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WHERE WE ARE – 2022 – WEEK 10

WHERE WE ARE – 2022 – WEEK 10


WEEK 10 brings us into a new phase – the next level of the human journey which appears to be directly connected to what occurred on February 24, 2022 – the 55th day of the year.

  5+5 = 10.

It was obvious by then that Putin was again invading Ukraine, with possible ambitions of pushing even further into Europe. The 55th day of the year occurred in WEEK 8 – the number of POWER in all its forms, including the power of nations, nuclear power, and the power of the people. The following countries are in an 8 Year in 2022.







Putin’s criminally-insane power-play has thrown an already out-of-balance world even further out of balance. The suffering of the Ukrainian people is immense and is likely to worsen in the coming days and weeks. 5 represents unpredictability and the unexpected, and of course the outcome of this invasion is unknowable at this stage. 

The double-5 energy also shows up in the Personal Year Numbers of Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelenskyy. They are both in the 5 Year in 2022. 5 is the number of freedom and action, but it is also the number of recklessness. 

Ukraine is in a 4 YEAR – the number of LIMITATION, OBSTACLES, and being BOXED IN.  4 is also the number of DEDICATION, DETERMINATION, COURAGE, HARD WORK, and BREAKTHROUGH.

 55 is the most balanced form of 1, and with so many numeric sequences active in WEEK 10, it is difficult to follow the emerging and converging patterns. But they all play a role in what happens next and how we, humanity, respond to it.

“History is the greatest teacher, if you are willing to learn.” ~ Anon

Both 1 and 5 bring CHANGE. Innovative 10 brings change that comes from participation and effort, while unpredictable 5 makes it seem as if it’s happening suddenly. But it’s not. On the contrary, humanity has been here many times before – at the very point on the great karmic wheel where history is set to repeat itself. 

Humanity must decide, individually and collectively, whether we want to make the same old blood-soaked journey all over again until we finally learn what we’re meant to learn – or make that vital pivot that I referenced two weeks ago in the great Helen Keller quote: “A bend in the road is not the end of the road unless you fail to turn.” 

And here’s a quote from Albert Einstein which can help us better understand the severity of the situation 

I know not with which weapons World War 3 will be fought, but World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones.”

WEEK 10 begins on Saturday, March 5th, the 64th day of the year, (64 also = 10). It marks the beginning of a 10-week cycle in which all the Week Numbers begin with 1. This sequence ends on May 13 at the end of WEEK 19.

 1+9 also = 10 and is deeply karmic in nature. I see Karmic 19 as a numerological holding pattern which contains all our unlearned lessons of the 1900s – including the two world wars that occurred in its time-frame.

Karma is not punishment for past and present misdeeds. It is the drawing of experiences that will teach us what we most need to learn in order to evolve.

This 10-week cycle contains all the karmic numbers – TEEN numbers.  

This will affect all of us – and will certainly emphasize the energy of TEENAGERS throughout the world. 1 is the number of leadership. Today’s teens are tomorrow’s leaders, yet they were all born in the 2000s, and many do not have a 1 in their birthdate. Therefore, their perspective and form of leadership is likely to be quite different and much more effective. 

 No matter how old you are, if memories of your own teen-years occur in the next 10 weeks, you can be sure that an important life-lesson is involved, and that forgiveness of yourself and/or others is the key to putting the past behind you and moving forward.

 We are also moving through the 10-Year Cycle (decade) of the 2020s – the complexity of which will force us to learn the lessons of masculine 1 so that we can move into the feminine 2000s without destroying ourselves. Uncertainty can be horribly distressing – but it can also be an effective motivator.

WEEK 10 is a 7-day cycle of shifting circumstances and increased tension. But the vibrations of our rattled feelings will open our minds to the reality of whatever we are dealing with, increasing our ability to imagine the changes we have to make.

Fear of change created a lack of imagination and caused a karmic RUT in which we repeated the same old behaviors and mistakes – generation after generation – and believed that this was “freedom”. 

1 is the number of SELF. Our sense of self is the EGO. And as we transition from the ego-based 1000s to the cooperative 2000s, our individual egos are shifting too, affecting the way we feel about ourselves and each other. Ego is a vital but greatly misunderstood part of who we are, and we must create a BALANCE in the ego between overinflation and deflation, so it can evolve along with the rest of us. Without this understanding, ego-mania and the whims of just one or a few individuals can destroy the planet that we call HOME.

The 6 energy of 2022 not only represents BALANCE and EXTREMES, but is also the number of HOME, FAMILY, CARING, RESPONSIBILITY, PARENTS, CHILDREN, and PETS.  6 is also the number of the TYRANT and DICTATOR, and PATRIARCHAL control. And just look at how those aspects are emerging on the world stage right now. People losing their homes and everything they have, families being split up, forced to flee (or fight), millions of people ejected from everything that is familiar to them, with no idea of what comes next.

People are fleeing for their lives – including the refugees from Syria, Yemen, and other war-torn countries. People are people. Suffering is suffering. Cruelty is cruelty. This world is our HOME. And we are all part of ONE human FAMILY. If we don’t learn to love each other, we cannot survive. That’s the biggest lesson 1 has to teach: WE ARE 1.

 6 is now intensified by the 3 energy of MARCH, which creates a 369 vibration throughout the entire month, and this affects us all. SUNDAY, MARCH 6, produces even more 369 energy.

MONDAY, MARCH 7 is the 66th day of the year which adds emphasis to 6’s “BALANCE and EXTREMES” dynamic. 6+6=12, and 1+2=3. 

 369 shows us the MAGNITUDE and EXTENT of something and increases our awareness of POSSIBILITY. We are swimming in 369 energy throughout March.

 369 represents ALL the numbers combined. 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8 = 3+6=9. The FIGURE-8 symbolizes infinity, but it seems that infinity may also be the result of the first 8 numbers combined.













   … and on it goes – forever…

 369 = empathy: the ability to relate to other people’s feelings and circumstances. This not only gives us fresh insight into our own lives but helps to bring us together as a species – instead of wanting to tear each other apart or ignore each other’s plight. We know there has to be more to life than THIS!

Amid all the fear, anger, desperation, destruction, and death, we are increasing our ability to feel, and our minds are opening as a result. In 369 energy, wherever we do not stretch ourselves, physically, mentally, and emotionally, we seem to get stretched anyway. Yes, “the lesson continues until it is learned.”

 369 represents survival and the human WILL (our feminine emotional energy). We are evolving towards genuine FREE WILL. This is the energy we are seeing in the ordinary people of Ukraine – and Russia. This is Putin’s war, not the Russian people’s, and he is clearly trying to kill the WILL of the Ukrainian people. Courage begins in the heart. Courage is a FEELING. Balanced with thought and reason, it becomes ACTION. 

Next week – WEEK 11 – the focus on nuclear energy is likely to increase. As I wrote back in WEEK 8:

 11/2 represents the nuclear nature of life. 1 is the nucleus of all the other numbers and represents the atom. 11 represents the splitting of the atom, which gave birth to nuclear weaponry.

Atomic energy is the nature of physical LIFE – but we weaponized it, (as we tend to do with many scientific discoveries). How we use it can enable life to flourish – or be destroyed.

After traveling through the masculine 1 energy for 1000 years, we are now in the feminine 2000s – the number of peace through diplomacy – and prosperity for all, not just the few. Yet here we are again, as those who crave a return to the past attempt to stop the future from unfolding.

2 cannot exist without the fusion (not fission) of those two 1s. Fusion is the joining together. Fission is the splitting apart. Our atomic reality is playing out in so many different ways right now.

ON SUNDAY, MARCH 6, your Weekly Forecast repeats as a Daily Forecast. This repetition occurs when the month and day add up to 9. (3+6=9). Feelings and circumstances intensify or reach a peak on these “double-dose” dates. So be sure to re-read your WEEKLY FORECAST on Sunday. In fact, there is additional insight to be gained this week from all the weekly forecasts as well as your own.

It would also be a good idea to read the 6 MONTHLY FORECAST as well as your own because 2022 is a 6 Year in the world.



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Unforeseen situations are unfolding as we make our way through a 7-week cycle in which all the WEEK Numbers are TEEN numbers. We are now in WEEK 14 – the number of sudden and unexpected development. We are also dealing with our own – and other people’s INEXPERIENCE. 14 holds us back until we stop repeating our mistakes. 1+4=5, and 5 helps us to gain the EXPERIENCE we lack.

TEEN numbers are KARMIC numbers, and this is some of the strongest karmic energy we have ever experienced, because it’s not just the Week Numbers we’re dealing with. The numbers 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19, are also the YEAR NUMBERS we’ve been traveling in the decade of the 10s, ending with 2019. Karma comes from ignoring the laws of cause and effect, and its lessons can be harsh.

A new phase is beginning in which endings and beginnings are happening simultaneously. As we express and release our true feelings (including our pain, anger, and fear), new realities arise, the nature of which depends on whether our overall intent is loving – or not.

10 is the RESULT of what we learned from previous experience. The potential for innovative solutions and lasting change, is enormous. We are ALL moving through this evolutionary energy (even those whose goal is to drag us backwards). There is so much to learn from 10 right now, because 10 represents the ‘next step’. We’ve been standing on it for almost 10 years now. Even the 19 in 2019 = 10. 

 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10 = 55, and 55 brings us back to 10 = 1+0=1

The Master Number 55 is the most balanced form of 10. It brings ‘unusual’ energy into the world which, in part comes from the dynamism of today’s teenagers, all of whom were born in the 2000s, and are demanding change on all levels, because THEY are the future and without change NOW, there is no future.

5 is the number of resourcefulness, and 55 gives us the ability to SENSE what a situation most needs, AND find a way to bring it into being. 55/10/1 creates huge shifts of consciousness and enables you to break through old barriers into something unique, original, functional, and lasting. 55‘s expansiveness enables you to fit in comfortably wherever you find yourself – a citizen of the world. It enables you to understand the principles of equality and why this is the key to fairness and peace on Earth. 55 is a fertile and openly sexual vibration which gives birth to unusual children – and concepts. However, all Master Numbers have their extreme side, and with 55, it often entails gross negligence and irresponsibility.

2019 is a turning point of enormous scale. But the vicious fight to prevent humanity’s progress continues as well. So, there is much chaos ahead. Just remember that time moves forward, and that DENIAL of old and current emotion keeps us trapped in the past. DENIAL of the truth is denial of reality – which is the most dangerous aspect of our times.


There is reason to be optimistic for the future. But what we have to experience to get to that point is up to each 1 of us. Every 1 has their own specific role to play. To change the outer world, we must first change ourselves inside – by being our true selvesThat’s what the decade of the 10s has been all about. We are ALL in the process of becoming who we truly ARE inside. Everything starts within. We create our outer reality on the inside first. We are bigger inside than out.

1 is the number of beginnings, how and when something started, originality, and ORIGINS! How surreal it seemed this week when 3 times, Donald Trump mispronounced the word ‘origins’ and said ‘oranges’ instead. It is also surreal to know that he was recently referred to as “INDIVIDUAL 1“, when 1 is the number of the INDIVIDUAL, the SELF, and EGO.

We must learn to heal the ego, not destroy it, because ego is the gauge by which we know who we are. You can only find balance in the ego by being your authentic unpretentious SELF. The most inflated egos on Earth are most visible right now, showing their propensity to swing from over-inflation and sheer ego-mania, to the depths of deflation and ineptitude.

We have been conditioned to believe that 1 individual cannot make a difference. But seeing this ‘big lie’ for what it is, is the 1st step to using THE POWER OF 1 to our advantage – as a species, in groups, and as individuals.

Masculine mind (1), detached from feminine emotions, (2), and gave acceptance only to those feelings that made it feel happy or ‘comfortable’. Emotion plays many roles besides being our honest response to experience. Emotion also acts as an inner navigator that helps us feel and sense our way along, instead of relying on others to dictate our course. Emotion is the basis of intuition, which the mind takes undue credit for.

With so much of the emotional range pushed into denial, we cannot be honest with ourselves, or others. That is how we became trapped in a system that runs on denial and dishonesty. And yet, in the openness of 2, those exiled feelings (which we are told not to feel) are pushing outwardly – and humanity is feeling on a much deeper and more authentic level.  

Don’t be afraid to be afraid. Fear is what’s waking people up. But fear of fear keeps the terror in place. The key is to go deeper into the details in order to better understand what needs to be feared and what does not.

At the same time, we are being TESTED by the teens, not just the numbers, but the teen people, too. This is a test of our endurance and willpower; our dedication and loving intent; and our ability to move with the evolving rhythm of time — or allow denial of reality to hold ourselves – and a sustainable future – back.

2019 (Part 1) – WILL POWER





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11 WEEK – 11 YEAR – continued – (March 15)

march 15March 15, 2018 brings even more 11/2 energy into this 11 Week/11 Year because the date itself adds up to 2 (3+6+11=2+0=2) . It is also the 74th day of the year, which adds up to 11.

March 15 is also what I call a ‘double dose’ day which occurs whenever the month and day add up to 9. (3+6=9). This adds intensity to the numbers involved, and puts a lot of 9/11 or 11/9 energy out there – the number of reversal and dramatic emotional response.

9/11 also refers to learning from history, accurate records, and the sequence of events, and how 1 step leads to another. 9 takes us backwards so that we can see what led to present circumstances, while 11 sheds light on the details. 9/11 helps us to ‘connect the dots’ and form a larger, clearer picture.

9/11 is also the emergency code for the United States, Canada, The Philippines, and parts of Mexico.

These are dramatic, dangerous, and deceptive times. There are things happening today that would seem far-fetched even for the most fast-paced spy novel. Fact is often stranger than fiction.

The 3 energy of March, (boosted by the 3 energy of the 21st century), adds to the drama because 3 is the number of distraction, the stage, the creative arts, acting, entertainment, illusion, words, images, networking, and all forms of communication. 3 is also the number of friends (and enemies); friendship (and animosity). It is essential that we communicate from our hearts and be honest with ourselves and others – and we must also learn to listen.

1 is the father. 2 is the mother. 3 is the child.

And now we have to listen to the children because they are the future, and the future is demanding real, meaningful, and lasting change that benefits all of life. The future is one of happiness rather than constant suffering and misery; friendliness rather than animosity and hate; creativity rather than death and destruction. The future is one of truth rather than deception and denial.

The current emphasis on TEENS is right on time, because the teen numbers (from 13 to 19) are karmic numbers, which denote specific lessons that all of humanity must learn as we evolve to the next level of our journey into Free Will.

Traditionally, the karmic numbers have been confined to 13, 14, 16, and 19. But having studied numerology and metaphysics for 3 decades now, this makes no sense to me. Why just those four numbers? There are seven ‘teen’ numbers, all of which have distinct karmic lessons attached to them. Karma is not punishment for past transgressions. Karma is the learning of what we have not been able to learn – the inevitable consequence of our actions – the laws of ’cause and effect’. (I will be writing a lot more about the teen numbers this year because, no matter what our age today, we still have to learn whatever we did not learn as teenagers).

It is said that the most formative years in a child’s development are from 0 to 8. But surely another formative period occurs from 13 to 19, as the child transitions into an adult.

We are all children of this Earth, and from 2013 to 2019, we are all having developmental experiences as we move through time, from one millennium to another. Just as the teen years are a transition from childhood to adulthood, humanity itself is transitioning in this decade of the 10s – into the next stage of who we have it in us to become.

Instead of criticizing young people for refusing to conform to the norms of previous generations, they need to be respected, encouraged, celebrated, loved, and listened to!

15 teaches us how to find a balance between our responsibilities and our own needs and desires. It reminds us to take care of ourselves – and that others need care and attention, too. This is the lesson of relationship, love, and caring – and being able to love a person one way, and love something else in our lives another way. 15 helps us to broaden our horizons and live more fully. The combination of 3 and 15 (today’s date) enables us to stretch ourselves as needed, and because it is such a creative vibration, it helps us to stretch our imaginations, too.

As we continue to move towards the pivotal energy of 2020, our old visions of ‘normalcy’ will change dramatically. 2020 = DEPTH OF VISION – looking deeper into things – seeing with all our senses, not just our eyes.

But right now, the old world is colliding with the new and is holding on to power with defiant intimidating arrogance. Holding on with all their MIGHT: their armies, institutions, and deliberate dishonesty. Emotion is our honesty. What we feel is our response to experience, and THAT is how the old system has always controlled the population – through our emotions, especially fear, grief, and anger. But our feelings are so strong now – so real and raw – and the 2 energy of the 2000s is so transparent – that we can see through these control techniques, and are in a position to use our emotions to bring constructive change to Earth.

It is a slow process though. 2 is a gentle slow-moving energy, but if you try to push against it or speed it up, it pushes back hard and slows you down even more! 2 is the number of PATIENCE, ATTENTION TO DETAIL, AND RIGHT TIMING.

Remember:  We are ALL fellow travelers on the road of life, brought together in the wake of changing times.

In this 11th Week of this 11 Year, we are learning to absorb the shock of recognizing ourselves as we really are, where we came from, and where we are headed. From 2013 to the end of 2019, we are traveling a deeply karmic period in which the past, present, and future MEET – and this is where enlightenment is gained, and a more profound sense of purpose is discovered.

NOTE: If you are reading this after the day or week in question, there is still SO much to learn from this life-changing energy we’re traveling through. These articles represent important aspects of what we must learn between now and 2020.

March 15th is the fourth day of this 11/11 week.

Read about the week itself and Monday’s phenomenal energy HERE). Read about the energy of March 13th HERE. Read about March 14 HERE



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