2020-THE WAY OF THE WILL – Part 1

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In 1999, as I was writing my book “LIFE CYCLES”, it became obvious to me that as we moved from the 1000s to the 2000s, life on Earth would change drastically. All of my work with numerology is based on that understanding. Masculine 1 and feminine 2 are very different frequencies, and yet, the only way that 2 can exist is through the joining together of two 1s. We cannot possibly understand what 2 has to teach without a solid understanding of 1.

1 is the number of the SELF – the individual.

2 is the number of OTHERS – and the connection between individuals.

How telling it is that we now live at a time when we individuals must keep our physical distance from each other. As we remain ‘trapped in time’, between the 1000s and the 2000s, we cannot understand OTHERS, until we understand our SELVES. And we cannot move from one millennium to the next (without destroying ourselves) until we learn what the previous millennium had to teach. What we did not learn from that thousand-year journey, we are scrambling to learn now – at this pivotal point of 2020.

It’s almost as if the term “hindsight is 20/20” was coined specifically for this year. Because here we are, looking back at how we have been living and realizing just how wrong we got so many different aspects. But that’s OK. “Better late than never” is also a highly relevant term from the 1000s.

Matters of the past must be resolved before we can be fully in the present. And this applies to our own personal and family lives as much as it does to the wars and other atrocities that affected huge groups of people, countries, and continents. The only way forward is to forgive, but unless we allow old and current feelings to express themselves as they need to, the emotional healing that is SO necessary to our survival cannot occur.

Forgiveness is not a mental concept. It is something we really do have to FEEL. As the WILL rises, you will learn that there is never a need to harm yourself or anyone else in the process of emotional healing. And so, in some cases, the healing must be done privately. Forgiveness does not need to be mutual. It is a private thing. By forgiving, you let go of the pain you would otherwise continue to carry inside. Of course, this does not mean we should ignore those who cause deliberate harm to others. Part of freeing the WILL involves finding ways to render harmful people harmless, or moving away from harmful situations. This can be an extremely difficult, dangerous, and complex procedure, but vital, nonetheless.

As science searches frantically for a cure or vaccine for the Covid-19 pandemic, it is becoming increasingly clear that the way we live our lives must change drastically. The old system is collapsing and will never be the same again. The thoughtless, cruel, and utterly destructive way we treat Mother Nature and all her life forms (of which we human beings are only one species) is no longer sustainable. This means that Mother Nature will no longer sustain us under the cruel conditions we impose on her. Mother Earth will shake us until she wakes us – which is why everyone is feeling their emotions on a level we have never felt before.

The reason we could not feel this deeply despite all the pain, suffering, and atrocity in the world, is because this old system took away our WILL – our ability to feel – by blinding us to reality and numbing our senses. Consequently, much of our way of living is nonsensical, insensitive, and senseless.

But this terrifying situation is finally waking people up. One of the main functions of the natural emotion of fear is to do just that – to wake us up to potential danger – and save our lives.

The hideous “reality show” that we’ve all been a part of for many years, and which was frightening enough as it was, has now transitioned into a doomsday movie. And so many of those in power positions have the persona of Hollywood’s most evil villains. But what did we expect from a species for whom being ‘entertained’ is a top priority?

Fear is a natural response. To be unafraid as the whole global system grinds to a halt while a deadly virus spreads at the most alarming speed, is to be unconscious, unaware, and in denial of reality. But the fact that all of humanity is involved, and that the entire species is feeling this fear, is the first step to regaining the consciousness that the old system extracted from us – to control us.

The degree to which people are waking up now is reason to be very hopeful. But this really is the 11th hour (1+1=2), and the fear will persist. There has been a massive focus on the 11:11 sequence since the 1990s, and it appears to be directly connected to the millennium of the 2000s, the decade of the 20s, and most precisely, the year 2020.



The two 2s in 11:11 connect directly to the two 2s in 2020, our urgent need to learn from 1, and the joining together of individuals in a spirit of COOPERATION, rather than combat. It’s very obvious right now that if we do not pull together AS ONE, we will be pulled apart (distanced) by our own inability to change. 1 is the number of change and forward movement, and in order to move forward, major systemic change is needed.

Yes, we are afraid. We are supposed to be afraid. This is frightening. But we must keep in mind that we are evolving as a species – and we have what it takes to get through this – and come out the other side with new evolved understandings, and a WILL that is strong enough to actually make a difference.

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable Will” ~Gandhi.

The WILL is our ability to feel. Emotion in all its forms, including fear – and joy – is our feminine energy; magnetism, gravity. On the other hand, masculine energy produces thought, action, and the tendency to control. Masculine energy is electrical and mental. Together, they produce our electromagnetic nature.

But the masculine mind has always believed it is superior to feminine emotion and has always strived to keep the feminine down. Everything starts within, and therefore, on an outer level this has produced the gender war and resulted very recently in widespread recognition of gender disparity. This is where ALL inequality – and imbalance – begins. The rise of feminine energy is absolutely vital to our survival by bringing balance into life – and life into balance.

The WILL is also where empathy and kindness come from.

We all have masculine energy. We all have feminine energy. So, it is not a matter of reversing roles so that women are the dominant ones. That would not bring balance, just reversal. The feminine energy that is in all of us – our ability to feel – our HONESTY – is finding its right place – it’s equal place – to save us from the cruel one-sidedness and unfairness of this ‘man’s world’. Men are evolving too – and there are also women who are not!

The imbalance cannot be sustained. This is why many women are visibly rising now and are changing the entire dynamic, along with men who are also finding the inner balance between their minds and emotions.

This is also why so much effort is being made by the old system which refuses to evolve (and doesn’t even believe in evolution), to keep women down, and children, and the animals. From an un-evolving masculine standpoint, the “minorities” must be kept in their place beneath the ‘superior’ male and, in particular, but not exclusively, the ‘superior’ white male.

But that is no longer the case. The mind CANNOT keep the feelings down in this terrifying situation which, when we look deeper than the virus itself, is a direct result of this untenable IMBALANCE. The virus is the outer symptom. The disproportion started on the inside first. Although the feeling of powerlessness is prevalent, there is also a rising recognition of the sheer power of the human WILL – and the dire necessity to set it FREE.

As a result, we are becoming more creative, and less destructive, more inventive, and less complacent – at least that is the positive potential that comes from this pandemic. The more we are able to feel our true feelings, the more intelligent we become. Without the vibration of our feelings to keep the mind open, the mind closes and becomes fixed.

And that’s precisely what we’ve been experiencing as a species, politically, socially, racially, and in all the other places kept apart by the system’s ‘divide and conquer’ policies. Fixed idea against fixed idea produces stalemate in the evolutionary process, but that constant and bitter discord is precisely what the old system uses as fuel to keep itself going. And now we have to figure out how to keep ourselves going when, clearly, the old system is collapsing.

And yet, for the first time in all our lives, the entire world is having the same experience. For the first time in all our lives, we realize just how close to the edge we actually are. For the first time in all our lives, humanity realizes that we are, indeed, 1.

Good luck my friends and fellow travelers. We can and WILL get through this.

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17 thoughts on “2020-THE WAY OF THE WILL – Part 1

  1. Iris

    Thank you so much Christine. Your insight and wisdom helps so much as we navigate through such uncertain times. This is indeed time fir the rise of the feminine and I love how you articulated this. It an an energy that lives inside us all male and female and we must restore our electromagnetism to co exist. Thank you thank you. Keep up your amazing work. Love and light

    1. Christine Delorey Post author

      Thank you Iris, yes these are uncertain times indeed. You’re right. Peaceful coexistence is essential to our survival – with all of life. I am delighted that you’re enjoying this work.

    1. Christine Delorey Post author

      Hello Ramesh. What a wonderful thing to say since that is precisely what we must do at this point in the journey. We have to know ourselves, individually and collectively. And this year, our personal sense of identity is likely to expand dramatically.

  2. Denise

    I feel a bit conflicted by your message. Although I love your interpretation of numerology on many levels, I feel your political ideologies come through some of your messages. Your personal judgment sometimes resonates. Don’t get me wrong, this is ok, because you are entitled to your thoughts, but it does seem to come through as personal ideology based. I have found the times we live in is Precisely where we should be. One with all we have created, the good, bad and the ugly. I don’t see us as victims of a world of white powerful men, I see us as a world of humans, no gender, no race, no differences. I don’t pay close attention to who’s in control, because innately I believe it’s he who is not identified to a race, gender, religion or any earthly difference who can fly above this and see truth. The truth is Love of ALL people, all races, genders, religions. All things. Even people we may have felt threatened by in our ideological minds. so in essence we agree, forgiveness and love for all, regardless of gender, race, political ideology, religion.

    1. Christine Delorey Post author

      Hello Denise,

      Your vision is beautiful, but it’s not going to happen without considerable effort on everyone’s part, including those who believe they are ‘above’ it all. Everything in this system is political. Whether we live or die is decided by politics. Whether we have the same opportunities as others is a political matter. Whether we are torn apart by war and other atrocities comes from political decisions. Whether we eat or starve is decided by politics. Yes, we are meant to be where we are. That’s the law of cause and effect. And the very same law gives us the responsibility to change what is wrong, even if it means having to fight the oppressive forces, the colonialism, the occupations, the brutality, and not expect someone else to ‘fix it’ for us.

      It’s about the survival of our species regardless of how you or I think politically. Unless we start to open up our narrow points of view and find some common ground, we will get torn apart by our own hate and self-destructive habits. We are in a terrifying situation, and no one on Earth is in a position to ‘rise above’ it and merely observe. We all have a role in both the cause and the effect.

  3. Russell

    I’m one of those 11 people and I am feeling those things you are talking about. Thank you for your writing on this. Its a guide. Keep it going please.
    I wrote a song for you, can you send me a email address to mail it to.


    1. Christine Delorey Post author

      Thank you for such kind words, Russell. I am so glad you are enjoying this work.

      A song? For me? Wow! Thank you. I sent you my email address, and I can’t wait to hear it.


    Oh Christine, I have followed -no- walked with you for many years. your wisdom
    is such a gift
    thank God for it! I just read your entire piece to my left brained husband
    and he was listening –silently.
    not shushing me. He is a good one too.
    Rosemary Hurwitz

    1. Christine Delorey Post author

      You have indeed, Rosemary, and I thank you for being on this journey with me for such a long time. What happened with your ‘left brained’ husband is kind of what the entire article was about – finding the inner balance between mind and emotion so that balance can occur in the outside world. So it sounds as if he is right on schedule.

  5. Barbara

    Thank you Christine for this timely article. We need clear voices of truth and compassion right now. And the comfort of being reminded that this massive shift must happen, and that together we will endure, grow and evolve. Your insight is invaluable. Thank you.

    1. Christine Delorey Post author

      Your words are greatly appreciated. Thank you, Barbara. I am so happy that you’re enjoying this work. These are such difficult times for us all, but I suspect that we all came into this particular lifetime to be a part of it.


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