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WHERE WE ARE – 2022 – WEEK 22

WHERE WE ARE – 2022 – WEEK 22

WEEK 22 runs from SATURDAY, MAY 28 to FRIDAY, JUNE 3. This is the 3rd week of a 10-week cycle in which all the week numbers begin with 2.

WEEK 22 adds to the abundance of 2 energy coming from the millennium of the 2000s, the decade of the 2020s, and the year 2022.

Feminine 2 represents sensitivity, feeling, caring, and depth. What happens in the 22nd WEEK of 2022 is likely to bring us into some very deep waters. This is an important TURNING POINT in the human journey.

Feminine emotion (which we all possess) is calling the masculine mind into action. This combination of magnetism and electricity, working together within the physical body, each in their own unique way, not only reveals options and possibilities but also the profound desire (a deep feeling) for fundamental CHANGE, rather than trying to get things back to “normal”.

People are becoming more engaged in forming our personal and collective direction – towards love, not hate. This is often difficult to see or sense, because it is happening against a heartbreaking and frightening backdrop of hate-induced events and environmental disasters. Our emotions are the WILL of humanity, which is in the evolutionary process of freeing itself, and it is certainly taking a battering at this time.

11:11 has been an important spiritual symbol for more than 20 years. 1 represents the INDIVIDUAL, and 11 represents many individuals. The colon between the two 11s is the separator – the gap – the differences – between groups of individuals. We don’t see a lot of 11:11 anymore, and I think that’s because 11:11 has already arrived – in the form of 22. (11+11=22).

The only way that 2 can form is from two 1s joining together. 2 is the number of OTHERS – and EACH OTHER. 22 represents the global population and the contrasting conditions in which people live.

The FEAR of “other” is causing great harm on Earth today. Fear takes many forms, some of them perfectly rational, and some of them totally irrational. One of the most important lessons of our times involves knowing what we do need to fear, and what need not be feared at all.

It is irrational to fear people who are “different”, when DIVERSITY is the very nature of life. We are all threads of the same cloth – which has become tattered and weak as we continue to tear each other apart. Our only hope as a species is to somehow pull ourselves together. In the middle of all our differences is common ground, and although it will be challenging, it is vital that we take that approach when at all possible.

“The stark reality is that we have a society in which money is increasingly concentrated in the hands of a few people. This threatens to make us a democracy in name only.”~Nobel Prize winning economist, Paul Krugman

Throughout the world, fascism threatens to replace democracy. This threat is very real because democracy can only stand firm when it is true democracy. Instead, we have extremely fragile democracies in which oligarchy and plutocracy are revered, aspired to, given power over the people, and are deeply biased against minorities.

But as the demographics of the population change, and minorities are becoming the majority, those who currently hold the power (mainly white males), are terrified of being “replaced”. Terrified of being treated as white Europeans treated Native Americans and people of the Caribbean, the African continent, India, the indigenous people of Australia and New Zealand, and many other nations whose collective WILL was stolen by foreign forces.

The industrial age began in Britain in the 1760s, causing European countries to race against each other to control the coveted natural resources of those far-off lands. That was when the idea of humanity being divided into “races” was conceived. The term “human race” was first used in the late 1700s to determine variations in people based on skin color, hair form, head shape, and cranial dimensions. And from this primitive scientific study, whites determined that they were superior to all other “races”. In fact, white was not considered to be a race at all. It was considered to be the norm.

We are NOT the human race. We are humanity. We are 1. The human race is the antiquated system which is now falling apart. And we have to find a way to hold ourselves together until balance (equity) is reached. It starts with equality between masculine and feminine.

“The more I think it over, the more I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.” ~Vincent van Gogh

Humanity is so caught up in this deadly urge to beat and outdo each other that we fail to understand that life is not a game. It is not a race. Life is NOT a competition. Life is not a never-ending war.

Life is ever-expanding potential, which is unlikely to be technological, but rather, a yet to be developed magic that comes from INNER-BALANCE, between our masculine minds and feminine feelings – working together within the physical body. Being our whole selves, and not mere fragments of ourselves.

Hate locks itself into its own point of view and cannot accept any new information which could soothe and heal it. Hate is a disease of the emotions, a deficiency of love, and not an emotion in itself. We all have some hate in us because none of us are unaffected by this hateful system that we’re in the process of transforming.

MASTER NUMBERS (multiples of 11) are TRANSFORMERS – conduits of change. There is so much more to them than modern numerology has been able to determine. Right now, we are learning, first hand, what 11 and 22 have to teach – because that is where we are.

1+1 produces 2, and sheds LIGHT on whatever we are dealing with. 11/2 enlightens and inspires. But it can also produce over-sensitive and irrational responses which divide and control. In the wrong hands, 11/2 can snuff that light out and dampen any hope for positive change. This is why we must know in our hearts which way we want to go – and really feel it.

“History is at a turning point… This is really the moment when it is decided whether brute force will rule the world.” Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy

22 is directly connected to the circumstances and conditions of large groups of people – the many, not just the few. 22 can take us beyond our current limits. This energy helps us to bring BIG IDEAS to fruition. 22 enables us to focus deeply and intently.

This is the energy of LARGE-SCALE ACCOMPLISHMENTS that are brought about through cooperation, diplomacy, persuasion, and great attention to detail, for the purpose of improving conditions for others. But when 22 is in unqualified, selfish, greedy, lazy, or hateful hands, the result brings chaos, restriction, destruction, and all kinds of trouble for humanity as a whole.

These are dangerous times – the interim period between two massive cycles – the electrical masculine1000s and the magnetic feminine 2000s – and there is often nothing in our past experience to draw from. We’re playing it by ear. Winging it.

However, we can gain valuable insight by asking ourselves what we can contribute to a situation rather than what we can get out of it. The selfishness of the 1000s can only be countered by kindness.

The expression, HINDSIGHT IS 20:20 means that it’s easy to understand something after it has already happened, but not before. It implies that we should have known something would happen, or that someone made a bad decision. WE ARE TRAVELING THROUGH AN ENTIRE DECADE OF 20:20 ENERGY, and it is essential that we learn from hindsight – learn from experience. Learning from the past brings understanding into the present, hones our intuitive sense of direction, and activates the power of FORESIGHT.

We must learn the lessons of 1 before we can move comfortably into the 2000s. 1 is the number of the PIONEER and the discovery of previously unknown factors. 1 is also the number of ACTION, reminding us that doing nothing is not an option. What guides us is the INTENT in our hearts, and whether it is based on LOVE or HATE.

22 is the Master Builder – and the Master Destroyer. Humanity is in a highly creative and highly destructive phase at the same time. We are teetering on the edge of multiple potentials.


22 is the most balanced form of 4, which represents the power of structure, order, hard work, determination, limitation, and breakthrough. 4 represents SYSTEM, including the outdated and oppressive systems in which we live.

“Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are.” Brene Brown

4 represents limits, order, detail, accuracy, and discovering our true sense of identity – our authentic selves. 4 is helping us to recognize just how deeply in denial we have been, on so many levels. We know so little about the system we are trapped in because we do not look at it deeply enough and are so easily distracted.

4 is the number of breakthrough, and if we can break through the chains of our own stubbornness (denials), we will see ourselves and each other as we really are. Genuine self-awareness will lead to genuine self-acceptance, and this will enable us to accept each other as equal – which is the very thing that the old dying system is determined to prevent.

The path to enlightenment in our politics and a renewal of our democracy is to lay aside ideology, dogma, and partisanship and support leaders of integrity, character, and compassion. That will get us out of this mess. ~Matthew Dowd

4 is symbolized by the square or box – and is showing us how we have boxed ourselves in to political and social systems that are designed to control and kill rather than love and nurture – and how we tend to attach ourselves to political personalities rather than the quality of their policies and ideas.

The world is dangerously out of balance. Equality IS balance. Fairness IS balance. Justice IS balance. Without balance there can never be peace.

This great divide actually goes back much further than the onset of the industrial age. It began with the belief that men are superior to women. SEXUAL SUPREMACY. Every culture has its patriarchy. The old system must shut women up – and down – because feminine energy enables the OUTWARD EXPRESSION of our emotions without which we cannot understand our own existence.

Feminine energy is the human WILL, which is currently rising in the 2000s. 2 is the number of sensitivity, feeling, inclusion, and equality. 4 is the number of CORRECTION, and we are certainly in the midst of a major course-correction at this time.

4 represents WORK – and how things work. 4 gives us the powers of DETERMINATION and FOCUS. 4 helps us to ORGANIZE and make PRACTICAL, WORKABLE PLANS. This is an intention-setting segment of the journey because 4 works best when it has a goal to aim towards.

It is also important to note the connection between 4 and THE MEDIA (the Fourth Estate). This is likely to be a principal factor in JUNE when the enormous power of COMMUNICATION will be more clearly understood. Notice how the double-6 vibrations of JUNE 2022 (6+6=1+2=3) emphasize the following:


6 = both BALANCE and EXTREMES.

1 = the masculine energy we are evolving OUT OF.

2 = the balance of feminine/masculine energy we are evolving INTO.


Remember that evil is a master of disguise and can do its harm in the light just as easily as in the darkness. Evil finds joy in doing harm to others and in doing so, kills joy. We have to stop equating light with good, and dark with bad. That very notion gives racism, sexism, and all the other hateful “isms” counterfeit legs on which to stand. June 2022 is a 3 Month in the world, and 3 is the number of JOY. So, it is essential to keep joy alive by feeling happiness as it arises. If something makes you smile – smile.

Light and dark is BALANCE, survival, Yin and Yang. Surfing our way through it is often a matter of knowing when to hold on and when to let go, when to push forward and when to hold back. At a time when making choices is paramount, you may find that you are better at this than you gave yourself credit for.

The flow of 2 energy becomes even greater on TUESDAY, MAY (5+31=3+6=9), and FRIDAY, JUNE 3rd (6+3=9), because those dates add up to 9, and 9 intensifies everything. Your own Weekly Forecast (and the 2 Forecast) are also repeated on those dates.

“Don’t let yourself become numb to this. Don’t let them bombard you with so much inhumanity that you just tune it out. Don’t give up on the dream of living in a humane world, where people in need are cherished and lifted up rather than turned away. They want you to give in. Don’t.”~Elad Nehorai

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55 and 19

55 and 19Master 55 and karmic 19 are prominent numbers on Saturday, February 24, 2018 – the 55th day of this illuminating 11/2 global year. 55/10/1 brings dynamic energy into our lives and helps us to deal intelligently with large-scale change.

55 helps us to stay calm in chaotic situations, instead of panicking or going into denial. 5 is the number of resourcefulness, and this double-5 infusion helps us understand what a situation most needs, and how best to implement it.

Both 1 and 5 indicate strong change, but there is a difference between the two.

1 = independence.

5 = freedom.

1 brings change through gradual progress.

5 brings change suddenly.

Sometimes the sudden changes that occur in 5 are the accumulation of 1’s gradual changes all coming together at the same time. This can be both confusing and inspiring. 55 keeps us focused on developing the courage and Will to uncover the truth.

5 makes us aware of our physical presence among others, and right now, 1 is helping us to evolve beyond mere selfishness into self-acceptance. Only then can we genuinely accept ‘others’.

55 breaks down old barriers

55/1 brings to fruition what was once considered impossible or ‘before its time’ by enabling 1 to let go of what it is clinging to, so that life can flow freely and naturally. Only then can our greater potential unfold.

As new and unusual ideas arise, changes of consciousness may be experienced, but don’t mistake this for inconsistency. 55 represents true innovation, and breaking through old barriers into something new, original, functional, and lasting. The 55/10/1 vibration breaks outdated understanding, and brings us to the ‘next level’. 55 makes us realize that we are citizens of the world – we are ONE. (55=10=1).

However, all those outdated understandings (the old ways of the 1000s) are fighting desperately to maintain control and often become more dangerous when master numbers are in play. This will continue while the decade of the 10s is active, which makes 2020 such an important year in the human journey. The adage about ‘hindsight being 2020’ has a deep significance here.

55 enables us to understand the principles of equality among human beings and why this is the key to balance (peace) on Earth. This extremely fertile and sexual vibration gives birth to unusual concepts – and unusual children.


While 55 is the most balanced form of 1, 19 is the karmic vibration of 1. Today’s date makes this a 19 / 10 / 1 day in the world.




2+6+11= 19 / 10 / 1

19 / 10 / 1 is one of the karmic energies that humanity is working through in order to evolve from the masculine 1 energy of the previous millennium to the feminine 2 energy of the 2000s. (After 19 comes 20). 19 brings us face to face with what 1 has to teach – which is basically about our SELVES. 11 symbolizes 1 (the individual) coming face to face with oneself. (1+1=2).

In both 55 and 19, we must learn as we go. This means letting go of stubborn beliefs that keep us trapped in the past, discovering what works and what doesn’t, and accepting ourselves and each other as fellow travelers on the road of life. And while that reality seems a very long way off, and it is, it is nonetheless the road we are ON as we move deeper into the 2000s.

All this is occurring in the 8th week of 2018, which you can read about HERE


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WEEK 8 … and the power of 2

WEEK 8 runs from Monday February 19th to Sunday the 25th, bringing us into an unusually high concentration of 2 energy. 2018 is a 2 Year, (derived from master number 11), and February is the 2nd month of this 2 Year. There is a significant shift going on in Week 8, and if our senses are open, we will really feel it.

This karmic 13/4 Month emphasizes order and system, and the disorder that must occur as the old system – the old order – continues to implode under the weight of the chaos its demise is creating. With such lack of knowledge and constant denial of reality, it is obvious that humanity’s madness rose to the top, and the ‘inmates’ really are running this authoritarian madhouse.

Emma Gonzalez

Emma Gonzalez speaks from the heart with raw emotion – and moves the nation.  See link below for whole speech….

Children are being killed and abused all over the world, in diabolical wars and other atrocities that keep the old system going. The heart-breaking yet now routine slaughter of children is a stark reflection of the heartlessness that rules us. Young people are the future, and they know it!

But this old dying system doesn’t want there to be a future if it cannot control it. “If I can’t have it, no one can”!  “You will not replace us!”  And this depraved and dangerous level of selfishness is what we’re all dealing with now – and what so many young people are openly and bravely standing up to. As a result, and despite the chaos yet to come, a new future is unfolding.

In the transparency of the 2000s, the fantasy of ‘supremacy’ is so out of place. But we have not seen the worst of it yet. Revelations about the abuse and sexual harassment of women have changed the whole dynamic. But just wait until more layers of denial slip away and new revelations about the physical and sexual abuse of children are brought to light.

Everything we do, every breath we breathe – is tied to the system. But we entered a new frequency when we moved from the masculine 1000s to the feminine 2000s, in which the old system of secrecy and dishonesty simply cannot sustain itself. Transparency is openness, and openness is honesty.

This transition from a violent top-heavy ‘man’s world’, into a balanced world will not be easy. Balance is the home of equality, fairness, justice, and LOVE. And it is not the nature of feminine energy to dominate – so the world is not going to change from a man’s world into a woman’s world. That would be just as imbalanced. But we instinctively know that male dominance cannot continue within the power of 2, and the circumstances of Week 8 will verify this fact.

Humanity has always been at war with itself. That is the insanity we are evolving from, and 2 will help us deal with these complex matters through its power of connection. Symbolically, ‘adding 1 and 1 together’ is also the nature of this 11/2 Year. (1+1=2).

2 slows things down so we can notice the details, see how they connect, and look at life from a wider and deeper perspective. 2 = feminine energy, intuition, patience, cooperation, right timing, and efficiency. 2 thrives in groups, partnerships, and joint effort.

2’s transparency enables us to see through the denials, deceptions, and lies. 2 represents the senses, sensitivity, our ability to feel and think at the same time, and indeed to know the difference between feminine feelings and masculine thoughts. The evolutionary balance we so desperately need – starts within.

On Tuesday February 20th, we enter a 10 day cycle in which all the day numbers have TRIPLE-2 (222) vibrations:

  • February = 2,
  • each day begins with 2, (20th, 21st etc).
  • 2018 = 11 = 2

This infusion of 2 reminds us:

  • we are in the 2000s.
  • the decade of the 10s is ending soon.
  • the decade of the 20s is just 22 months away.
  • 2020 is likely to be a major turning point on Earth.


  • Thursday, February 22, 2018 = 2222 = 8.
  • The 53rd Day of the Year = 8.
  • This is Calendar Week 8.

8 is the number of POWER in the material world. Knowledge is power. 8 provides peace and balance through accurate understanding. 8 enables us to thrive, not just survive. 8 represents manifestation, abundance, business, economics, and the power of Mother Nature and her resources.

However, 8 is also the number of greed, and the chaos and cruelty that come from DENIED GUILT – the basis of psychopathic illness. 8 is the number of the bully, the abuser, the manipulator – and the mayhem that comes from intellectual laziness and mishandling of information.

Week 8 is a POWER week – in all its manifestations. And the POWER OF 2 is intense. The power of emotion. The power of the mind. The power of the human Will. The power of caring. The power of potential, imagination, and visualization. And the power of LOVE.

Parkland shooting survivor Emma Gonzalez gives compelling speech



Books by Christine DeLorey HERE



speak your truthSPEAK YOUR TRUTH is a fitting mantra for this year. The 11/2 energy of 2018 connects with the 2 energy of the 2000s, offering us the potential to move beyond the limits that this old collapsing system has imposed on our hearts and minds – and on our ability to express ourselves.

The combined vibrations from 2, 0, 1, and 8, are raising our empathy and compassion, and demonstrating just how powerful kindness and caring can be. Without this counter-balance, we remain trapped in this wave of cruelty and destruction.

Evolution transforms potential into being. We evolve through our ability to face reality, learn, adjust, let go of the old, and become the change we desire. But the chaos and confusion of such large-scale transformation, with its constant drama, immaturity, and existential threats, can prevent us from making the inner changes needed to bring change to the outside world.

So we remain prisoners of this antiquated system, unaware of our true potential as human beings – a system that still refers to us as the human “RACE” – which provides the very foundation of racism. The human race is the system, not our species.

We HUMAN BEINGS are also referred to as “consumers”, and for as long as this focus on materialism consumes our lives, we have no WILL of our own. We have to pay to live – and live according to the rules of a system that is ravaged by hate and greed. It is in such denial of reality that it does not even realize that self-destruction is its nature. The system thrives by destroying our main source of feminine energy, MOTHER EARTH herself, without which humanity cannot exist in physical form.

However, the chaos is also activating our emotions – our own feminine energy – our WILL – the vibrations of which are opening our masculine minds. Our ability to FEEL is all that keeps us from becoming permanently enslaved.

This upsurge of feminine energy is making us more AWARE and ALIVE; more able to open our hearts, expand our consciousness, and put right what is wrong. It enables us to imagine NEW possibilities from a more loving, creative, and realistic perspective – and to more deeply understand how powerful we can be when masculine MIND and feminine WILL work together – as equals. Without that, we exist partially, not fully.

Speak your truth

In January, we are moving through the monthly vibration of 3.

January = 1



3 is the number of communication, and reminds us that everyone has a story to tell. So you must speak your truth among others who are also speaking their truth. 3 also represents appearances, illusion, the stage, creativity, attraction, popularity, people, happiness, good times, fashion, gossip, the arts, entertainment, peer pressure, insecurity, and fear of rejection. We are plainly seeing the results of our ‘reality TV’ culture, and how easily manipulated we are by pettiness and hearsay. 3 is known as the number of SHALLOWNESS. But that is only because the way we are living has prevented us from experiencing 3’s opposite end – DEPTH. Now is the time to communicate on a more profound, honest, and effective level. Speak your truth. Speak from your heart. Being honest with yourself in this blatantly dishonest world has a magic all its own.

January’s powerful 11 1 12 3 vibrations emphasize the importance of being able to sense what is true and what is not – and to act in the present based on how it will affect the future. When mind and emotion work together – intelligence expands. Therefore, although the age-old battle to suppress the feminine continues, feminine energy is moving into a position of equality anyway. This balance can only bring clarification to our minds, healing to our biological bodies, AND EQUALITY ON ALL LEVELS. The peace within then reflects as peace in the outer world. Balance is equality. Balance is fairness. Balance is justice. And “No justice, no peace” is a major truth in itself.

We are each having our own unique experience. The experience of BEING who we are inside, in physical form. This is why it is SO essential to understand what the human WILL is …. and that without FREE Will, we cannot experience life fully, or reach our full potential. The WILL is our feminine energy – emotion – feeling – sensation.

The domination of the world by male energy has created this mighty imbalance, the spin of which gives the impression of turning reality upside down and inside out. 2 is the number of transparency. And now, as the 11/2 energy of 2018 joins forces with the 2 energy of the 2000s, it will be much easier to see through the subterfuge and lies.

As more truth is revealed, the more desperate and dangerous those who are hiding the truth are likely to become. And yet the potential here is to move beyond the easily manipulated ‘information age’, and enter the age of TRUTH. Again, speak your truth is an ideal mantra for 2018.

The 11/2 energy of 2018 will shine its light into the shadows. 11/2 illuminates. 11/2 informs and clarifies. 11/2 raises the power of intuition and insight. 11 reveals what we most need to see. 1+1 gives us 2: the number of cooperation, patience, connection, caring, nurturing, diplomacy, fairness, and the importance of detail. 11/2 makes us sensitive, but at the same time helps us to turn our sensitivity into heightened intuition and courage.

Of course, this is the energy within us all that the system is trying to destroy. The energy of FREE WILL. But as January’s 3 vibration moves you into deeper waters, you will be able to understand complexities that once eluded you. In turn, you will be able to speak your truth with much more confidence.

Meanwhile, all over the world, those who are insane enough to want to control everything are telling us that only THEY can be trusted; Don’t trust the media. Don’t trust your own feelings and instincts. Don’t trust anyone but them. This is an age-old tactic of tyrants and despots. The 11/2 energy of 2018 will help us to trust ourselves on a level we have not known before, and BECOME the balance our world so desperately needs. 11/2 gives us courage. 1 is the number of SELF, and we cannot evolve into 2 (1+1=2) until we understand just how powerful we ourselves actually are.

The Master Number 11/2 is so informative, so powerful, so complex, and so transformational, that it will take more than just one article to describe it. I will be writing much more about this as the year unfolds. In real time, I am sure we will learn many new things about 11 – how this 11 year connects to the 11:11 year of 2020 – and Master Numbers in general.

To be continued…..

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WEEK 38 – The Power Of People

WEEK 38 is the 9th week in a 10 week cycle in which all the week numbers begin with 3. We often have the most to learn as a cycle comes to an end – and there is a LOT to learn about 3 in the next two weeks. This week’s combination of 3 and 8 sheds light on what we most need to see and understand (whatever that turns out to be).

38 gives us 11, the number of illumination and inspiration. Both 3 and 8 are the principle numbers of creativity and making things happen – and 11 has intuitive and inventive qualities that are uniquely its own.

3 represents PEOPLE, communication, expression, creativity, friends, joy, entertainment, sport, media, social-media, social interaction, words, images, optimism, drama, humor, color, sound, appearance, illusion, shallowness, hearsay, gossip, and envy.

8 is the number of POWER in all its forms, including economic, political, and military matters. 8 is an enforcing energy, which is often used by bullies and tyrants to make themselves feel powerful. 8 is utilized to maintain control over the material world, which is an unnatural use of this energy, the true purpose of which is to protect nature. 8 is the number of abundance, resources, and resourcefulness. Human beings are not separate from nature. Our very existence is part of the natural process.

8 is the number of prosperity. It incorporates existing resources to increase function and value. All too often, the business world  incorporates existing resources to simply increase profit. Week 38 sheds light on the natural environment and the devastating effect of this unchecked industrial system.

When 3 and 8 meet, communications are loud and insistent, but not always logical. People go to great lengths to get a point across, whether there is a valid point to be made or not.

Like never before, we are seeing the terrible suffering caused by people imposing their power over other people. This has always been the case, but the extent of the cruelty has become more blatant. Yes, empathy and love are spreading among humanity, but the sheer hatred out there is more widespread than ever. This is why we must be more aware of the hate – ill feeling – that we ourselves are holding inside but are denying.

Hate is not an emotion, but the result of emotions that have become infected by indifference and lack of love. The extremes of hate are emerging all over the world in the form of nationalism (nazi-ism) and authoritarianism – and we all hold some hatred inside. We might not call it hatred, but that’s what it is when we say,  I can’t stand that”, or “I detest this person“. Emotions are felt in varying degrees, and hate follows that pattern too.

The evolutionary process of emotional healing applies to all of us and is the only means of relieving ourselves of old sadness, grief, unresolved dispute and anger, lingering fears, and the inability to move out of our comfort zones and venture more deeply into life. This week’s 3 8 11 vibration can help us to IMAGINE alternatives.

88 years ago, on 26 October, 1929, a 3 day in the world (8+1+3=1+2=3), in an interview with The Saturday Evening Post, Albert Einstein said:

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, whereas imagination encircles the world.”

While knowledge is essential, imagination enables us to go beyond what we already know, so that new knowledge can form. The POWER of PEOPLE also consists of the ability to learn new things. Being able to visualize POTENTIAL is vital to our evolution. 3 provides the OPTIMISM that can carry us through difficult, mind-bending, and heart-breaking times like these. 8 provides self-empowerment, essential information, and unpretentious confidence.

The inner condition of humanity is projected into the outer world. The world stage is a reflection of ourselves. 3 is the number of the arts – and inner communication (feelings and thoughts), is where art – and imagination – begin.

Our emotions are messages we send to ourselves. But because we are so unfamiliar with the interaction of emotion with the mind and biological body, this energy is easily manipulated by outside forces. In the chillingly competitive race to influence the masses, we are controlled by our emotions, a process that the system refers to as the ‘battle for hearts and minds’.

Emotion is the WILL of life. The nature of the WILL is to be FREE. From the highest joy to the depths of despair – the entire emotional range is a measure of how free – or un-free – we are. Free Will is the next evolutionary step in the human journey, which is why the current system is doing everything it can to keep the feminine down, numb our feelings, and dumb down our minds. Emotion is our honesty, and as we evolve, we are learning to be honest with ourselves. Free Will begins with the freedom to express outwardly what we feel inwardly. This is what it means to live from the ‘inside out’. Expression is what propels us.

In the transparency of the 2000s, we are able to see the driving force behind this capitalistic system – which is based on winning and losing. No wonder so many believe that life is just a ‘game’.

The white male claims superiority by eliminating competition. But isn’t competition what capitalism is all about? No. Capitalism wants to destroy the competition and reign supreme – which is why the issues of white supremacy – and male supremacy – are so prevalent. The self-destructive class system is falling apart under the weight of its own imbalance, hypocrisy, and denials.

It is often said, and usually with good intent, that “there is only one race – the human race”, but this is a misunderstanding. There is no “race” at all. A race is a contest, a competition, which keeps us divided and constantly striving to outdo each other. We are NOT the human “race”. Each ONE of us is a unique individual HUMAN BEING. Each of us is 1. And together we are 1. It is imperative that we learn this fundamental lesson of the 1 energy as we make our way further into the 2000s. If not, a race war (which is what ALL wars are) could be instigated just to keep the system – the human ‘race’ – going.

An important characteristic of 3 is that it helps information to spread. This is why 3 is known as the number of gossip, hearsay, and rumor. 3 also helps us to put our knowledge, thoughts, and feelings, into words that we ourselves can understand – which then spreads to others – for better or worse. 11 will bring to light a lot of hypocrisy and dishonesty this week, but we can expect to be enlightened and inspired, too. As we evolve emotionally and intellectually, we express ourselves from the heart which then speaks to the hearts of others.

3 can be very distracting – as reflected in the entertainment industry, the news, the internet, and the creative world in general. But when we allow ourselves to focus in 3, we can create amazing things which apply to all aspects of life, not just the arts. You may want to create a business, a solid relationship, a situation, a home, or even an atmosphere. Or a book, a painting, or anything you feel aligned with and dedicated to. There is a creative way and a destructive way in all the decisions we make.

8 also amplifies the power of 3 by providing opportunity. 8 is a metaphysical magnet – the material world’s great attracter. 8 is a feminine number – the number of abundance, just as Mother Earth herself provides absolutely everything we have. 11 is the number of LIGHT – illumination – and regardless of where we live, we are likely to see some serious light being shed where we were previously kept in the dark.

September’s 9 energy is amplifying everything right now, boosted by the double-10 energy that comes from the 9th month of a 10/1 year. 9 (the number of endings and conclusions) takes us back to the past so we can learn what we failed to learn back then, while 1 brings us forward in direct proportion to our ability to learn. A massive increase of consciousness is forming as a result, along with the frustration of what seems like such SLOW progress. Frustration is a mix of fear and anger, and is quite natural under these circumstances.

Our biological bodies are the instrument through which the emotional range (magnetism) expresses itself. Feelings are the sensations created when emotion meets body. The mind (electricity) then interprets what the emotions are conveying (depending on how open the mind is to receiving the physical feelings).

The emotional range is our inner radar. Don’t let the need for ‘certainty’ shut it down. Remember that awareness of reality is our best safety net.

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