the terrorist, disgruntled employee, rejected lover, or the crazed teenager, whose pain, anger, and hatred have been held down for so long that it has to burst out in any way it can in order to express itself. It is up to each of us to find ways to express our feelings safely, and preferably privately, until a deeper understanding of the emotional healing process is reached. There is a lot of information on the creativenumerology.com website, and in my book LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom and Happiness  which, in Part Three, discusses in more detail the emotional healing process and its undeniable connection to Free Will.

When 8 is exaggerated or manipulated, its natural desire for correct understanding and balance gets crushed by greed – the urge to attain and amass. Concentrated 8 energy often results in inaccurate assessments and wrong diagnoses, misunderstandings, underhandedness, falsifying the truth, the manipulation of rules, winning at any cost, ruthlessness, bullying and, of course, denial, denial, denial.

Another thing to remember is that panic is the denial of what fear has to teach. Panic is a dreadful experience in which you cannot see any way out of a situation. You believe that no alternative exists. It is the feeling of being trapped and simultaneously judged against. It is usually you doing the judging but there is no way to realize that while the feeling of fear is so concentrated and indescribably intense, and while your denial is pushing its message away. You feel like you’re going to die. And yet the moment you realize that a panic attack is what you’re having, it subsides – immediately. At that point, you need to realize that you are NOT stuck in fear. On the contrary, you just let fear pass through you and out of you – and you are so much stronger as a result. If you are able to relate to this material, you are at a stage of emotional, intellectual, and physical evolvement which will enable you to develop the antidote to paralyzing fear – genuine COURAGE.

We must help the process along by lifting ourselves out of our own denials, no matter how unfamiliar the concept feels, no matter how strange it sounds, and no matter how much emotion we have to let ourselves feel in the process. While it is true to say that denial of reality caused most of this imbalance, it is also true that emotion is the reality that was most heavily denied. For instance, people see some awful thing happening in the world and they ask, ‘where is the outrage? Doesn’t anybody care?’ But then, when people do get angry, they are told that anger is ‘bad’ and that we must ‘control’ this natural emotion. Consequently, nothing gets changed. How can there be outrage if rage is not allowed out?

There is nothing wrong with anger provided it is allowed to express itself. That is why loving intent is so necessary – but we must also be aware of when we are denying our true feelings in favor of the appearance of loving intent. We need a more accurate understanding of the positive power and purpose of emotion, as well as HOW to express emotion so that healing, not harm, occurs.

What makes it so hard for people to embrace their own feelings is that, in the course of a lifetime, or many lifetimes, denial has created an enormous buildup of emotional energy which must also be released from the body so that balance between our masculine and feminine can be achieved within the body. These feelings are OLD feelings. But, no matter how old and bitter they happen to be, they need acceptance in order to heal. This form of healing is going to be a massive task – impossible for some. Nonetheless, we all embarked upon that leg of the human journey in which emotional healing must take place when the numbers changed from 1999 to 2000. We must now learn how the energetic imbalance in individuals is directly connected to the planet. There are so many experiences that we have not yet had, individually and collectively, which will help us to gain deeper understanding and, perhaps, bring a sense of excitement and adventure back into our lives, and break those chains of rigid conformity that have placed such awful restrictions on our natural creativity.

“The quest for certainty blocks the search for meaning. Uncertainty is the very condition which impels people to unfold their powers.” ~ Eric Fromm

8 energy helps us to see through the illusions that we mistook for life, and to look at reality head-on. The more we see things as they really are, the more emotional our lives become, the more intelligence we gain, and the more determined we are to be honest with ourselves and each other about our problems, our blessings, and our potential to change the habits and patterns of generations.

We appear to be involved in a very slow process. But in the context of time/space, rather than the linear time we are accustomed to on Earth, these changes are occurring more rapidly than we realize. Linear time denotes the amount of time it takes for an effect to occur, step by step, once a cause has been triggered, as opposed to the ‘instant’ result we could achieve if we were not so densely clogged up with unexpressed emotion and therefore lacking in understanding of how to change things. The rapid pace of life being experienced now is an illusion. We are actually evolving in slow motion.

One day it will have to be officially admitted, that what we have christened reality is an even greater illusion than the world of dreams.” ~Salvador Dali.

8 tells us to look at what we’ve got and appreciate it. To appreciate means to understand the value or magnitude of something. And what we’ve got is this monotonous cradle-to-the-grave-cookie-cutter existence which cannot possibly be what life is all about. We haven’t even begun to recognize our own powers as human beings, let alone tap into them. We have been asleep to our own personal power because we’ve been so tied up in this feelingless system in which we give our power to others for the sake of what we are told is our own security.

Compared with what we could be if we were more able to think and act for ourselves, we are only half present in our own lives. We use such a small part of our physical, emotional and mental capacity, that we have not learned to test our limits, striving occasionally to think ‘outside the box’, only to find more boxes on the other side. We have all kinds of powers and can sometimes imagine them in detail. But we fail to use them because we have been conditioned to believe that we cannot.

The 8 energy has a love of high quality. It tells us that we can – and must – evolve into higher versions of ourselves if we are to survive the changes, build a balanced new reality that is based on Love, and then thrive in it. It must also be remembered that 8 is just one number – one form of energy that really does need the unique powers, vibrations and qualities of all the other numbers. Only together do they add up to balance.

THE POWER OF 8  – text and image: © copyright Christine DeLorey 2008-2019 – all rights reserved.


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OLD MEETS NEW (week 37)

This week’s 37 / 10 / 1 energy contains opportunities to be more aware of what we are truly feeling, to shake ourselves awake, expand our awareness – and discover who we are and where we stand. But as this millennial segment of the human journey moves further away from the old masculine 1000s and more deeply into the new feminine 2000s, humanity has encountered an enormous struggle between wanting to evolve into a more peaceful and sustainable existence – and the urge to drag ourselves back to a time when we perceived life to be simpler and more peaceful – a time when our awareness of reality was so much less than it is today – back to a time that no longer exists.

Just as two like poles of a magnet can never connect, we are separated by a clash of unmoving belief, paranoia, and hate. 2 is the number of sensitivity, and is causing our emotional vibrations to rise – to the extent that we can no longer contain the feelings we are holding in – and there’s a LOT of hate and paranoia out there – or perhaps I should say “in” there.

Somehow, in order to survive and thrive, we must find a way to heal that gap and unite as a species. 2 is the number of UNITY – which is why there is such an urgent need to build uniting bridges, not obstructive walls. On the road of life, energy MUST flow.

Week 37 is the 8th week of a 10-week run in which all the week numbers begin with 3 – the number of WORDS, IMAGES, MEDIA, POPULATION, APPEARANCES, THE STAGE, (and how things are staged).

3 represents communication, happiness, beauty, and life’s ‘lighter’ side.

7 is the number of the inner self, learning, intellect, analysis, and the desire for accurate information.

10 helps us to reach new levels of mental, physical, and emotional reality. 10 is also the number of the current decade.

1 is the number of self, ego, the individual, masculine energy, and action.

AT THEIR LOWER END OF 37, both 3 and 7 love to criticize and find fault. Therefore, gossip, hearsay, name-calling, and general conversation could reach new levels this week. And at the lower end of 10 and 1 are the highly competitive and ‘do anything to get ahead’ energies.


All this is going on within the double 9 vibration of September 2016. 9 takes the shape of a spiral but this month it is a double spiral, and on certain dates (9, 18, and 27), we find ourselves in triple spiral energy. We are likely to experience a lot of confusion this month as an old thousand-year segment of time meets a new segment of possibility.

The struggle to move forward continues against the pull of those who want to take things BACKWARDS in a futile attempt to keep this dying system alive. As evolving life, we cannot avoid this struggle, or the alternating feelings of losing and gaining control, as this mental/emotional rollercoaster speeds up, slows down, and speeds up again.

As the ‘information age’ evolves into THE AGE OF TRUTH, our minds and emotions are being bombarded with lies, including lies that have some truth to them. The multi-billion dollar conspiracy theory industry is attempting a hostile takeover of the mainstream media, which has left itself open to such attacks because of its focus on ratings and revenue and the negligence of turning NEWS and knowledge (7) into entertainment (3).

But we the people (3) have to take responsibility too, because in this supply-and-demand system, journalism’s ‘lowering of the bar’ was possible because of the population’s insatiable need to be entertained. 3 is the number of people, population, popularity, and popular culture.

After an entire week of 999 energy in week 36, Week 37 began on Friday, September 9 with a distinct burst of 999.

Year 2016 = 9

Month = 9

Day = 9

 And… at 9 a.m. local time in this 999 energy, North Korea, conducted its 5th and most powerful nuclear test, triggering a 5.3 magnitude earthquake. Dictator, Kim Jong-un was born on 8 January, 1984. And on September 9th, he was personally in a 9 day, 9 month, and 9 year. This created a 999+999+9=6+3=9 dynamic, which suggests that this situation is more complex than we currently know.

South Korea’s President Park Geun-hye condemned the action as “maniacal recklessness”, and her use of the word ‘maniacal’ is certainly appropriate. Humanity’s insanity is exposing itself, and it exists in some very powerful places. China “intensely urges” Kim to adhere to its nuclear promises, and the US warns of “serious consequences”. The prevalence of highly concentrated 9, (the number of drama, deep emotions, loss, and endings), suggests that something “new” has been triggered here. A new approach to the madness of Kim Jong-Un must be devised.


Last week, Kim had two members of his cabinet executed for frivolous reasons, one for falling asleep during a meeting, another for proposing a project which could undermine Kim’s authority. They were executed by anti-aircraft guns. This picture shows a North Korean Anti-Aircraft gun.


In 2013, he famously had his uncle executed, and in 2014 he reportedly executed 50 officials on frivolous or trumped-up charges, one of which was ‘watching South Korean soap operas’.

After the 4th nuclear test on January 6 this year, Donald Trump paid credit to Kim: You’ve got to give him credit. How many young guys – he was like 26 or 25 when his father died – take over these tough generals, and all of a sudden… he goes in, he takes over, he’s the boss. It’s incredible. He wiped out the uncle, he wiped out this one, that one. This guy doesn’t play games.”

In a surprising move, in the 999/999 energy of September 9th, the USA and RUSSIA agreed to a breakthrough deal which could lead to peace in Syria.

U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, said: “Today the United States and Russia are announcing a plan which we hope will reduce violence, reduce suffering, and resume movement toward a negotiated peace and a transition in Syria … if followed, has the ability to provide a turning point, a moment of change,”

10 represents innovative ideas, turning points, and profound and lasting change.

John Kerry is himself in a 9 year in 2016 and is dealing with 999/999 energy this month. He also helped broker the historic (and still holding) Iranian Arms Deal on April 2, 2015. We are in the 2000s – and 2 is the number of diplomacy – as difficult as it may be.


Traumatized children in Aleppo, September 2016 ©Al Jazeera

The Guardian reports: “As part of the complex agreement, a seven-day pause in the fighting would begin on Monday evening, the beginning of the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha. During that time, the Syrian army would relax its stranglehold on rebel-held areas of Aleppo, allowing humanitarian aid to be delivered to the starving city, while rebels would stop fighting around government areas.”

Monday, September 12 is a 3 day in the world. 3 is the number of optimism, which is another word for hope. SO LET’S HOPE!

The focus on nuclear energy is paramount as we move from 1 to 2, because 1 is the nucleus of all the other numbers. The splitting of the atom is 1 split in 2 – which is 11. What we must learn from this is that we can destroy ourselves with ignorance of our own origins (the atom) – or we can strive to understand ourselves, and evolve beyond “self-destruct”. We can have yet another war in the Middle East, or a nuclear arms race in the region, or we can take a different road entirely.

(I doubt if it is a coincidence that the first number starts with the atom and the first man, according to Christian teaching, was called Adam. Just a thought).


Also on Friday, September 9, 2016: earthquake capital of the world, Oklahoma, was hit by a series of 6 quakes which started on the 8th and ended on the 9th. Oklahoma became a US State on November 16, 1907, which means it is also in a 9 year in 2016, and that the 999/999 energy was also active there this week. While none of these quakes were extreme in magnitude, the situation is likely to be more complex than meets the eye. As noted in my article 2016 -THE POWER OF 9, Oklahoma is the 46th US State. 4+6=10 and connects to the 10 energy of Week 37.


Michio Kaku photo from Wikipedia

This combination of 999 and 10 energy was taken even further on September 9 when theoretical physicist Michio Kaku, who was born on the 10 Destiny Path, (and whose very name is teeming with 10 and 11 energy), announced that he will be recording a show for CBS regarding the Oklahoma quakes and their connection to the oil industry.


We need  honest scientific voices, and I hope he is able to communicate honestly about the dangers of fracking as the great assault on Mother Earth that it is. We are one species, among countless other species – all of which have a right to exist and coexist.

We are in the 2000s, and 2 is mother energy. 2 is the number of connection. And as far as Oklahoma is concerned, I wonder if there is a connection between what happened this week and what occurs in the 46th state in week 46, which runs from 11/11 to 11/17.

And then, this week, comes September 11, 2016. (9 11 9). Not only is this the 15th anniversary of the day on which thousands of people were killed, and the biggest symbol of 11 on Earth, the World Trade Center, was blown out of existence, this was perhaps one of the biggest ‘game changers’ the world has ever seen. There are vital connections to be made here.

Only America has the date format of month/day/year. The majority of nations use day/month/year, and this makes a difference to the way our national energies flow. We shape and organize our lives around our calendars – which gives them tremendous power. So, 9/11 in the USA is September 11, but elsewhere it is the 9th of November which is a deeply historic date – including the anniversary of Kristallnacht in 1938 which effectively triggered World War 2 in 1939.

(The 1st of September last week marked the 77th anniversary of the start of WW2. The Master Number 77 denotes great freedom and adventure, provided the lessons of karmic 14/5 are learned – which include the burden of excess and addiction, and being unable to learn from mistakes.)

9 November, 2016 is also the 27th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, and 27=9. And 27 is the energy through which electrical mind and magnetic emotion discover just how at odds they are, and seek ways to find their natural connection.

Other historical events occurred on the 9th of November, some of which are now tied to neo-nazi groups all over the world – and it is so important to notice how history is right there before our very eyes – poised to repeat itself if we do not learn what we have to learn and move FORWARD. 10 is the number of true forward movement and not just a repeat of the past in a different wrapping.

This year, the 9th of November is the day after the US Presidential election, followed two days later by 11/11 which is the same in all calendar formats. November 9 occurs in Week 45 which is the last 9 Week in this 9 year. This occurs in the 11th month, on an 11 day, and so the 9/11 connection is extremely potent this year (and the fact that 2016 is a Leap Year adds further complexity to this flow of numbers).

911 is an evolutionary vibration because 9+1+1=11, and 11 is the great connector between the 1000s and the 2000s. 11 provides the connection between 1’s primitive singular vibration of competition and war, and the harmony that 2 offers. (1+1=2). The competitive nature of 1 is struggling with the cooperative nature of 2.

But right here in the double 9 vibrations of September, there is something vital we need to learn about 9’s magical energy.

“LET GO”, 9 tells us. Complete things. Get it over with. Be generous. GIVE. But there is a deeper and yet simpler way to look at 9.

9 is the number of TOLERANCE. Tolerance is strength – which we are going to need as we continue to evolve and the reality on Earth continues to change. Giving includes for-giving, and generosity includes kindness and the willingness to help others in need. No progress can be made until we understand this.

Forgiving does not require us to embrace those who hurt us, we forgive so that the hurt can heal. Letting go of whatever hurt us is forgiveness, and it takes great generosity of heart to let go at this level – the emotional level – the level where pain is felt.

You see, everything meets at the heart – the heart of anything is its center – the source of balance itself. Everything else flows from there – and that’s where we are right now – as old pain meets the bridge of new potential. We are seeking ways to transform this heartless system into one of balance, fairness, justice, peace, and love. Humanity is in the frightening and painful process of healing its broken heart.

*** NOTE ADDED on September 11, 2016:  Hillary Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, September 9. She is in a 9 year, which means she was in 999/999 energy on the 9th, and 999/9119 energy on the 11th.