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 9/11 is the CODE OF REVERSAL. It turns things around. And one of the prominent numbers that came out of the brutal murder of George Floyd is 9.29 – the exact length of time – 9 minutes and 29 seconds – that a depraved white police officer cut off his air supply by kneeling on his neck, every horrifying moment of which was caught on film. In numerology, 9.29 converts to 911. (2+9=11). 

In the height of the Covid pandemic, this moved people, all over the world, emotionally, intellectually, and physically, in the most profound evolutionary way. The protests were massive and inconsolable. A reversal of the status quo had begun on the date of George Floyd’s death: May 25, 2020.

 911 is the emergency code for the United States. And the emergency in this case is white supremacy, the systemic inequity and violence towards people of color, and the disease of hatred that keeps it all in place. But on April 20, 2021, the USA turned a sinister corner in its history – especially its policing history – and arrived in the stark reality of present-time. The past just got pushed a little further into its right place – behind us – but there is still a long way to go.

The letters in the name George Floyd convert to 11. His life, and his death, are creating a monumental CHANGE OF DIRECTION, a much-needed reversal on the road to equality and a more balanced, loving, and caring existence on Earth. 2021 is a 5 Year, (2+0+2+1=5) which means that April 2021 is a 9 month (4+5=9)9 represents THE END OF AN ERA.

April 20, 2021 adds up to 11. (4+2+5=11). 11 provides the metaphysical bridge between the millennium of the masculine war-torn 1000s and the balance that the feminine 2000s is bringing. (1+1=2).

 1 = the individual, 11 = multiple individuals, and 2 connects us all as a species. 2 is the number of connection, partnership, equality, patience, detail, and new depths of understanding.

His murder occurred on May 25, 2020 (5+7+4=1+6=7) – a karmic 16/7 day in the world. And April 20, 2021, (the day on which the murderer was found guilty on all three counts) occurred in Calendar Week 16. The letters in George Floyd’s last words, “I CAN’T BREATHE”, which he cried out multiple times as his life was being stolen from him, also convert to 16. In its basest form, 16/7 represents the abuse of power.

George Floyd was in a 1 Personal Year in 2020. 1 brings CHANGE, PROGRESS, and NEW BEGINNINGS. All this occurred in the city of MINNEAPOLIS, and when you convert those letters into numbers, you get the master number 55 (49555176391).  55 gives us 10 – and 10 gives us 1. And when 1 is derived from 55, many ideas and situations are simply “before their time”. But in this case, we have an idea and a situation whose time is long overdue and is finally here!  There’s no going back from this enormous evolutionary step.

May in a 1 Year is a 6 month – and 6 is the number of JUSTICE. It reminds us of the countless others whose murders were not filmed, or they were filmed but the officers involved got away with it. It reminds us that we are not the human RACE. The system is the human “race”. WE are humanity. The reality of “no justice, no peace” is a major lesson for us all.

To better understand what is happening under the surface this week, read the notes about WEEK 16, in this week’s forecasts. And don’t forget to read your own personal forecast too.

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2020 – WEEK 24

WEEK 24 runs from Wednesday, June 10 to Tuesday June 16. It is a 6 Week (2+4=6) in the 6th Month of the year. This double-6 vibration represents both balance and extremes, which suggests that we have arrived at some kind of tipping point – not just in the world at large, but also in our own personal lives. People are remembering aspects of the past that are connected to what is happening today, bringing answers and solutions. 6 is true problem-solving energy. But it has its dark side, too. 6 is also the number of the tyrant and controller.

2020 was always going to be the year in which it all changes. The numbers may have changed when the 1000s ceased, and the 2000 started, but it’s not until 2020 that the grip of masculine 1 is finally shifting. The Will of the people is rising as feminine 2 starts to turn this upside-down world the right way up.

The symbolism of 2020 makes sense. It is the number most associated with vision, retrospect, hindsight, cause and effect – recognizing how actions of the past LED to where we are now – in the throes of a systemic balancing. In order to understand the present, we have to LOOK BACK at how things were, why they were not changed long ago, and what needs to happen now – all of which supports the idea that hindsight is indeed 20/20.

Humanity is claiming back its stolen WILL – the energy that the old system takes from us in order to serve the system. Feminine energy is our ability to feel and sense – our WILL. The more we allow ourselves to truly FEEL how reality is making us feel, the more aware of reality we become – and consciousness expands.

Covid-19 slowed the whole world down and made us look at things as they really are. Look at how the word is formed:

CO = jointly, together.

V = the 22nd letter of the alphabet which connects to the two 2s in 2020.

ID = ego (and identity).

19 = 2019, the karmic energy of the 1900s, and the unlearned lessons which caused this mass dis – ease.

I cannot help but wonder if the colossal outpouring of emotion over the murder of George Floyd, and so many other black Americans who were killed at the hands of the police, will have any influence on the pandemic. Outwardly expressing all our backed-up feelings is the most healing thing we can do for ourselves. Emotional energy travels from generation to generation, and finally, 400 years of oppression, and the feelings that accompany such atrociousness, have risen to the surface so that empathy can expand, and healing can eventually occur. The healing of humanity is not a simple process. It will not be easy!

When the evolving masculine mind stops blocking the feminine feelings, we increase our inner power, and evolve as WHOLE human beings, not the fragments of ourselves that this system turned us into. We have an almighty healing ahead of us, starting wherever the WILL is most oppressed. Consequently, BLACK LIVES MATTER is one of the most important aspects of the human condition at this time.

The hindsight of 2020 enables us to acknowledge the horrors of the past so that we can right those wrongs, let go of the “I AM” 1000s, and move into the present “WE ARE” vibrations of 2 – the number of fairness, equality, justice, BALANCE, and  mother’s love.

The murder of George Floyd and the spontaneous uprising in the United States occurred in Week 22, of 2020, in the millennium of the 2000s. Transparent 2 is knocking down the walls of denial that the old system built around our minds in order to control and DOMINATE. In the 2000s, there is no place for walls – or separation – or domination.

Humanity is in the process of reinventing itself (evolving), while the old system will do anything to stop it.  But it can’t be stopped. Not permanently. A spontaneous coming together of hearts and minds is breaking down those old walls of ignorance, indifference, and hate. As the transparency of 2 expands, we see reality more clearly. 2020 is a 4 Year – the number of PRIORITY – and it does seem that humans are putting our priorities in the right order – the first of which is SURVIVAL. Rage is the Will’s reaction to pain and expresses itself in RED – the survival chakra. The first instinct of the Will is THE WILL TO LIVE.

The feminine Will within us all is jolting us – shocking us – with truth. Waking us up. We’ve all got 20/20 vision this year. Of course, many people don’t like this, and will do anything they can to drag us back to the old familiar archaic ways in which white reigned supreme.

No more. The feminine Will is bringing equality (balance) into our dangerously imbalanced world.

June 2020 is a 10/1 month. 10/1 represents ‘the next step’ and moving to a ‘new level’.  The discomfort we are experiencing is the pressure of being stuck in the past while time moves forever forward.

We are also seeing the power of raw, primitive, unevolved 1, (the number of leadership and ego), whose secrets were so easy to hide in the old system. But the transparency of 2 exposes all – especially in this 4 Year that is derived from two 2s.  Even the bible has something to say about the 4/22 sequence, (from Mark 4:22) “For everything that is hidden will eventually be brought into the open, and every secret will be brought to light.”

In the weeks and months ahead, some of the murkiest secrets are likely to burst open. Such is the nature of the 2 energy which thrives on honesty.

The more we truly feel our feelings and express them outwardly, the more aware we become. We’ve been without our true depth of feelings forever, and we became numb where our deepest feelings were meant to be. Without our feelings we cannot be fully aware. So here we are. Evolving. Feeling on a deeper level than ever before – and we see the power of people. The power of the individual. And the power of individuals agreeing, uniting, feeling, and empathizing, seeing ourselves in each other, seeing for ourselves the massive wound that was inflicted on black people, and knowing that the healing is beginning. In turn, this is increasing the attention on others, all over the world, whose Wills have been stolen from them. Men, women, and children who are ‘taken’, trafficked, enslaved, and rendered helpless.

We are learning about the 1 energy. The number of LEADERSHIP – and the true role of government – which is to keep the balance points open so that people can lead their own lives, and to assist those who cannot.

As it all unfolds, keep these words of civil rights activist, poet, writer, and mother, Audre Lorde in mind (from her essay, The Transformation of Silence into Language and Action. This has a profound meaning at this precise time in the journey:

“Life is very short. What we have to do must be done in the now.”

Click below to listen to my rhyme… “THE WAY OF THE WILL”…

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WEEK 22, 2020 – A pivotal week in a pivotal year


2020 (Part 1) – HOLD ON! LET GO! It describes the complex and transforming energies of this very special year in the human journey,

2020 Leap Year

2020 (Part 2) THE LEAP YEAR WOBBLE. This is a monumental year in the human journey, and the disruption in time that a Leap Year creates is going to be very obvious as 2020 unfolds.  

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2020 – WEEK 22

WEEK 22 runs from Wednesday, May 27th to Tuesday, June 2nd. 2 is the number of CONNECTION. And look at how all the 2s are connecting this week.

WEEK 22 is the 3rd week in a 10-week cycle in which all the Week Numbers begin with 2.

WEEK 22 connects with the two 2s in 2020.

2020 connects with the millennium of the 2000s

…and the decade of the 20s.

MAY 2020 is a 9 MONTH in the world (5+4=9), and 9 represents ENDINGS, COMPLETION, DRAMA, EMOTIONAL RESPONSE, and LETTING GO in order to move forward.  What needs to end is coming to the surface so it can move back into the past, where it belongs. But for as long as we cling to the past while time moves forward, all we will get is this deadly standstill.

However, all those 2s are reminding us that we are not in the male-driven 1000s anymore, and that feminine 2 will bring life into balance – despite the massive effort to drag us back to the past. This week, we cannot see too far ahead, and our movement is limited, which can help us discover HOW what is happening came about. Everything happening now is the result of what happened – or didn’t happen – in the past.

Add that 9 to 2 and you have 11, which produces yet another 2.

Put 9 and 11 together, not only do you have 20, but you also have the USA’s emergency code.

22 is the sum of two 11s, or 11:11.

Humanity is in the midst of a much-needed reality check – and the unprecedented chaos gripping the world could become even more chaotic as we move into June’s 6 energy later this week.

Both the United States and Britain, whose national situations seem to mirror each other so much of the time, are both in a 6 National Year in 2020, and a 2 NATIONAL MONTH in May. Russia and China are also in a 6 National Year.  6 represents domestic issues, home, family, responsibility, institutions, education, health, problem solving, balance and extremes, the need to control, and patriarchy.

Donald Trump is in a 6 PERSONAL YEAR / 2 MONTH in May, and despite so much feminine 2 energy in his chart, he exhibits the exact opposite of 2’s evolutionary traits. Lies and denial are his principle tools. He is cruel. His ego is manic. And now, after initially playing down the severity of the virus, over 100,000 Americans have died in the space of four months. WEEK 22 is likely to be a crucial time for him. He was born on the 22/4 Life Path which dedicates itself to helping others in need – unless it is in unloving and incompetent hands. 22 is the Master Builder – or – the master destroyer. Literally anything can occur this week – and as he himself would say, “we’ll see what happens.”

2 = CONNECTION – literally being able to put 1 and 1 together. This is how 2 is formed. We must build the road ahead as we go, by connecting one thing to another. Where there are adverse reactions, different approaches will be needed. This will advance our understanding of cause and effect, and chemistry, and HOW to peacefully co-exist with each other – and with the planet that gives us everything we need.

Of course, not everyone wants to move in this peaceful direction and would rather get back to how it was, which is impossible. Everything changes in the course of time. And a change of millennia is a drastic change indeed. If we refuse to go with this natural flow, we cannot survive Mother Earth’s re-balancing that will occur with or without the participation of humans.

The two 2s in WEEK 22 connect to the two 2s in 2020, creating a 44/8 vibration throughout this 7-day cycle.  8 represents POWER in the material, political, financial, and industrial/military world, and the fact that it is derived from four 2s suggests that its effect on the masses will be profound.

44 is extremely practical, which not only helps us to recognize and retain pertinent information, but also organize the facts in a way that paints a more accurate picture. This is a mind-expanding week. 4 = effort and determination. This week, there are two prominent 4’s at our disposal, reminding us that WE have the power to save ourselves if only we could see our problems in terms of cause and effect – instead of random occurrences.

When 44 is active, the accuracy of the details is vital to obtain a realistic multi-layered picture of reality.  44 examines the root of a problem, rather than just the outer symptoms, and teaches us that problems are bound to recur if we do not know what created them.

4 is also the number of obstruction, barriers, and opposition. When a hidden reality is about to be exposed, a barrage of denial is released to prevent the truth from reaching consciousness. And right now, denial is the biggest problem we face, to the extent that our survival depends on our ‘snapping out of it’ and facing life as it really is.

44 cannot tolerate denial. So, this week, recognizing our own denials – our inability to face the facts – is necessary for our individual and collective evolution. But denial is slippery by nature. It’s hard to pin denial down because it denies its own existence. Denial denies it is denying. Denial is difficult to confront, and yet that is what we must do. Denial is at the root of the famous “big lie” theory put out by Joseph Goebbels and Adolf Hitler in the 1930s: “Always accuse the other side of that of which you are guilty.” AND, “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it.”  We can expect to see a lot of denial this week.

Everything on Earth is CONNECTED. To attack nature is to attack ourselves since we are part of nature and not separate from it. Until we start connecting what is happening to humanity to what is being done by humanity, we will remain stuck in this self-imposed box which we cannot survive.

It is a box so steeped in racism that we even call ourselves the human RACE.  We are not meant to be ‘racing’. We are meant to be free spirits. Competition is the nature of 1 – and the fight to BE #1.

1 is also the number of CHANGE, and the racial divide is about to shift drastically. 2 does not compete. cooperates. 2 brings caring, equality, partnership, common sense, justice, and BALANCE into life.


And now, in the morbid light of yet another black American man being choked to death by a white Minneapolis police officer, let’s not forget that justice is fairness, fairness is balance, and balance is peace. This is simple physics.  NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!

In 2014, Eric Garner’s last words were “I can’t breathe” as a NYPD officer named Daniel Pantaleo, choked him to death. Six years later, on May 26, 2020, George Floyd, begged for his life as he told a Minneapolis police officer who was kneeling on his neck and openly murdering him, “I cannot breathe”.

At a time when the whole world can’t breathe, it becomes even more obvious that these are all CONNECTIONS to what humanity is doing to itself!

The burning of the AMAZON RAIN FOREST – the destruction of mother Earth’s LUNGS – continues unmentioned by the media, while Jeff Bezos became the world’s richest man by taking the name AMAZON to sell the very ‘stuff’ that is choking the natural world to death. 

And then there was white woman Amy Cooper calling the police on Christian Cooper, a black man, in Central Park, NY, on the pretext that he was threatening her, and knowing that such a call could result in his death. Which connects to another great injustice of the past – the Central Park 5, against whom Donald Trump actually placed a full-page ad in the New York Times demanding the death penalty for these innocent young men (boys at the time) among countless other black men, women, and children – who have been terrorized and murdered – just for being black.

This murderous racist system is starting to break – and I can only pray that it does not get worse before it gets better. This state terrorism is enabled by the false sense of superiority that we call “white privilege” which comes from the nonsensical notion of “white supremacy”. The system must be dismantled and replaced by unbiased protective justice. To create a balance in which all human beings can prosper and be safe is the principle purpose of government.

However, if you cannot embrace the words “BLACK LIVES MATTER” on their own merit, how can you say “all lives matter” with any sincerity?  I cannot know what it is to be black, but I know that what’s being done to my black brothers and sisters needs everyone with a heart to offer sustained empathy, support, and as many platforms, spotlights, and mentions as possible. We are not the human RACE. We are human BEINGS whose true nature is to BE and LET BE.

It’s important to understand that this is not just about racism in the USA. The entire world-wide system is run on the same racial principles. Police brutality is everywhere. But are we becoming desensitized to the word ‘brutality’ since it is used so much without consequence? Perhaps the term ‘police savagery’ would make a deeper point.

It is lack of FEELING that enables people to kill and harm others so easily.

22 gives us the power to build something great and monumental which improves conditions for the many, not just the few. But when great feats are undertaken for personal glory (inflated ego), all we will have is chaos. And so, we have to learn how to attain INNER alignment between those 2 equal parts of us – mind and emotion. And because our emotions have always been subdued by the mind, people everywhere are now feeling on a much more profound level.

2 is showing us, in many different ways, how powerful feminine energy is.  We may find that WEEK 22 shows us the stunning difference between a “strongman” and a strong woman – or an emotionally balanced man and a feelingless woman. Yes, these are complicated times.

1 is the SELF. The EGO. 1’s unevolved nature is combative and territorial. But 1 is also the energy of ideas, action, invention, and electricity.

2 is the magnetic behind-the-scenes energy that takes care of the all-important details, connects it all together, and makes it all work – without which 1 cannot function successfully. But unevolved 1 barely acknowledges 2 and takes credit for 2’s efforts. 2 is indispensable.

Unevolved 2 does not know its own value, or that it is the offspring of 1 that has split itself in two. This miraculous evolutionary growth is the reason 11 is such is sacred number, especially right now, as humanity continues down this evolutionary path on which everything appears to be upside-down. But this is not the way things on Earth have suddenly become. This is the way things have always been. And we’re just realizing it.

When the world changed from the 1000s to the 2000s, we did not change with it. We are on a completely new wavelength now, and the terror and suffering going on all over the planet, the horror of it – and the sheer absurdity of it – is the result of our inability to change with the times. We did not slow down when 1999 brought us into the 2000s. We accelerated instead.

In these terrifying days of Covid-19, economic insecurity, environmental devastation, political mayhem, and racism, one of the biggest problems we face is being unable to admit where we went wrong. This is reflected plainly on the world stage by lack of intelligence, outright denial, and no accountability. If we cannot accept our mistakes and mis-steps, we cannot learn anything new.

There is a strong connection between COVID-19 – and the century we are evolving from – the 1900swhich is the main timeframe of the industrial age. Karmic 19/1 contains everything we need to learn in order to move out of this deadly imbalance and into some semblance of sustainable life. There is much to learn from the year 1919. Many of the events taking place today, especially in matters of banking, racism, and war, are connected to what happened in 1919 (which was a 2 Year in the world). This included the signing of the 19th Amendment in the U.S. on June 4, (101 years ago next week) regarding a woman’s right to vote. There were also deadly race riots (uprisings) in Chicago and Omaha. There was the 1918/19 Flu pandemic, the capturing of Jerusalem by British Forces which led to the creation of Israel in 1948 (a 22/4Year), and the ongoing colonization of the Indian, African, and Australian continents (and more) by Britain.

22 is the most balanced form of 4 – and 4 is such a practical number – the number of PRIORITIES, OBLIGATIONS, and DETERMINATION, while realistic 2 gives us DETAIL and PERSPECTIVE. That’s where we are right now – moving through powerful vibrations in which seriousness is essential. Solutions for the present and future may be very different to the solutions that ‘appeared’ to work in the past.

What if there is no cure or vaccine for Covid-19? What if the remedy is not drug-related at all? What if the only way to cure this virus is to change the human behavior that caused it.? This includes the way we treat animals, vegetation, the oceans and waterways, the air, and all the other natural wonders that Mother Nature gives freely, but over which we fight and kill each other. War is always about resources. That’s the way of the old system.

We are dealing with a contagion that spreads from animal to human – and there is little difference between the cruelty of the Wuhan wet markets and the cruelty of factory farming and slaughterhouses around the world.

Experimenting on animals is not science. Cruelty is science in reverse. Strong animal rights are necessary not only because human rights are gauged on the way we treat animals, but also for the sake of rendering cruelty unacceptable. Sometimes the answer to what ails us is not always pharmaceutical or surgical. Very often, it is a matter of reversing the damage by changing the way we live.

Keep your masculine mind open this week so that it has more awareness of your feminine feelings. Masculine and feminine must learn to work together, within the body, in perfect balance, in agreement, in LOVE. The emotions cannot “rule” any more than the mind can rule, if we are to find balance (peace) in the outer world. It’s about equality, not ruling.

This week’s 9/22 combination involves global matters, large-scale projects and events, some beneficial – and some absolutely atrocious by those who can “never let a good crisis go to waste”.

Dealing with our own and other people’s denials is paramount this week. When new facts come to light, people often refuse to believe that their original belief could be untrue and are prepared to fight to uphold their familiar old theories. The same applies to certain ‘experts’ out there who cannot change their minds because their income depends on carrying the false narrative forward. In the words of Carl Sagan:

“If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”  

The ISOLATION in which we find ourselves now enables us to slow it all down, stand back, and take an honest overview of our own lives, our relationships, and most importantly our relationship to the world herself. It gives us long moments of reflection so that we can see where old understandings have bamboozled us. And to find ways to go about our lives which do not buy-in to the system that is killing us. 

Self-acceptance is a massive component of our evolution (massive as in ‘the masses’). But how can we accept ourselves if we don’t know ourselves? Current circumstances are giving us a chance to get to know our natural selves rather than who the system tells us we should be.

If life is a symphony, we have reached that part of the score where everything slows down and a different atmosphere is created – and the key has shifted from major to minor, as life shifts from 1 to 2; from thought to feeling; from light to dark, from action to contemplation. From this comes depth, understanding, planning, and back to action again – but action of a more sustainable kind. 2 slows everything down, and in such a concentration of 2, we must not try to push our way forward. That does not mean not acting quickly and efficiently when needed. It means that we are involved in a slow process – which requires some of 2’s greatest powers:





On June 3rd, the 1 Month of June and the 5 energy of WEEK 23 will change the atmosphere considerably.

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2020 (Part 1) – HOLD ON! LET GO! It describes the complex and transforming energies of this very special year in the human journey,

2020 Leap Year

2020 (Part 2) THE LEAP YEAR WOBBLE. This is a monumental year in the human journey, and the disruption in time that a Leap Year creates is going to be very obvious as 2020 unfolds.  

You can get a whole year of Monthly/Weekly/Daily Forecasts (with all the calculations made for you) in your own CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY YEAR BOOK. Written specifically to help you steer your way through these tense, extraordinary, unpredictable, and  evolutionary times, each book contains inspiring monthly, weekly, and daily readings for your specific yearly cycle.

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WHO ARE YOU?  WHY ARE YOU HERE?  WHERE ARE YOU GOING?  This profile will help you to understand your purpose for being here at this precarious evolutionary time in the human journey, what you have to work on, and what you have to work with.  From  $95.00


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2020 Leap Year


2020 brings us into uncharted territory which is triggering our deepest fear – fear of the unknown. However, although these are times of massive change, it is important to notice those areas that have not changed at all because we cannot yet see viable alternatives. These critical aspects are easier to recognize in a Leap Year.

As the system of the 1000s continues to collapse, it is essential to our survival that we learn what 1 has to teach. As the first number, 1 LEADS. Notice how the major issues of the day revolve around those in LEADERSHIP positions. And notice just how unqualified, incompetent, and out of touch with reality so many of those people are.

The collapse of the old system is revealing how some ‘leaders’ are pushing humanity backwards in the hope that this will revive the old system. But that is impossible. Everything changes in the passage of time. Empires rise – and empires fall. And in the 2000s, the very existence of ‘empires’ is being seriously questioned.

1 is the number of SELF and our natural uniqueness. As a species, we are 1, and yet each 1 of us is a separate and distinct INDIVIDUAL — a ‘1-off’. You are the 1-and-only-YOU – among billions of unique others. But we give the power of our individuality away because the power-hungry convince us that only they can lead.

A LEAP YEAR  occurs every four years. An additional day (February 29th) ensures that the calendar remains in alignment with Earth’s rotation around the sun. However, that extra day produces a vibrational “wobble” or see-saw-effect which is felt throughout the year. The Leap Year Wobble shows us how we have been going around in ever-repeating circles by CONNECTING past events to present events. Time passes, but nothing changes.

We organize our lives around our calendars. Birthdays, marriages, anniversaries, life events, religious and cultural observances, coordination, appointments, and planning. This is how we record our journey through time. The calendar has tremendous power – especially the Gregorian Calendar which is the most widely used around the world.

2 is the number of CONNECTION, and we have to connect 1 and 1 together (11) in order to reach the next step – 2. The change of millennium (from electrical 1 to magnetic 2) has disrupted our sense of certainty to a massive degree, and Leap Years seem to intensify things even more. Therefore, 2020 is likely to take our fear of the unknown to another level entirely. Human beings have a debilitating fear of CHANGE which we must overcome – because we also know that things cannot stay the way they are.

2019 brought us to the end of the decade of the 10s, and 10 brings CHANGE whether we feel ready for it or not. You see, there are only 9 numbers in the numeric spectrum, after which all other numbers can be reduced to a single digit. 10 brings us back to 1, but on a new level.











19/10/1 is the holding pattern that contains everything we did not learn – and everything we need to know – in order to evolve into a new and more peaceful form of existence. 19 exposes hypocrisy and atrocity, so that healing can occur. 1 takes.  9 gives. The karmic energy of 19/10/1 is teaching us about the power of ‘give and take’ – compromise – individuals pulling together for the common good. And we are also seeing the deadlock that forms when fixed belief against fixed belief stops progress in its tracks.

Only by moving through unstable Karmic 19 and all those unresolved matters of the 1900s can we move safely into the 2000s. That bygone era still has much to teach us in matters of industry, banking, politics, war and peace, the racial divide, the gender gap, control of the ‘masses’, and how primitive those days actually were. We have experienced a LOT since then, including two world wars – and now is the time to learn and grow from those experiences.

The double-2 energy of 2020 translates as the Master Number 22/4.

22 is the most balanced form of 4. So, both numbers are equally important this year. Practical 4 is always present, while the more idealistic 22 moves through our lives in less frequent but more intense waves of both empathy and opportunity. Both 2 and 4 emphasize the importance of PATIENCE, DETAIL, EFFICIENCY, ORGANIZATION, and RIGHT TIMING.

22 pertains to the ‘masses’, or to use a more accurate word – PEOPLE. 2 is the number of CONNECTION. It connects individual people together. 22 is the number that connects people together on a global scale. And right now, the entire world is connected through a global dis-ease known as Covid-19 – or Coronavirus.

2 = SENSITIVITY and governs the respiratory system – the lungs – breathing – and the heaviest of emotions, grief. The heart and lungs are SO closely connected when it comes to the impact that emotions carry, especially when they are held in and denied access out of the body. It is impossible to look at what is happening to people, the animals, and Earth herself without feeling the grief of so much suffering and terror. We are evolving emotionally, and emotion is our response to experience. The heaviness we are feeling right now is coming from our awareness of reality, without which we remain in denial.

How heartbreaking it is to know that we are still tearing each other to pieces – dropping bombs on people in their homes – shooting children in their schools. Aren’t our lives short enough? Why must we kill each other? Why must we kill total strangers for some political reason to which they are not directly connected? Why do we tolerate such cruelty and disregard for life? And not just human life. What we do to animals is beyond anything I can describe.

The quest for certainty blocks the search for meaning. Uncertainty is the very condition which impels people to unfold their powers. ~Eric Fromm

This era of UNCERTAINTY reminds us that the future is not something to be predicted or be overwhelmed by. It is something to be created and participated in.

The decade of the 10s (which was also the decade of the teens) brought us to the next step – which is where we are now.  After 19/1 comes 20/2. And it now becomes apparent, in the see-saw – roller coaster – Jack-in-a-box movement of 2020 and its Leap Year Wobble – just how unexplored the feminine side of life actually is.

2020 brings us firmly into the feminine 2000s and yet we are trying to live as if we are still in the masculine 1000s. The more we struggle to get back to the way things were, the further we drift from real, meaningful, systemic, and life-sustaining CHANGE.

Movement is life. Life is movement. But the push and pull of trying to move forward and hold on to the past at the same time is creating a deadly standstill. And look – the global system – the industrial system – the class system – is indeed starting to grind to a halt. Movement is restricted.

“The future is uncharted, and we can’t map it until we get there.” ~Margaret Heffernan

2 is the number of cooperation and coming together to achieve a common goal. 22 brings INVENTION to a whole new level. Not mere extensions of existing technology or ideas – but something completely NEW and untried. We live in a time of dire necessity – and necessity is indeed the mother of invention.

22 enables us to bring large-scale ideas to fruition. This is the number of the master builder, the mover and shaker, and the architect of well laid plans. 22/4 can greatly improve conditions for the general population. But in unloving and uncaring hands, it can bring untold chaos and suffering. 22 is also the MASTER DESTROYER.

When 22 is infused with LOVE, CARING, and COOPERATION, human life will have a chance to heal, evolve, move out of the deadly rut we’re in, and discover our true potential, despite the efforts being made to stop us.

2 represents DETAIL and THOROUGHNESS. We are dealing with complex intertwined situations for which accurate information is not immediately available. We must  develop patience with detail, and instead of jumping to premature conclusions, learn to WAIT for workable solutions to form. 2 is the number of PATIENCE and slows everything down. But unevolved 1 makes us impatient for results and speeds everything up as we blindly race past the most vital details.

We have to stop racing through life. Competing. Comparing. Judging. Dividing. Separating. Until we stop racing, racism will remain firmly in place.

2 also reminds us that we are all fellow travelers on the road of life. 2 is always the result of TWO 1s, and when you turn those two 1s on their side, you have the equals sign. 2 is the number of EQUALITY. We have been programmed to believe that the accumulation of money is the mark of a person’s WORTH. In the 2000s, we are going to realize that this is a gross miscalculation – not only by those who have enormous amounts of money, but also by those who don’t.

The last time we experienced a Leap Year that was also a 22/4 year was 1984. And we cannot ignore the obvious connection to George Orwell’s prophetic novel, “NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR”, about a cruel, insane, dystopian, ‘up is down’ ‘war is peace’ world which bears a sinister resemblance to the world we live in today. Amazingly, this work may have been about a futuristic 1984, but he wrote it 36 years earlier in 1948, which was also a 22/4 Leap Year.

Here are some other connections between what happened in 1984 and what’s happening now:

The first MAC personal computers went on sale in 1984.

The first TED conference occurred in 1984.

The discovery of the AIDS Virus was announced in the USA in 1984.

It was in the 22/4 Leap Year of 1984 that MICHAEL MILKEN was at the height of the unprecedented insider-trading scam for which he was eventually sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined $600 million. And leaping forward 36 years, Donald Trump issued a pardon to Michael Milken in February, 2020.

12 years ago, in the Leap Year of 2008, and the final year of the George W. Bush presidency, the Leap Year ushered in a financial crisis that almost brought the entire global economy down. The banks were “too big to fail” and were abusing the global economy – gambling with it – risking it all.  At the end of 2008, as this was reaching severe-crisis-level, the USA voted for its first black president, which was a shock to the ‘establishment’ in itself, and which brought the question of race right into the open. Racial and economic matters are intrinsically connected.

In the end, the banks had to be bailed out by the people, and the people were angry and afraid. Suddenly we were talking about austerity, eviction, foreclosure, unemployment, recession, depression, and the ‘banksters’ who were openly draining the wealth of the people – and continue to do so now.

Four years later, 2012 (a 5 year in the world – the number of freedom and sudden development) not only brought the re-election of Barack Obama, but also the height of the Arab Spring and the Occupy Movement – and a global condemnation of the political/industrial/military complex. The Will of the People was rising up in astonishing numbers to claim their freedom, city after city, country after country.

But then came the inevitable backlash and crackdown by those in power – along with a new awareness of how cold and militarized the police throughout the world had become. 2012 also brought Super Storm Sandy which hit the US East Coast in October, and Super Typhoon Pablo which hit the Philippines in December. We had not experienced such devastating and widespread storms before. And then there was the horrifying shooting of 20 little children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School – which did NOTHING to change the gun laws in the USA.

In the Leap Year 2016 The World Health Organization announced an epidemic of the Zika Virus. And a vaccine was found to be effective against the Ebola Virus which broke out in West Africa three years earlier. 2016 was a 9 Year in the world – the number of endings, completion, and deep emotions. February 29, 2016 was a 22/4 day in the world, (2+11+9=22/4), and so the events of that particular Leap Year are being felt 4 years later in 2020. 2016 also brought the election of Donald Trump.

Going back 72 years, 1948 (another 22/4 Leap Year), brought us the creation of ISRAEL and the continuation of the brutal never-ending Arab/Israeli war. 

WHO (the World Health Organization was established, and the NHS (National Health Service) was established in the U.K.

We are living through the end of an entire era in the human journey, the collapse of established norms – the establishment itself, and a dangerous wave of anti-intellectualism from which a new form of fascism is rising. The age of the bully is reaching a crescendo. These are dangerous times indeed in which the choices we make are vital to our future wellbeing – as individuals – as a species – and as individual parts of a living planet.

We are learning things now that we could not have known before. The more we evolve emotionally, the more we evolve intellectually. The vibrations of our feminine magnetic feelings are forcing open our masculine electrical minds – and that is why there is not only a surge of anti-intellectualism, but also a war on women – all over the world.

The Leap Year shakes things loose. INCOMPETENCE is something we may see a lot of this year – from people who are in over their heads and have no experience of what they are dealing with.

What we are experiencing now, both personally and collectively, is what we have to move THROUGH in order to evolve. No one is immune.



2020 (Part 1) – HOLD ON! LET GO! It describes the complex and transforming energies of this very special year in the human journey,

How telling it is that we now live at a time when we individuals must keep our physical distance from each other. As we remain ‘trapped in time’, between the 1000s and the 2000s, we cannot understand OTHERS, until we understand our SELVES.  What we did not learn from that thousand-year journey, we are scrambling to learn now – at this pivotal point of 2020.




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2020 is a phenomenal number. The emotional healing of lifetimes and generations, individuals and nations, lies ahead. Humanity is evolving, reluctantly, painfully, and chaotically.

It is often said that life is “a balance of holding on and letting go” – and we must learn when to hold on – and when to let go – as we make our way through the chaos of 2020. The horrors we are experiencing on Earth are the result of trying to exit the past before we have learned what it has to teach. So, the past keeps repeating until we learn.

Time moves forever forward.  It is WE who stand still until reality finally sinks in, and the path ahead can be seen more clearly. And it is clearly a difficult path. 2020 adds up to 4, which brings out our most difficult lessons.

“People are trapped in history, and history is trapped in them.”  ~James Baldwin

We are trapped between two very different segments of time – the masculine 1000s and the feminine 2000s. The “strongmen” (reflections of the past) are rising all over the world – in their full despicability – to prevent our unstoppable transition into equality and balance.

Another common saying is, “hindsight is 20/20” which implies that things that are obvious now were not obvious while they were happening. At least, not to all. The state of the natural world and the mass extinction of multiple species is a prime example of how we have denied the human impact on the very environment that enables us to exist. People see it now, along with the fact that the human species can also be wiped out. And if this should happen, it will be self-inflicted.

The Antarctic Peninsula is among the fastest-warming regions on earth ©Getty Images

This month, it was reported by the World Meteorological Organization that the temperatures on Antarctica/South Pole are the hottest ever and are melting its massive glaziers and ice sheets far more rapidly than expected. This puts not only coastal areas around the world in greater jeopardy, but also the world’s inland waterways which drain into the oceans. The first month of 2020 saw the hottest January temperatures ever, all across Europe.

Without full attention on climate change, our self-destructive system will destroy us. Our antiquated governments, and the industries they answer to, are reducing environmental oversight instead of upholding or increasing it. They attack Mother Nature first and foremost because she is THE MOTHER LODE – she is where everything comes from. They must therefore control her. And In doing so, they control our ability to feel and sense. SHE, Mother Nature, is the source of feminine energy on Earth.

“Ms. McSpadden, what will it take to bring peace to the streets of Ferguson?”


We cannot continue to deny the overwhelming role that racism plays in the ongoing global chaos. How can this tired old system not be racist when it is based on racing, competing, being first, biggest, fastest, richest, and best?

The “human race” is not our species, it is the system itself. We are free evolving beings who are captured in a system fueled by hatred for the ‘other side’, and the belief that “winning” is everything. These brutal divide-and-conquer tactics are where so much of the hatred comes from! And it is much easier to control people in the grip of orchestrated chaos.

But a system that depends on secrecy and behind-the-scenes manipulation cannot survive in the 2000s because 2 is the number of transparency and openness, and exposes what is happening in the background. Then, when the truth emerges, there is an enormous but visible effort to cover it up.

A system that believes white people are the ‘norm’ while everyone else is somehow inferior cannot survive in the 2000s because 2 is the number of equality and balance. Meanwhile, there is an enormous but visible effort to keep “minorities” down, even though the combined minority is very much the majority.

A system that runs on selfishness cannot survive in the 2000s because 2 is the number of empathy and caring. Meanwhile, the level of cruelty dealt out to people, animals, and all aspects of life is visibly intensified, and we live in a state of constant humanitarian and environmental crisis.

This old system depends on we the people NOT becoming the powerful beings we can be when we’re being our true selves. 1 is the number of SELF – and being more aware of our own identity (self-awareness) was a major role of the decade of the 10s, which ended just a few weeks ago.

Foresight is 10 10.

Insight is 11 11.

Hindsight is 20 20.

In order to move forward we must understand WHY we are in this mess. 2020 = BALANCE, which is the result of EQUALITY. And because 2 also = sensitivity and caring, 2020 provides the motivation to firmly COMMIT to what we are aiming for. 11 11 provides the inspiration. 10 10 takes us to the next level – which is where we are now!

creative numerology

Look at the equals sign. It is 11 observed from a different angle. Being able to see the numbers from different angles lets us see the flexibility in life. It enables us to see other points of view besides our own. We can home-in on a specific aspect – and we can also take a broader view and see all the different connections involved. 2 = CONNECTION. And we are ALL connected – every single 1 of us.

We are learning to LET GO of old perceptions and HOLD ON to a realistic sense of self (ego) as we weave our way through conflicting states of mind and emotion. We have to be prepared for this inner turmoil – and savor the instances of new awareness and possibility. This is a time of invention and societal progress, based on NEW understanding – not the same tired old ways.

2020 is a MOMENTOUS year in the human journey in which we must learn about the power of 1 – the number of BEGINNINGS, ORIGINS, the INDIVIDUAL, the SELF, INDEPENDENCE, ACTION, CHANGE, LEADERSHIP, and MASCULINE ENERGY. We cannot find stability in the feminine 2000s until we do, just as we cannot cross a bridge until we come to it. Understanding masculine 1 is the bridge to feminine 2 – because 2 is always made of two 1s.

1 is the FIRST number, and 11 is the 1st of 9 Master Numbers. Master Numbers are TRANSFORMERS, and we are in a major transformation of humanity in these early days of the 2000s.

2020 seems to be a predetermined point in time when feminine 2 rises and brings balance within ourselves (1 = self), and within our species (1+1 = each other). 2020 is what the whole 11:11 phenomenon has been leading to – making this a crucial turning point in the human journey.




11:11 means many things to many people. To some, it means nothing at all. But from the standpoint of numerology, the events of 2020 can help us understand who we are, why we are here, and decide for ourselves the direction we want to take. Both 2 and 4 help us to look more closely and patiently at the details.

So, HOLD ON, WORLD! The results of the past are pouring into the present. The closer we get to the truth, the more dangerous the world becomes. So, LET GO, WORLD, of the systemic programming which tells us that we have no power. We have more power than we have ever been allowed to imagine. We just have to recognize the Will for what it is – and develop it – efficiently – with loving intent.

We are learning about our own power to change things, and the power of others to prevent such changes. The imbalance on Earth has always been about the power of individuals to overpower other individuals. We have been programmed to believe there is nothing we can do about it. We even call them the ‘powers that be’ – or – the ‘ruling class’ – titles of the class system that suggest they have a divine right to overpower everyone else. They do not. And the fact that they believe they do, shows just how deep their denial of reality runs.

4 is the number of system, and in 2020, this collapsing greed-driven system is likely to be severely shaken by events that are beyond its ability to control. Once they can no longer deny that a problem exists, they will deny that they caused it and blame others. 2 = TRANSPARENCY – and in 2020, more than ever, we can see right through the deception and lies.

We are now in a rapid evolutionary phase which is forcing us to recognize the very part of us that is being controlled. Our WILL.

So, HOLD ON world! It’s time to LET GO of the past and create the future. But do keep in mind that 4 is the number of success through HARD WORK, DEDICATION, DETERMINATION, and working through LIMITATIONS and OBSTACLES. This will not be an easy year. 4 requires great EFFORT.

HOLD ON! And LET GO of the notion that we are unable to help ourselves.  Indeed, helping ourselves is the nature of this evolutionary process. The process of freeing the human WILL can only be done by the human Will.

And while we must resist the total capture of the Will, we must also  FREE those parts of our Will that are captured. And keep in mind that it is the Will that enables us to resist in the first place.

No one is free. We are all owned by this global system, the nature of which is ownership. Even those who control it are chained to it by their greed and fear of loss. 

The system wants us to believe that we have no Will of our own, but just look at how the Will of the people keeps rising up to free herself, all over the world.

A major part of freeing the Will is to stretch our imaginations and open our minds – so that alternative ways to exist and flourish can be envisaged, created, and upheld.

It is not just human beings who have a WILL. All of life, the animals, and the planet herself, have WILL energy, feminine energy, depth, darkness, gravity, magnetism, and emotion. And all of life has CONSCIOUSNESS, masculine energy, light, action, electricity, and intellect. Yin and Yang. Without this understanding, we can never eradicate the utter cruelty, self-indulgence, and corruption that is attacking all areas of life.

A major change of gears is in progress. It began as December 1999 flowed into January 2000. On September 11, 2001, the world’s biggest physical symbol of 11 – the World Trade Center in New York was destroyed, and the world has been in turmoil ever since. That was the first IMPACT of the global transformation that we’re now experiencing.

FREE WILL starts with the freedom to express outwardly what we feel inwardly. This is what propels us. This is what is meant by ‘living from the inside out’. Humanity is learning to be moved by our feelings, instead of treating them as mental glitches. We cannot be the free spirits we are until we realize the true purpose, power, and importance of our feminine vibration. 2 teaches us how to do this without being so overwhelmed by feelings that we become a danger to ourselves and others.

2 = perspective, perception, purpose, and appropriateness.  2 = growing up, maturing, and being able to withstand the realities of life instead of denying them. And it does seem that THE WALL of our own denials is starting to crack. As denial falls away, reality stares back at us, and our minds expand with new awareness. Until we understand the true power, purpose, and complexity of emotion, we will continue to be manipulated by those who have learned how to turn our own feelings into weapons to use against us.

This is not a matter of emotional people imposing their feelings on the populace, but of emotionless people casting deliberate emotional blows that are so cruel that we often can’t believe that such heartlessness is possible. They are able to do this because they are unable to feel anything at all – other than hate – which is not an emotion. Hate is emotional disease. An illness of the sensory system. Hate is the absence of love.

Emotion is our inner-radar system which measures and interprets our outer experiences. Emotional intelligence is so powerful that those who control the world cannot allow us to recognize or develop this power – the power of our own Free Will. Resisting this oppression is essential if we are to evolve out of this tragic segment of the journey. As we gain inner balance between masculine mind and feminine emotion, within the physical body, we bring balance into life – and life into balance.

But masculine mind often plays victim when feminine emotion gets too close. And when victimhood takes hold, empathy dies. Then, the only concern is ‘looking out for number 1’ – the SELF.   Ignorance believes it is intelligence – and hate takes over from there.

2 gives us sensitivity. 2 enables us to sense our way along. 2 is sensible. 2 makes sense of things. 2 organizes and coordinates. Feminine 2 expands and develops what masculine 1 has to offer (1+1=2) and opens up space in which ideas can take shape instead of remaining mere mental concepts.

2 is DETAIL.

2 is DEPTH.

2 is a gentle slow-moving energy – but if you try to push against it or speed it up, it pushes back hard and slows you down even more! 2 is the number of patience, attention to detail, right timing, and it feeds the mind with intelligence.

…and look where we are right now.

February is the 2nd month of 2020 – a 22/4 Year. The millennium of the 2000s has just completed 2 DECADES. And now we’re in the decade of the 20s. And on February 2, 2020, we passed through the palindromic date of

0 2 0 2 2 0 2 0

…which is a true rarity.

A palindrome reads the same forwards as it does backwards. So, what was its message? To begin with, it tells us that events and circumstances could go either way. The outcome is not set in stone. 2 denotes CHOICE. And the controlling forces are determined to reduce our choices to just 2 options: do as we say, or we will attack you. And look at the 22, right in the center. The number of the MASTER BUILDER – and the MASTER DESTROYER.

There is a LOT of 22 energy in the flow right now. For instance, DONALD TRUMP was born on the 22/4 Life Path (6+14+2=22/4). He was born in a 2 Year. (1+9+4+6=2+0=2).  He is in a 4 Year in 2020.

22 is the number of GREATNESS. 22 is the most balanced form of 4. But when its intent is unloving, its cold-heartedness is MAGNIFIED. When 2’s perspective is unbalanced, it confuses coldness with greatness. When 22 is in careless or unloving hands, it can be ultra-destructive.

The word GREAT is open to constant interpretation. Greatness can refer to MAGNITUDE, SIZE, IMMENSITY, and IMPACT – or the SERIOUSNESS or SIGNIFICANCE of something. Without these distinctions, we are unable to respond appropriately to the very real emergencies that are happening all over the world, including the continued attacks on the GREATNESS of feminine energy – MOTHER EARTH herself.

We cannot merely shrug and say: “we’ll see what happens.”  Part of what it takes to evolve into Free Will is finding a way to make something happen – to create the changes that will set us free. 4 is the number of BREAKTHROUGH. 4 is also the number of PRIORITY – and many of our priorities must change this year.

In 2020, we must find our way through the haze of lies and deception.  However, this constant uncertainty has a purpose: to force us out of our complacency and ACCEPT the need for NEW ideas and solutions, especially as far as leadership is concerned.

1 = LEADERSHIP. 1 also = CHANGE. It is time to change our definition of leadership. 1 teaches us that we are not here to be ‘led’ but to learn how to lead our own lives. The purpose of government, therefore, is to hold the balance points open so that ALL of life can flow and flourish, not just a selected portion of it.

While 4 can bring great limitations, it also represents SUCCESS through hard work, dedication, determination, and meticulous attention to detail. 4 separates fact from fiction. Only the truth will do. 4 = ORDER, METHOD, PROCESS, and RESULT.

On the other hand, 4 can be so prone to order and correctness, that it becomes obsessed by an unshakable need to be right. 4 can go to great lengths to push back when a belief is challenged or when its ‘norm’ feels threatened. In this case, senses become hardened, including the sense of compassion. 4’s over-reliance on logic can dull the mind because it shuts off (denies) the possibility that it could be wrong and closes itself off to alternatives. There are a lot of closed minds in the world, but let’s not get smug about this. We ALL have areas of unconsciousness from which we need to evolve. The circumstances of 2020 can help us do this.

4 represents the heart chakra. And the heart is where courage comes from (not the testicles as masculine 1 would have us believe). The vibrations of 2020 will help us to open our hearts and be brave when we need to be.

I’ll be writing more as 2020 unfolds.

“To make one good action succeed another is the perfection of goodness.”  ~Ali ibn abi Talib

HERE IS 2020 – PART 2 – THE LEAP YEAR WOBBLE2020 Leap Year


How telling it is that we now live at a time when we individuals must keep our physical distance from each other. As we remain ‘trapped in time’, between the 1000s and the 2000s, we cannot understand OTHERS, until we understand our SELVES.  What we did not learn from that thousand-year journey, we are scrambling to learn now – at this pivotal point of 2020.




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This week’s numerology urges us to PAY ATTENTION to what is going on, even though the pace of events is so hard to keep up with. Week 41 is a 5 week (4+1=5) which sparks our intellectual curiosity and a desire to be better informed. In the 4 1 5 vibration, we want to get things ‘right’. We want to understand.

Practical 4 seeks out and corrects inaccuracy. 4 represents challenge, strictness, restriction, and success through effort and determination. 1 represents the individual, the ego, one-step-at-a-time movement, and progressive change. 5 represents sudden change, unexpected development, the physical world, our physical bodies, “all walks of life”, variety, variation, and freedom.

Tuesday, October 10 brings us into 10  10  10  10 energy.

Decade = 10

Year = 10

Month = 10

Day = 10

10  10  10  10 = 40.

This corresponds with this 10 week cycle in which all the week numbers begin with 4, (Week 40 to 49).

The last time we experienced the quadruple-10 sequence was 9 years ago, on October 10th, 2008. On that date, the stock markets across Europe, Asia, and the USA crashed. The system was broken by greed and incompetence, and so began an unprecedented financial crisis that is still affecting economies today.

So here we are, moving through that volatile 10  10  10  10 energy again, but even more vulnerable this time around. Human rights, at so many levels, are being violated on a scale we have seldom seen before. Slavery never ended. It just changed its outer appearance – and its name. In this age of transparency, its diabolical image is reappearing, but now it’s called ‘trafficking’.

10 Downing Street is very much in the spotlight. The British Government’s Headquarters is often referred to as simply, “Number 10”. And this seat of global power is in uncommon disharmony at this time.

Environmental disasters are happening with greater frequency and impact, while our assault on Mother Earth worsens. There are more displaced people in the world now than after World War 2. Human and animal suffering never ends. Then there is the threat of nuclear engagement in which millions of lives are at stake – while the gigantic yet fragile egos of leaders Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un spar with each other. October 10 is a big day in North Korea – the 68th anniversary of the founding of its “ruling political party”.

The Iran Nuclear Agreement is also in danger of being abandoned. 1 signifies all things nuclear. In fact, it was in October 1962 that the Cuban Missile Crisis put the whole world on edge. This involved leaders John F. Kennedy (USA) and Nikita Khrushchev (USSR) and Fidel Castro (Cuba).

And then there is the upsurge of authoritarianism, (nazi-ism) that is trying its best to take control of all life on Earth. Hate and violence go hand in hand.

It is imperative that we PAY ATTENTION to what is happening as the effort to drag us backwards  intensifies, and the attempt to normalize authoritarianism accelerates. While we are all distracted by very real and emotionally rousing events that are coming at us so rapidly, laws are being passed which make authoritarianism LEGAL.

Someone tweeted just recently “I long for the day when people wearing swastikas and people wearing Black Lives Matter tee shirts accept each other and just ‘get along'”. It is shocking to see the number of people who do not understand what nazi-ism actually is – an irrational belief in racial superiority – the ‘master race’ – racism at its MOST extreme. There is no middle ground once we reach that level of authoritarianism. If you resist its ‘authority’, you die. Yes, resistance continues and becomes more resolved, but under the most extreme danger of exposure. Resistance has to be coordinated in secret. It becomes ‘the underground’.

When we are no longer permitted to question authority, our WILL, (the feminine energy that all human beings possess), is completely trapped and restrained, and our lives are no longer our own. The regime OWNS us. When we can no longer express dissent, we are enslaved! Expressing outwardly what we feel inwardly propels us forward in the journey of life. And this is precisely why women’s rights are always under attack. If feminine energy were to attain equality in this man’s world, the whole system would fall apart – which it is currently doing.

“We are not what happened to us, we are what we wish to become.” ~Carl Jung

At the same time, we have to focus on creating the kind of world we want to live in – to set our priorities – and arrange our lives around them. If we give up on this, we give away our Will. By focusing on building a new way of life that makes the old way obsolete, we give ourselves a goal which can carry us through the inevitable rough spots ahead.

Without 1 there can be no other numbers. 1 is the nucleus, the atom, the beginning, the first step.

1 = leadership – and being ‘in the lead’. 1 also refers to leading our own lives – and being ‘led’.

1 = the “RACE” for superiority – actually BEING #1.

1 = contest and competition.

1 = the self ~ the individual.

1 = the ego (one’s sense of self).

1 = unevolving masculine aggression and contest (war)

1 = the divine masculine – the evolving man – (equality)

1 = action and speed.

1 = 1-step-at-a-time development (1 thing leads to another – cause and effect).

1 = the power of 1 ~ and the power of many 1s who are united in a common cause.

And this week there are many 1s affecting our lives. (10 is 1 multiplied by 10).

One of the challenges of the 1 energy is to speak up for ourselves and let it be known how we feel, instead of allowing uncomfortable situations to escalate without ever speaking up to clear the air. This means developing courage and determination (which are characteristics of 4).

Remember that guilt and blame are not emotions. They are judgments which may, or may not, be accurate. Judgments we have made over time, as well as those we have inherited from previous generations, create a belief system that affect all the decisions we make today.

There is an emphasis on relationship and loyalty this week. This can help us to untangle ourselves from hurts and insecurities of the past, so that we can BE in, and deal with, what’s happening in the present. Begin with a judgment you have made about how certain people or situations should be. Then look more closely at how they actually are, and how they became that way. If we cannot find the cause, changing the effect will be impossible. And so, we are going back and forth between areas of the past from which we must free ourselves, the emergencies of the present, and the potential in the present from which to create the future. There’s a lot going on in the evolving human condition right now.

There is no shame in not knowing all the answers, and we should not pretend to understand something if we don’t, or try to be someone we are not. Week 41 emphasizes the qualities of honesty and sincerity. We give these feelings consciousness when we express them not only in the words we speak, but also in the actions we take.

Week 41 is a 5 Week, and 5 is the number of all things ‘different’ – diversity – variety – the ‘spice of life’. 5 is physical and sexual. The 5 vibration helps us to LEARN from past and present mistakes and mis-steps, so that we can stop repeating them on the great karmic wheel of unlearned lessons.

5 represents learning from experience. 5 brings contrast to the openness that life is becoming – which enables us to see things more clearly, and many things for the first time, even though they have been there all along. We are all in the evolutionary process of understanding the concept of FREE WILL, and the absolute necessity to rescue and protect it.

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January 20, 2017 = 1 2 1. This is a very significant date in the human journey. These numbers reflect our position in the volatile space between one millennium and the next. We are experiencing the vibrational differences between the electrical masculine 1000s and the magnetic feminine 2000s. And the shocks will continue until we finally wake up to the enormity of what is happening.

While 1 signifies speed, action, and the start of something new, 2 slows everything down by drawing attention to important details which must be recognized and dealt with before real progress can be made.


4 is the number of order, foundation, method, system, facts and figures, and effective organization. 4 is the number of effectiveness. However, until we feel its powers of determination and purpose, 4 can create limitation, delay, and the feeling of being boxed-in. 4 teaches us that every problem has its answers and solutions if we are patient enough to find them – and then find the most effective way to put them into practice. 4 represents results through hard work. This confirms that although the journey of 2017 will not be easy, 4 gives us the power of perseverance.

We cannot solve a problem until we understand its true nature, and we are dealing with complex and dangerous matters now. The first step to stabilizing our position is acceptance of reality. Eyes wide open! Denial is easy to spot in this age of transparency – but the old guard cannot operate in openness and is trying desperately to push everything back into secrecy.

It’s OK to be afraid. Fear is a natural part of the emotional range, with its own power and purpose. It is fear that is waking people up right now! Fear is not the problem. Denial of fear is the problem. Indifference is the problem. Being paralyzed by fear is the problem, too. Constant distraction is the problem. As evolving beings, we must learn to accept what must be feared, and discard the petty or false fears which keep us tied to this floundering way of life.

January 20, 2017, marks the beginning of a serious segment of the journey in which humanity is starting to recognize the power of its own Will (feminine energy), which is rising up against the old ways of oppression, and the ridiculous notions of white supremacy and patriarchy. The war on women is real and terrifying, and women are fighting back.

Yin_and_Yang.svgThe Will is our ability to feel and sense. The Will is also MOTHER’S LOVE and the natural tendency to nurture and protect, and we all possess this energy, male and female alike. The Will (emotion) is YIN and the Spirit (consciousness) is YANG, both of which are different but equal – and interdependent. But this male-driven system must keep the feminine down in order to maintain its dominance. This cannot continue as the feminine 2000s unfold.

45 is also prominent today because it marks the inauguration of the 45th POTUS, which is the result of an election that occurred in Week 45 of 2016. Both 45 and 2016 add up to 9 – the number of endings, conclusions, awareness, and emotional healing. 4 = restriction, 5 = freedom. 9 is the most emotional number of all (from the heights of happiness to the depths of despair), and there is no doubt that people are experiencing extraordinary depths right now.

This numeric combination tells us that this is NOT the beginning of a new system, but the end of the old one – this unfair, out of balance, and utterly cruel way of life.

Donald Trump will bring the system down because that is what greed is bound to do in the end – consume itself. Racial matters are coming to a head because that is what the old class system IS – the race to be number 1 – “winner” take all. But that is not the true nature of life. We cannot discover our true potential while a person’s “value” is based on how much money they have, the color of their skin, the nature of their culture, their religion, or who they love. Life is not about winning. It is about living.

The 20th day of January 2017 connects us directly to the millennial energy of the 2000s, and reminds us that the NEW system will not be based on competition (1), but on cooperation (2). Peace will come through peaceful desire and diplomacy, not more war.

No matter what happens on the long and difficult road ahead, just remember that the human RACE is not a species. The human RACE is the system itself. The human RACE must end, so that a free humanity can begin…